How to eat Chia Seed for a Healthy Lifestyle?

As we grow, we encounter many different things around us, which is pretty exciting. We realize and discover enormous things these days, enabling us to learn abundantly. With one such progress, I discovered a superfood that I would like to enlighten you about in this blog. Did you take any guesses? No, I’m going to spill it anyway, and that superfood is CHIA SEED. I hope you all have heard a ton of elements that these seeds possess, and with that note, we will learn how to eat chia seed .

These seeds, as heard, are one of the powerful superfoods that nowadays go into the diet of many folks. We see numerous celebrities consuming them almost every day. However, it evokes thoughts about what unique components they own. To know about it, you must keep reading this blog. Now let us look at how to eat Chia Seeds in some best ways.

What are CHIA SEEDS?

Firstly, These are edible seeds that belong to the mint family and are considered to be superfoods with enormous nutritional value. 

Secondly, Many people get perplexed with chia and basil seeds, so let us quickly take a look at the differences between both with the help of a table.

These are oval and are found in black, grey, and white coloursThese are usually round in shape and are only found in black colour.
These can be eaten raw as well as soaked.They must be soaked for a few hours before consumption.

Moreover, Those were the few and most significant differences between chia and basil seeds.

Lastly, Now let us discuss the benefits one can obtain from the consumption of this superfood.

Benefits of CHIA SEEDS

These comprise a ton of antioxidants, a richness of fibre, protein, calcium, and several other vital nutrients our body requires.

  1. These are rich in nutrients
  2. It is promising for skin, hair, and nails
  3. Suitable for heart and heart issues
  4. One of the best options for a pregnant woman.
  5. It helps in putting down the weight
  6. Enables building muscles
  7. Also, packed with antioxidants
  8. Boosts digestive health
  9. Suitable for diabetics and dental health
  10. Supports in boosting metabolism
  11. Strengthens the immune system
  12. Enhances energy and stamina
  13. Superfood for the brain
  14. Promotes bone health
  15. Prevents premature ageing

Side-effects of CHIA SEEDS

They certainly have fewer side effects which are shown up only in a few people who are allergic to them.

Let us notice what those side effects are.

  1. High blood pressure
  2. It can cause allergies
  3. It can cause weight gain in some circumstances
  4. It can worsen people’s diabetes

All these side effects are caused only when a person takes too much or more than the requirement, so one must ensure to take the right portion of this superfood in their diet. 

We are now heading toward the prime portion of this concept which is how to eat chia seeds properly.

How to eat Chia Seed?

These can be eaten in several different ways, and the best part is that it goes well with the main courses and everyone’s favourite desserts.

Let us look at the fun ways one can enjoy this superfood.

Chia seed water

These can be taken just by mixing them with sand, as a morning drink, or at any time of the day.

Another way to have this water is by adding natural flavours such as putting in some slices of Lemon, Apple, Oranges, Peaches, Kiwi, Mint leaves, and greens of your choice. The fragrances and taste infused in the fruits and others will give a wholesome flavour to your drink.


They go well with the salads; all you need to do is prepare your salads with the vegetables, meat, dressings, and flavours of your choice and then top the salads with some seeds just before you dig in. This way, you are not just adding nutritional value to your meal but also a crunch in every bite.


Puddings are everyone’s favourite dessert and enjoyed at breakfast, too, because why not? They have everything you need to start your day with, from fibre to antioxidants and nutrients to omega-3 fatty acids. 

Puddings can be topped with a spoonful of chia sides, or puddings can be prepared with a handful of the same. It tastes pretty decent either way because you can never go wrong with them.


Who doesn’t like to kickstart a day with a refreshing smoothie? To add an extra zest of protein, you can always go with chia seeds; one can add these seeds in the form of gel (the combination of chia seed and water or milk and the seeds), or it can be topped with some raw seeds. Your smoothie tastes excellent both ways.

Baked goodies

These taste much better when baked; one can directly add some seeds to the batter or dough or top them when done with the baking. 

Adding to the batter is an excellent option for those who do not enjoy these seeds, but with the baked items, I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Sauces, jams, and dressing

You can add a generous amount of these seeds to your sauces, jams, and dressings to add some extra crunch. Trust me; you can never go wrong with it as it is usually tasteless and does not ruin the taste of other ingredients. 

Protein bars, truffles, and cereals

Additional ways to imbibe the values of seeds are adding some portions to your breakfast cereal bowl, protein bars, and truffle. 


If summer is nearing, then you must try out lemonade with a dollop of chia seed gel made with water, along with a sweeter of your preference. This drink will bring down the heat in your body and make you feel rejuvenated, and this is a must-try drink to quench your thirst.

We contemplated the benefits, side effects, and how to eat chia seeds in some of the best ways. These are a great source to imbibe nutritional supplements, fibre, protein, and on. However, it is suggested to intake these seeds in the right amount according to the requirements of your body. If possible, it would be a great option to consult your doctor or trainer for some advice.