How to Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy

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You have every intention of sticking with your clean-eating plan. However, after a late night at the office, the siren song of the drive-thru sings so sweetly.

How can you still eat healthy when you’re super-busy? The following five tips will help you elevate your dining game when life gets hectic.

  1. Make Like a Rabbit

There are hundreds of salad recipes out there, but you don’t need to follow a cookbook to get delicious results. All you need to do is have various healthy veggies and other plant-based foods on hand to toss in a bowl with some dressing. Add a few herbs and fresh ground pepper, and you’re off to the races — er, dinner table.

You can make meatless Monday a breeze with a chickpea version — these add plant-based protein to your meal. If you don’t follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can feel free to toss on some grilled salmon, chicken or shrimp for lean protein, too.

Remember that fruit belongs in a salad, too. A budget-conscious way to stock up on more antioxidants and phytonutrients is to gradually stock up on nonperishable ingredients like dried berries as you can afford them. That way, you always have a handful of dried cranberries or currants — or nuts and seeds like almonds and pepitas — to add interesting texture and flavor to your creations.

  2. Wrap It Up

A wrap is another excellent way to eat healthy on the go. You can even invent a low-carb version using a piece of lettuce as a substitute for a tortilla.

To qualify your wrap as healthy regardless of the shell you choose, select your fillings with care. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), processed meat qualifies as a carcinogen, and red meat is suspect. The problem lies with the preparation methods. Stay away from lunch meats that use nitrates and other additives — opt for fresh roasted chicken or turkey if you must have a meat-based protein.

Include some veggies as well for necessary phytonutrients and antioxidants. Red bell pepper slices are wise choices — each fruit contains more vitamin C than an orange. Jicama adds an interesting crunch, as do radishes and cucumbers. Don’t be afraid to try some unconventional toppings — you can roll up corn in a tortilla.

  3. Cold as Ice

If you haven’t gotten in on the meal-prep craze yet, why are you still waiting? You can eliminate many artificial additives found in processed, boxed meals and still enjoy all the weeknight convenience of popping something in the microwave or instant pot.

A quick online search reveals scores of make-ahead recipes that you can prepare on Saturday or Sunday morning and enjoy during the week. You can even find those tailored to special diets such as keto or vegan lifestyles. Your family will enjoy the flavor of a home-cooked meal, and you’ll feel good about what you serve them on busy nights.

  4. Variety Is the Spice

The items in your spice rack don’t merely make your meals taste better. Many of them have nutritional benefits. Why not transform your kitchen windowsill into a tiny garden and add some freshness to nearly any meal?

For example, you may sometimes cave and pick up a pre-packaged meal from the freezer section. A little fresh basil and oregano add necessary nutrients and antioxidants that somewhat counteract the adverse effects of ingredients like artificial colors or flavors.

  5. Get Takeout Savvy

Finally, not all takeout goes straight to your waistline. It might take some searching, but you can find healthy restaurants that deliver in a pinch.

Part of finding the healthiest takeout involves learning to read the menu and make healthier choices. In general, you’re better off with anything grilled or broiled than deep-fried.

You can even use busy nights to experiment with recipes you’ve wanted to try but haven’t known if your family would enjoy. For example, why not order a cauliflower crust pizza instead of the carb-laden version the next time a busy day demands takeout? You could discover you like it better than the traditional version, and you’ll save considerable calories.

6. Boost Your Nutrient Intake

Staying loyal to your diet vows, especially on a hectic week, is a nearly impossible feat. The rush and the increased demands from work or your family can make you eat way less or way more. Sometimes, none at all.

An unhealthy diet routine compromises your immune system and might increase your histamine levels. It can lead to histamine intolerance, causing headaches, nasal congestion, fatigue, and vomiting.

Getting sick amidst a busy schedule is the last thing you need. Fill in the nutrient gaps in your diet. Vitamins and supplements such as histamine supplements provide the nutritional support you need to help avoid health risks and improve overall health. However, it’s important to remember that this is NOT a substitute for healthy meals.

  Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy With These Tips

It’s easy to let your diet slide when things get hectic. Eat healthy even when you’re super-busy with these five tips.