How To Exercise With A Longboard

If you don’t have the luxury of living near a water body to enjoy surfing in the waters, then longboarding is your alternative for land use. Longboarding offers a pollution-free mode of transport and is fun too. But did you know that longboarding is also an excellent form of workout?

Well, you can enjoy health benefits through cardio workouts, improve flexibility, improve stamina, and lose weight through longboarding. Probably you’re wondering how you can exercise using your board. In this compilation, we’ve detailed different workouts to try with your longboard.

However, you have to ensure that you have a quality board from trustworthy longboard brands to avoid injuries. There are many boards of different ages and experience levels. You have to choose one that meets your needs.

Best Exercises for a Longboard

● Push-ups

push ups

Push-ups work your upper body, giving you the much desired toned arms and abs. To carry out this exercise, align your body on top of your board facing down. Then place your fists on the surface of the board and lift your body.

To effectively do push-ups, your body should remain straight without bending as you lift your body up and down. The hands have to stay firm on the board to avoid accidents.

Probably you’re wondering why you should do push-ups on the board while you could do it on the ground. Ideally, the exercise spices up your routine so that it becomes more fun.

● Squats


Squatting is a great workout for the lower body. As you cruise along in your neighborhood, you can combine the fun with exercise. It’s easy to squat and strengthen your lower body without a fitness trainer.

Stand at the center of your board to avoid flipping over due to imbalance. Then, place your hands in front of you. Move your legs slightly apart and move down without bending your legs. Then lift your body to a standing position without making a step.

The exercise is simple because we make squatting movements every time we sit or bend to pick items. However, squatting the wrong way could lead to muscle strains.

● Balancing/Working the core

It’s possible to work out your core muscles, such as the abs and glutes. As you ride on your longboard, try to propel it using your body while standing still. To balance effectively, you’ll need to use your core muscles. Eventually, the muscles get strengthened, improving your overall fitness.

Ideally, you shouldn’t try to balance on the board as a beginner. You’ll need patience and lots of trials before you can move your board using your body and not kicking on the ground.

● Lunges


You can perform lunges using your longboard easily. Lunges involve placing one foot on the longboard and bending the knee while the other foot remains behind and straight. You should then move the foot placed on the longboard back and stand straight.

To get the most from lunges, ensure your abs remain tight and also try to squeeze your glute muscles as you move behind. Lunges help strengthen lower body muscles. However, it’s important to note that lunges involve a lot of hard work for visible results.

● Tricks

If you’re an experienced user of longboards, then you can use them as a form of exercise through different tricks. To perform a trick and, at the same time, balance on the board involves a lot of energy.

Some of the easy tricks for longboarding include cross-stepping, kick-flipping, and heel-flipping. There are many other tricks you could try depending on your level of expertise, but rest assured they’ll help you burn calories.

In summary, longboarding is fun and also a way of exercising. There are many exercises you can try on your board. For instance, squatting, lunges, push-ups, and tricks are easy workouts for longboards. To exercise without hurting your body, ensure you have the right board, and also maintain balance on it.

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