Skinny To Healthy- How To Gain Weight?

Why Should You Gain Weight?

Being skinny has its own benefits and losses. The ease might be in doing some work but the loss is related to your health. Your immunity might get weak and your fertility will decrease. Your bones will get brittle and you might always be low on your energy. You must take strong steps when you know how to gain weight. Gaining weight will enhance your appearance and keep you safe from many diseases. You will look better and feel healthier. Your energy level will also increase simultaneously.

How to Gain Weight?

Once you have decided that you have to gain weight, you need to work on the basics. The first basic is that you must eat more than you burn. Calculate the calories that you eat and the ones that you burn. Make small targets and achieve them. Thinking of gaining a large amount of weight within a short period of time is unrealistic. Grow your body slowly to stay healthy. The best way to gaining weight is eating healthy and exercising regularly. Make a diet chart and workout plan and follow them continuously. Take help from a nutritionist if you are too skinny to know how to gain weight.

What Should You Eat To Gain Weight?

You must not change your diet completely. Make small changes in your present diet. Include leafy vegetables, fruits, and bodybuilding foods. Consider eating more of high-protein food. Read about the nutrient content of each food after knowing how to gain weight. Instead of having a heavy meal, break your diet into small parts and consume something after every three hours. Eat a lot of carbs. Foods rich in crabs are the best way to bulk up. Eating healthy will help you in staying healthy along with weight gain. You can take the help of supplements if you feel that you are not getting the proper nourishment from food.


How Should You Exercise To Gain Weight?

Cardio will help you in burning calories but strength training will help you in increasing your stamina and toning your muscle. Make a workout plan according to the calories you consume and the calories you have to lose. While you are planning to workout, take care of your rest also. Keep a track of the effects of the exercises that you are doing. If you are a beginner, it will be more advisable to take help from a trainer to enhance your knowledge about how to gain weight.

What Are The Tips You Should Follow To Gain Weight?

    • Eat Frequently–  While you are aiming to gain weight you must never miss your meal. You can miss your exercise but you cannot miss your meal. Keep food with you wherever you go. Eat religiously and you will surely gain some weight
    • Watch What You Eat– Having the freedom of eating frequently does not mean that you have to pile up your stomach with loads of unhealthy food. The bad fat will be harmful in the long run. Take care to fill up your plate with healthy food. However, you are allowed to have a little bit of junk food.

  • Keep A Track of Your Progress– Note down your present condition and the target you have to achieve. Track your growth every month. Make small targets for yourself and achieve those. This will help you in figuring out that the steps that you are taking are successful or unsuccessful. If you fail, change the exercise and the diet.
  • Do Not Take Irregular Gaps In Between– Having irregular gaps in your diet and workout plan will only slow down your growth. It might nullify the hard work that you have been doing for a long time.
  • Stay Positive– Staying positive will help you in being patient. Growing your body takes time and patience only will keep you focused. In other words, stay positive to stay healthy.