Perfect Bench Press Guide For Fitness Freaks In 2020

When you hit any gym in the world, regardless of its area, size or people who work out there, you are always gonna find one thing that has to be common in every gym.

Guess what? Oh! Yes, you are right, it’s the bench which is placed under the barbell which is always ready for the next person to start pumping the irons on the bench press. Yeah, that same bench is also used to muscle endurance exercises as well!

It is not quite astonishing that the bench press is such a prominent move. Once you’ve got the hang of the basic movement pattern in the bench press, then you will see speedy progress in how solid you are, as well as the size gains to the muscles of the chest, the shoulders, and the triceps. But if you are a newbie in the gym, then there will always be a question in your mind of how  to increase bench press workout? You don’t have to worry about this anymore as we will help you in getting yourself ready to take over the bench press. Here’s how.

Exercises to improve the outcome

1. Instructions

While bench pressing, your muscles should work more effectively which will tend to help you in getting greater gains. It is very important to focus on the correct form while bench pressing as it focusses on toning all the muscles of the upper body. Planning to bench press heavier, well the exercises listed below will prove of great help to you by strengthening some of the muscles that work with chest to lift and also lower the bar as well.

2. Close grip bench press

Bench pressing with narrow grips moves the focus to your triceps while also safeguarding your shoulders. It is always a good way to focus on your weaknesses in your regular bench press or just work out on your arms day. Hold the bar with your hands about shoulder-width distance, then get it down to your chest while keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds, then press back to starting position. You should perform 3 sets of 10- 12 reps of this exercise.

3. Incline bench press

Bench pressing on inclined angles shifts the focus to the upper portion of your pectoral muscles, however, you will not be able to lift heavy weight as in flat bench press. Lie on an incline bench at an angle of about 45 degrees, holding the barbell with an overhand grip. Keep your feet on the floor. The bar should be lowered towards your chest, then press back to start position. The number of reps should be 10 for 3 sets.

4. Dumbbell bench press

The major function of the pectoral muscles in bench pressing is to bring the arms towards the center of your body. In a barbell bench press, your hands do not move inwards, but they can move when doing the same with dumbbells for greater pec activation. While holding a dumbbell in each hand lie flat on the bench with your feet placed flat on the floor. Press the weight in the upper direction directly until your arms are straight so that they meet exactly over your chest. Slowly lower back to the starting position. The frequency should be 3 sets of 10 reps for the dumbbell bench press.

5. Dumbbell fly

The fly is of the very few exercises that isolate only on the chest muscles so that all the work is done by chest muscle alone. Lie on the bench with your feet planted on the floor. Hold the dumbbells directly above your chest, and the palms should be facing each other. Now lower the weights in an arc on your sides as far as you are comfortable with. Use your pecs to reverse the motion back to the start. 6 reps of 3 sets should be done.

When done in proper form, the above exercise will help you in making a well-toned, bodybuilder like body that you always had dreamt of. The only thing you need to focus on is hard work, dedication, and focus


You do a lot of hard work while working out, always looking forward to performing better and achieve your goals. Chances are that you focus more on your pre-workout meal as compared to your post-workout meals. Eating the right amount of nutrients post your workout is as important as what you eat before.
The primary objective of your post-workout meal is to supply the right nutrients for quick recovery of your body and also to maximize the benefits of your exercise. You should also choose foods that are easily digested so that they will promote fast nutrient absorption. Below is the list of some simple and easily digested food:

Below is the list of some simple and easily digested food:

•  Fruits (pineapple, berries, banana, kiwi)
•  Sweet potatoes
•  Dark, leafy green vegetables
•  Oatmeals
•  Rice

•  Animal or plant-based protein powder
•  Protein bar
•  Cottage cheese
•  Greek yogurt
•  Eggs

•  Avocado
•  Nuts
•  Nut butter
•  Trail mix (dried fruits and nuts)

A combination of the above foods could create great meals which provide you with all the nutrients and calories you need.
Apart from all the foods above, it is as important to drink plenty of water before and after your workout. When you are fully hydrated, it ensures the optimum internal environment for your body for maximum results.
During workouts, you lose water and electrolytes through sweating. Restoring these post workouts can help with performance and fast recovery. It is highly recommended to replenish fluids if your next workout session is within 12 hours. An electrolyte drink or water is recommended to restore fluid losses.


Bench presses are the exercises that can be very helpful in toning your muscles of the upper body which includes the pectorals, arms, and shoulders.
Depending upon the fitness goals, there are many variations of bench presses that work a little on different muscles too. For example, a narrow grip bench press works the triceps and for earms along with the chest muscles of course.
Other advantages of including bench presses to your weight training exercise consist of
increasing upper body strength, improving muscular endurance, and also it helps your upper body to do pushups. They also prove to be an effective strengthening exercise for sports like rugby, hockey and sprinting..

Frequently asked questions

How to increase bench press workout?

The question of how to increase bench press is a question that is asked by many people now
and then. The program to increase bench press workout is very simple, you just have to remember 5×5. It means you have to do the same weight for 5 reps of 5 sets. For this, you just
need to find a weight that will make you fatigue by the last rep of the last set. This program
has been very effective, and it gives a great amount of strain on your muscles. Your muscles
have no other option but to react and become stronger because of the hardcore exercise. This
bench press program will surely increase your bench press if you follow the 5×5 rule strictly.

How to increase bench press in a month?

Being able to lift twice your own weight in the bench press is a dream of many guys and girls
out there. It is absolutely an attainable goal with the right workout plan. Also, it is not
something that happens overnight. To increase bench press in a month you should always
keep in mind that different people increase their strength at a different rate. While performing
bench press if you are consistent enough, you can gradually feel the increase in your bench
press. Consistency and patience are the 2 key elements for increasing bench press in a month.
Also, you can gradually increase some weights once you feel easy going with the reps of the
previous reps.

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