How to Lose Weight Effectively

With wedding season right around the corner, and everyone on our Instagram feeds going to the gym, it is natural to feel the FOMO when it comes to getting fit. If you have been scouring the internet for tips on how to lose weight, you have come to the right spot. We have some of the most effective methods that will help you lose weight in the right areas without compromising your health.

1. Don’t skip meals

Don’t skip meals

Not just breakfast, you should not be skipping any meals of the day. One of the biggest myths is that eating less will make you thinner. It will not. Your body will end up trying to compensate for the lack of nutrients and you will end up sick in the process. Avoid listening to disordered tips disguised as tips on how to lose weight.

2. Eat regular meals

Eat regular meals

In a similar vein, you should develop a regular schedule for your meals. This will train your body to expect food at a certain time of the day and it will get easier for you to get through the day with meals at regular intervals.

3. Decrease your liquid calorie intake

Decrease your liquid calorie intake

If you are someone who is into sweet and fruity drinks, we recommend that you cut down your beverage intake. Even reducing your soda intake can result in a significant change in six months.

4. Abide by the 80 per cent rule

One of the most effective tips when it comes to how to lose weight is adhering to the rule that says to only eat until you are eighty percent full.

You can pack away the extra food and eat it later when you feel hungry again. Splitting your meals into various mini-meals will give your body enough time to digest it all properly and convert it into fuel.

5. Include healthy things in your snacks pantry

Include healthy things in your snacks pantry

We are not saying give up on all your guilty pleasures, but instead of stocking up on them in large amounts, mix it up with other healthy snacks such as kale chips, edamame, eggs, yoghurt, and string cheese, vegetables and fruits. This way, you can eat one guilty pleasure snack and work around it and eat these healthier options as well which will make you full but not add to your weight.

6. Make a fuller plate

Make a fuller plate

Instead of stocking up on one kind of item, make your plat consist of variety. More vegetables, more proteins in all forms, and other things instead of just depending on one form of food for your nutrient intake. This will make you want to eat well and you won’t be lost for variety either.

7. Do not punish yourself

Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself of flavour. Look for healthier alternatives but make sure they are tasty as well. There are numerous recipes on the internet that work well for weight loss and are also appetising.

8. Drink Water

drink water

Make sure you are hydrated. It helps your body break down food easily and absorb all the nutrients. Try drinking a glass or two before your meals so that your thirst does not translate itself into hunger, making you overeat and then feel uncomfortable.

9. Sleep enough

sleep enough

If you don’t sleep enough, you will feel fatigued and your body will crave more sweet and salty food to compensate for your lack of energy.

Being sleep-deprived results in having a larger amount of ghrelin, the hunger hormone being produced by your body.

Hence, one of the most useful tips to lose weight is not about losing weight at all, it is about sleeping on time and sleeping enough.

10. Batch Cook and Prep

Batch Cook and Prep

When you plan for the week in your cooking, you will have a couple of benefits. Future you will thank you immensely for all the efforts when they will be too tired to do it. You will have warm home-cooked food for yourself.

Seeing all the prep you have done would make you want to eat it and not waste it, hence you will be in control of your portions as well.

11. Get Exercising

get exercises

Indeed, going to the gym is not everybody’s ideal scenario, nor is it something that is always required to get fit. If you can manage to go to a gym and get a personal trainer, then we will recommend that for your weight loss journey. However, if you cannot for whatsoever reason, we suggest that you get walking every day in the morning, and keep increasing the miles as you get comfortable.

Apart from that, exercise whenever and however you can. Use the stairs, take up some outdoor sports, get some weights for your home, and learn some easy exercises that you can do at home as well.

12. Eat slowly

eat slowly

When you take your time to chew each morsel, you can appreciate the flavour and also help break down the food for your body to digest it properly. This way, you will avoid stuffing yourself and will be able to have no digestive issues as well.

13. Cut down your alcohol intake

Cut down your alcohol intake

When you drink a lot, you are allowing a free flow of calories in your body. Apart from that, you also tend to eat more after you are drunk if you are one of those people who likes to eat. Overall, you should cut down your alcohol intake for a lot of health-related reasons.

14. Eat food that is high in fibre

Eat food that is high in fibre

Foods such as pasta, brown rice, whole grain bread, oats and vegetables are high in fibre. Eating them will get you the nutrients you need and also make you feel full. This will help you not want to eat something all the time.

15. Don’t give up on food completely

Do not try to go cold turkey on your favourite food items; it will only make you miserable. Reduce the intake but don’t throw it out of the picture. You want your weight loss journey to be full of positive emotions and not resignation.

Remember, even the biggest athletes have cheat days.

Losing weight is a journey, and the destination will keep changing depending on what your goals are for your body. Do not indulge in disordered eating to get to a certain body type, especially not for other people.

If you want to lose weight because you feel like it will help you with things, then sure go ahead. We hope these tips on weight loss will help you get on the right track. However, we also have to say that losing weight to look a certain way because someone or society expects you to is not the way to go.

Eat regular and appetising meals every four hours and don’t forget to treat yourself. It is better to eat for your body’s needs and not give up on things just because people think it is bad for you.

Include all kinds of food in your life and keep eating to fuel your body. You need all the energy to get through the day and fight all the diseases.