How to Ride an Exercise Bike With Bad Knees?

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Bad knees are a common problem that is associated with cyclists. In a bid to curb this problem, cyclists might wonder whether there is a way they can ride an exercise back with this problem. However, we are here to provide you with information on how you can ride a stationary bike effectively with bad knees.

What you need to know before asking yourself this question is the correct height and the saddle positions. As you continue reading, you will come across the right answers for you below.

How to Ride an Exercise Bike with Bad Knees?

An exercise bike is the most comfortable appliance for people experiencing bad knees and joint pains. They provide for a gentle workout experience that is totally injury-free. What is more vital is knowing how to ride it correctly.
How to Ride an Exercise Bike with Bad Knees?

Ensure the seat height is adjusted correctly for hips, ankles, and knees. Keep your arms slightly bent at an angle of 15-degrees. To get a suitable pedal position, ensure you understand the knee joint and the condition of the ankle. The bike wheel also discusses the ways that you should employ when riding an exercise bike with bad knees. Ensure you have taken consideration of all aspects herein to get the best riding experience with bad knees.

Get your seat adjusted properly.

When riding an exercise bike, ensure you put your legs straight on the pedal. At the bottom side, ensure you sit comfortable but not so straight and don’t lean too much on the pedal. Once you put the legs on the top position of the pedal, they should also feel comfortable. For those persons that prefer recumbent bikes, what will give you the best riding experience with bad knees is adjusting properly. Ensure your seat is adjusted as well as the back properly.

Correctly Set The Handle Bars

You cannot have a ride with bad knees if you don’t know how to set the handlebars correctly. Ensure if you suffer from this condition, you get an exercise bike that features adjustable handlebars.

What you should do to have a ride with bad knees is to adjust the handlebars depending on your shoulder’s level. It is essential to consider this adjustment because you may be too short or too small.

How to Ride an Exercise Bike with Bad Knees?

Don’t Hunch Over

Another essential aspect that will enable you to ride an exercise bike with bad knees is body positioning. It allows you to obtain improved results when working out with bad knees. The best position entails keeping your chest up and your back down. Always maintain your head straight to enable the ear line to remain by the shoulder.

Don’t Forget to Adjust the Pedal Straps.

Consider properly adjusting your bike’s pedal straps if you want a more comfortable and efficient ride with bad knees. They are essential because they can position your foot properly so that they remain safe always. Consequently, a correctly adjusted pedal strap is necessary to prevent your foot from slipping on the pedal. Once your foot stands still on the pedal, you can easily ride an exercise bike with bad knees.

How Does Riding an Exercise Bike Good For Bad Knees?

Yes. People with bad knees have no obligation other than to use an exercise bike. This bike reduces inflammation of the knees. Exercise bikes allow the knees to get used to their regular motion hence gradual recovery.

Seniors or the elderly find this device necessary because it allows them to work out without necessarily stressing the knee joints. On the other hand, this tool can be used by anyone experiencing strain in the joints or knees. Below are the reasons that make exercise bikes suitable for bad knees.

What stands out from working out with the exercise bikes is that they take off significant weight from the knees. This, therefore, allows the hamstrings and quads to carry out exercises without carrying a heavy load. It would be best to exert no pressure from the joints or knees when cycling with an exercise bike.

The exercise bike is ideal for reducing knee pain which eventually leads to full recovery. This workout does not stress the weight-bearing joints in any way. Pedaling an exercise bike helps you to protect your bad knees from heavy weight lifting. Moreover, you can heal your bad knees or even reduce the pain by doing proper workouts with an exercise bike.

These exercise bikes are ideal for workouts anywhere, depending on your wants. Manufacturers ensured that it is lightweight enough and can be easily movable. Working out with this machine depends on how you manage time. It is also best suited for people with bad knees because it does not get affected by weather conditions. It can be used for indoor exercises and ensures maximum privacy.

This exercise bike is suitable for people with bad knees because it allows users to do a full-body exercise. This will enable you to strengthen the thighs, legs, and back muscles. It has a gentle and predictable slow movement that doesn’t involve any stress knees and joints.

You are free to choose between an exercise bike that is upright or a recumbent. You can use them to do exercises with adjustable seats with a recline and more advanced support. This is an investment worth it, and it has a lot of benefits going forward.


In a nutshell, exercise bikes are essential workout tools for people with bad knees. What matters is whether you know the tricks and ways that you can work out correctly. Before you decide to purchase your exercise bike, you must be sure that you understand how you can utilize it. Therefore, you need to check your knee’s status and decide which exercise bike can fulfill your needs. There are different types of pedal bikes, but those with optimum performance must have the necessary features. These features are what will make your joint pains or knee problems disappear.