Our mind keeps on working it does not stay still even for a few seconds. What matters is that we give our mind a little bit of much-needed rest. Sometimes overthinking is alright but if you are doing it over and over again then it is problematic. The reason is that you are creating a problem for yourself. Overthinking occurs when you are either so burdened with work. Also, if you are so free to think about one thing. Overthinking sometimes if happens is understandable because we all are human beings. It is a human tendency to think a lot about things. And it constantly hits you.

The overthinkers are of different types. Some are overthinkers who think about only certain things a lot which they think are of great importance or troubling them. The other overthinkers are those who overthink only of few subjects. It does not necessarily mean that it is something of huge importance but still, they think a lot. The last one is those who think about each and everything quite a lot. These people mess up their mental state and it costs them a lot.

Knowing what overthinking exactly is…

Some people who make the right decision ends up doing so many wrong things. They contemplate a lot over a single thing. The overthinkers are those people who doubt their skills and are always cautious about what others will think about their decisions and choices. If you start giving this much importance to someone in your life for no reason just to get the assessment of people then definitely you are going to pay for this. So, what is important is that one should never doubt their skills and always have faith in his own decisions. This is the way you can get satisfaction and just do not let others decide how you live.

Overthinking is not an innate trait it is something that you develop over time as when you start thinking that one plan failed then the other will also fail and when you think a lot about the future. Overthinking can be serious also and leads to depression and anxiety. Depression is the extreme case of overthinking when you think a lot and try to isolate yourself from people and just want to maintain a distance from the people. Overthinking is a serious issue and it can choke down your mental space and disrupt the peace of the mind.

When did people start overthinking?

There could be many answers to many questions. But the most common reason is a burden of responsibilities, a busy schedule, not enough time for oneself, and less discussion with people about problems. These make people overthink when they just start worrying about one thing continuously and do not try to resolve it by sharing it with people or just not giving themselves enough time. Overthinking related symptoms can be spiral and unbearable.

What are the traits of the people who do overthink?

There are certain traits that you can recognize in the behaviour of a person who does overthink such as-

  • These are the people who always doubt their hard work or situation and constantly look for a threat. They try to find a problem even if it is not any and magnify the danger. If someone is overthinking then even if he gets the best thing, he would not get satisfied and cry over it and try to find out the side which is not greener. The other example could be an overthinking person who magnifies health concerns and can panic even when it is a normal cold and cough. Some people worry about their weight a lot and check daily whether they are losing it daily or not so simple it is part of overthinking.
  • Excessively planning is another trait that you find in people who indulge in overthinking. They want everything to be foolproof and do not want any compromise. This is good that perfection is desired but excessively planning might unrest your mind. Overthinking people minutely plan every detail of the plan and want to get it delivered in the desired way only. They plan things meticulously because they think that they would not be able to do it otherwise extreme self-doubt.
  • Overthinking people always look for reassurance from the people and cannot tolerate criticism. They can go to any extent to please other people and get approval from them. This is true that everyone loves appreciation but always expecting others to like the way you do things is far from reality. There are always some people who will never be sure of you so you cannot just get assurance from everyone. The key to a peaceful and happy life is that you need to always trust yourself rather than worrying about what people will think.

How to stop overthinking efficiently?

The first thing which you can do is to recognize what triggers you to overthink if there is something that is constantly pissing you off then let not put much effort to think about that over and again. 

The other way is this you can discuss this with someone who you trust or just let not think about that thing for a while.

The other way to stop overthinking is this you need to know what you can control and what is beyond your control. You are a human being and you need to understand that you cannot control everything which is happening in this world. You are just obliged to do your job and leave the rest to the motion to decide. Self-doubt nips innovative ideas in the bud so just do not think much about anything.

Postpone things that you are not able to handle today. It does not make you any less competent to do that thing. But instead, it shows that you just need extra preparation for that. It is not like avoiding the problem. It simply means that you will be in a better position to tackle it later on. When something is not happening we tend to avoid that. But, It makes us think a lot so rather than avoiding keep the thing in mind when the right time arrives to do your bit and get it done.

So, we can say that overthinking sometimes is fine. But when it becomes a habit it might create problems for you. Self-doubt germinates the overthinking so just nip this problem in the bud and try to forget about the things which are giving you stress. This is the way you can counter overthinking and get that peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is overthinking a mental illness?

We cannot exactly say that it is a mental illness as it is not proven yet moreover this is a trait which is found in few humans who are susceptible and have doubts in their minds.

Is overthinking increase with age?

There is no proper research on this subject but with increasing age responsibilities also get double which makes people think a lot about anything.

How to get rid of overthinking?

The best way to get rid of overthinking is to divert the mind and do some exercise in the morning which can calm your nerves so that your mind gets to relax.