How yoga can help you with studies

How yoga classes can help you do better in college

At university or college students are always undergone much stress with all the classes, homework, papers, reports and exams preparation going hand by hand with tight deadlines. Often studies are combined with a part-time job which makes this stress only increase. Although you can always reduce the scope of work and ask for quick writing help at where all reputable writing essay websites are placed, it will not get your mental health back. This is the case when yoga can become the source of calmness and lead you through all the pressures and difficulties of students` life.

The importance of yoga for your mental health

Yoga is well known for helping people find peace of mind and the right balance between work and rest. Students can also embrace the power of yoga to avoid unnecessary stress and make college years happy and enjoyable. In college, yoga can impact such aspects as:

1. Relaxation

When you are overwhelmed with assignments and try to reach all the goals set, your head is stuck with many things that you cannot get out of it even at night. To work normally, your brain should relax at least sometimes, just like resetting your laptop when it stops working well. While there are many yoga poses you can apply even sitting at classes, finding some time for practicing on the mat will be more useful. It can greatly impact your posture, reduce pain from long sitting or lying in awkward positions and make your muscles stronger which will help you cope with physical activities better. One of the relaxation points of yoga is meditation that helps to minimize stress and re-consider certain aspects of your life;

2. Health improvement

People not familiar with yoga often wonder whether it can make you fit. This is definitely not as good as running but it can still be a good cardiovascular workout. Yoga has many benefits for our health: it helps us stretch, makes us stronger, lowers blood pressure and increases blood circulation. As students tend to lead not a healthy lifestyle, yoga will get you on track with regular practicing;

3. Stress management

Stress is the synonym of college with all the papers, exams, classes, homework and always pressing deadlines. Getting good grades to receive the scholarship can become a real challenge that will get you in a stressful state for a long period. In addition, you may also experience troubles in your personal relationships that can negatively impact your overall state. Yoga can become a kind of barrier between you and the college’s busy life, reducing this stress and making you pay attention to your overall well being. Thus, yoga makes you more mindful and stress-resistant so you can focus when necessary or stop and relax;

4. Concentration improvement

One of the long-lasting effects of yoga is the improvement of memory and focus which we all know are the most important qualities for a student. The ability to block out outside pressures and focus on your studies or just a relaxing book is something students can learn from yoga. Just the way you concentrate on yoga positions, you can concentrate on your studies. It will not guarantee you quick results and the best grades but this is definitely a step in the right direction. The only thing you should do is find time for regular practicing;

5. Emotion regulation

To succeed not only in college but in real life after graduation, students have to learn how to control their emotions, the so-called self-regulation. They should be able to check their behavior and adjust to situations, develop attention and demonstrate emotions responding to people`s feedback and the surrounding. Yoga sessions are of the most effective ways of achieving self-regulation (except for psychologist visits, maybe). Studies show that half an hour of yoga at least three times a week can significantly raise the level of self-control. Another research shows, that those students, who practiced yoga before each class, increased their self-control skills several times;

6. Academic achievements

With higher requirements, students try their best to meet all the expectations that college sets and sometimes it may lead to burning out or losing interest in studies at all. Academic performance is one of the key factors that determine the students` fate (if not the most important) and yoga can positively impact this criterion reducing the academic stress, increasing concentration and bringing more energy and inspiration for the assignments and exams. In one study where 112 schools took part, students who practiced yoga showed stable grades during the academic year while those who didn`t show the up and down average results;

7. Anxiety loss

Many teenagers and undergraduates are exposed to multiple stressors both in college and at home which can range from financial problems to test anxiety. It may be the reason for mental health issues and disorders and sometimes lead to depression. Yoga practicing can be one of the ways to reduce tension and get rid of anxiety. It is proved that at least twenty minutes of yoga on a regular basis can stop students from having negative thoughts and bring more positive emotions instead;

8. Problems in behavior

Bullying is a common occurrence not only in high schools but in colleges too. 28% of students are being impacted with this every school year which leads to multiple negative impacts including problems with studying and disciplinary sanctions. Many undergraduates who took part in a ten-week yoga program reported about bullying other students less and also had less unexcused absences. Instead, they became more interested in the studying process saying that yoga helped them to control their negative reactions and impulsive behaviors.