Identifying the Types of Romanian Honey

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Many types of honey can be found in different parts of the world. Romania, in particular, is one of the top honey producers in Europe alongside Spain and Germany. About 50% of its honey produce gets exported to the United States and even reaches Asian countries. 

Romanian honey undergoes a meticulous process of cultivation. Being one of the top products in the world, this kind offers a different class than regular syrups. To find out what makes this honey profitable, here are some facts about it.

Romanian honey’s production resources

Bees primarily cultivate honey. Additionally, it is a sustainable cycle in which one benefits from the other. What sets the different types of honey apart is not only their ingredients but also the kinds of resources they get, mainly where they get cultivated. 

Honey resources are incredibly top-notch. Beekeeping is on a different level because of favorable geographic conditions such as a large field of rural areas, soils that are rich for cultivating flowers, as well as a government that encourages honey production. 

Types of Romanian Honey

Because of the rich culture of honey production, many kinds of Romanian honey have a distinct flavor.

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Honeydew Honey

Made exclusively from honeydew, which is also a popular milk tea flavor, this type of honey is known to help regulate digestive functions. The honeydew is described to have a malty and earthy flavor and is perfectly paired with a slice of cheese. 

Canola Honey

This honey is a household favorite because they are from beautiful canola flowers. Beekeepers with canola fields can also profit by selling canola flowers. With its creamy color, the honey’s taste is described to be less sweet than commercial honey, but it leaves a peppery aftertaste. 

Also, canola honey is said to be beneficial for soothing any ulcer pains.

Sunflower Honey

Because of the country’s vast fields and fertile soil, sunflowers remain abundant because of its need for full and direct exposure to sunlight. This flower, which is a favorite around the world, is one of the top producers of honey. 

The sunflower honey has its taste resembling those of white sugar. For this reason, this type of honey acts as a healthier alternative to sugar. 

Further, the sunflower honey is known for its healing effects. It is said to be great for skin problems, kidney problems, and used for the prevention of diseases for the heart. For daily use, it is better regarded in healing skin wounds such as light scratches and light burns.

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Acacia Honey

This kind of honey consists of the nectars of the black locust and a native in Europe. One of which is in Romania. It is best known for its vanilla-like taste and uses in various applications such as cosmetics and medicine. 

Ultimately, these jars of honey are some of the best in the world, which is why if you are in the country, be sure to grab a bite and enjoy its delectable taste with your friends and family.

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