IFBB Pro Cedric McMillan’s 2018 UK Tour

If you’re familiar with bodybuilding, you will no doubt recognise ‘The One’, aka Cedric McMillan, and this year he made a number of appearances in the UK at some of the top gyms and supplement stores with proud sponsors Scitec Nutrition. Cedric McMillan is known for his impressive definition and muscle mass, often seen as a physique staying true to the more classic bodybuilding style. Last year he came in 1st place at the Arnolds and this year has placed 3rd at the 2018 Arnold Classic in Ohio, and placing 3rd at the Toronto Pro SuperShow in June.

Cedric McMillan is one of the top bodybuilders in the world and a firm fan favorite. As an ambassador to bodybuilding, he has admitted he wasn’t born a winner and this is where his attitude differs to other competitors in the field. He never thought he could be a winner despite having one of the best physiques in the industry, rather preferring to take on the process and build from that and the process you go through to get to the point where you can win or lose.


The former soldier is truly passionate about bodybuilding; he has become a role model for many, over and above others who have been winners year after year, because he can capture and motivate people through his passion. He also understands the struggle many people face to be fit and healthy and also work. In a world where a lot of athletes rely solely on sponsorship, product promotion and now social media to compete, Cedric has come from a time where he had to not only work to compete but also work to keep himself and his family.


It wasn’t an easy journey and this is what so many people can relate to. Overcoming a tough childhood to grow and become the person he is today, Cedric uses his experiences to help and motivate others and inspiring them to be the best they can be.

Speaking about the tour, Alex Breary, UK Marketing Manager from Scitec Nutrition, said:

“It was such a wonderful experience to host one of our favorite brand ambassadors but also that our UK customers got to meet this great athlete. He is such a huge inspiration, not just for us as a brand, but for so many people worldwide. It was fantastic seeing his many fans getting to meet him in person, for some their hero.”