Inner Chest Workout Guide: 5 Exercise To Build Up Your Inner Chest

Every man desire bicep, triceps, pecs in the gym freak generation not just for attention but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and for that inner chest workout are the best way to build up a desire upper body figure. So here we have listed out some very beneficial and effective exercises which you can do in the gym or at your home:

Inner Chest Workout At Gym

1. Inner Chest Workout With Pulleys: Hybrid Flye-Press Combo


A Flye position can simply be narrated as the position when you arm and hands moves this form of an arc but your elbows do not move or stay at a constant angle. This kind of strength training is used to build up the upper body muscles. As such exercises are used to build up chest and because of the leverage, there are high chances that they can damage your shoulder joint, tendons and ligaments. So, it is advised that it should be done with caution and a beginner should gradually increase his strength. Remember that it is not a done in a standing position with standing cable crossover. It is because when you stand you compensate too by involving your upper back body and use too much of hips. You should focus on working out with the pecs.


  1. Adjust yourself on the bench between both the cable columns
  2. Basically, lie on your back and keep your legs on the bench
  3. You should adjust yourself in a way that the pulleys are in a straight line with your shoulders.
  4. Pull the pulleys in such a way that your shoulders come together in a line at the top.
  5. Then slowly relive them by loosing the pulleys
  6. Repeat it for 10-13 minutes

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2. Inner Chest Workout With Dumbbell

There are various dumbbell exercises that you can perform in order to work on your inner chest:



  1. Make yourself comfortable on the bench by lying on your back
  2. Remember to keep your feet stick on the ground because a lot of your strength with come from your feet and if you will put the bench you will not be able to gather the strength that you require in doing the exercise.
  3. Your chest, neck and hips should be on the bench
  4. Have a little arch in your back and pull your shoulders back while lying on your back
  5. Take a set of dumbbells then and pull them at the top
  6. Remember to not pull your shoulders together as in hybrid flye-press combo
  7. Keep them in align and at straight distance away from each other
  8. Keep a slight bend in your elbows so that your chest can feel the strength/tension
  9. Then bring them at rest position aligning with your chest so that there a slight dumbbell flair



Incline bench exercises are usually done to focus more on your shoulder and less on your chest. You should choose flat bench exercises when you want to work more on your chest. The more the bench is inclined upwards the more your work-out will involve in building up your shoulder rather than your chest build up. Incline bench dumbbell press exercise is for Shoulder recruitment and your upper chest.

  1. Plant your feet firmly on the ground
  2. Your upper chest, hips and neck should be on the ground
  3. Retract your shoulders back to make an arc in your back
  4. Take set of dumbbells and then pull them up in a straight line at the top
  5. Then in a rest position at 90 degrees
  6. Do it for 5-7 minutes in the beginning



  1. Lie straight on the bench keeping your legs firm on the ground because that’s only how you are going to get the strength to work out with the barbell
  2. Hold the barbell from the mark
  3. Then pull them closer to your chest
  4. Keep your hand at a 90 degrees angle aligned with your chest not much closer to your chin
  5. The middle part of your Barbell should be kept in a straight line with your upper chest


  1. Take a set of dumbbells and put hammer or the ball between your dumbbells
  2. Lie on the bench straight with your feet on the ground firmly adjusted
  3. Then do the regular pull ups with dumbbells and hammer



  1. As the name suggest, you need to keep your hands closer while doing push ups
  2. Keep both your hands at thumb distance
  3. Your hands should not go closer beyond this distance
  4. Narrow pull up will lay tension on your chest, shoulders and elbows so the closer the hands the more strength will be put to build up the chest
  5. Breath in when you come down and breath out when you go up



  1. It is similar to narrow push-up but a slight difference would be to keep your hands in such a way that both your thumbs and index finger should touch each other from the tip making a sort of triangle.
  2. Then procced on with your regular push-ups
  3. Do them for around 5-10 minutes twice a day

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  1. Take a chair and put your legs on the chair in the same way as you put them on the ground and your hands on the ground
  2. As the name suggests that it’s a decliner as oppose to straight or incline benches
  3. Keep your hands in a diamond position on the ground making a triangle by joining you’re the tip of your index fingers and thumbs
  4. Then do regular push ups for around 7-10 minutes



  1. Take a chair and put your hands on the chair this time in a diamond position and your legs on the ground straight as in the position of push up
  2. Then do your regular push up for 7-10 minutes
  3. Laying your hands closer in a diamond or triangular position will put stress on your chest and upper body as well as your shoulders and elbows.

Always consult a gym trainer or watch some videos put up by famous trainer around the world because there are number of cases where people have ended up tearing their upper or inner chest muscles and shoulders. It can be dangerous for your back as well as your elbows if you are doing inner chest workout with barbells or dumbbells as you need to maintain a back arc. Even while doing such exercises at home go through various articles and videos before performing them on a regular basis as they might prove to be painful effecting your chest and elbows and shoulder caps.


1. What is a dip?

Dip is basically your upper body exercises and these exercises are usually preferred to build up inner chest, shoulders and triceps contrary to barbell exercises which focuses on building or lay strength/ tension on the back and bicep muscles as you make an arch while performing them.

2. What are pre-workout supplement?

Pre-workout is a supplement that help you boost your workout performance and energizes you. It is difficult to choose one out of so many options available in today’s time. Find few Top Pre-workouts here.

3. Suggest some exercises to put tension on the middle part of the chest

For that you can try Barbell bench press, Cable hybrid flye press, hammer squeeze exercise in order to build up your middle part of the chest. These exercises are very effective.

4. What food is effective after the intense inner chest workout?

It is recommended that you should include vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, pulses. In fact, you should take care of your diet and should include various kinds of minerals and vitamins.

5. What all foods should I avoid during the course of intense inner chest workout?

You should basically avoid eating any sort of non-vegetarian food including meats, pork, fish( however you can have certain kinds of vitamin rich fishes), ground beef, chicken breasts, cod as they all will increase the fat and will accumulate in other part and would make your intense exercise completely ineffective in the end.

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