5 causes that make inner thigh pain an uphill battle for you


Inner thigh pain is a common problem among adults today. It could be a cause of several underlying health conditions like Hernia, kidney stones and muscle strain. When this pain becomes intolerable, many people try home remedies but, all in vain. Instead, home remedies enhance the problem resulting in severe side effects. In that case, it is always useful to seek medical advice regarding this matter. 

Today, we are going to take you through nine primary causes that result in this kind of pain. Such a thing will help you to dive into the root of the problem and fix it. 

Five Inner thigh pain causes that will help you

Inner thigh pain can be daunting to deal with; thus, you need a treatment that helps you dive into the crux of the problem and fix it for you. For this, you need to know the root cause of the pain. So, let us now discuss the inner thigh pain causes for the best experiences. 

1. Hernia– This is an underlying problem that occurs when the intestine pushes through the lower abdomen, forming a chunky lump. Hernia problems can get worse with each passing time. Thus, it is essential to get it treated immediately by referring to a medical expert. Inguinal Hernias are the most common type with symptoms like discomfort, pain and coughing. You may also feel a burning sensation in the groin area at times. So, look out for these symptoms so that your hernia does not turn into a more harmful condition for you. Treating a hernia can relieve you from the daily upper inner thigh pain in no time.

2. Muscle injuries- Many-a-times, a few activities or accidents can result in internal pain that may not show up externally. However, groaning pain and discomfort are some of the primary symptoms of such problems. These are called muscle injuries. Running and jumping are some of the sample activities that lead to such issues regularly. If there is swelling and bruising near your inner thigh area, you know what it is. You may also feel a severe upper inner thigh pain that will help you find out if it is a muscle injury. You can also get an X-ray done to find out about this problem without any hindrance. 

3. Pregnancy- Many pregnant women also suffer from this condition. Inner thigh pain during pregnancy occurs when the pregnant woman develops pubis dysfunction. As a result, the pelvic bone becomes unstable and causes pain in the pelvis region. The restriction of mobility and grinding noises also occurs due to this problem. To avoid any complications during this time, regular medical check-ups are a must. You must also keep an eye out for any internal pain to avoid any hassle for yourself. 

4. Kidney stones- Kidney stones are one of the most common causes of upper inner thigh pain. These lumps that reside within the kidney as stones cause severe discomfort, pain, nausea and pain during urination that also leaves an impact on your inner thigh. You have to watch out for these kidney stones. Most doctors recommend getting operated to remove kidney stones immediately. Others may give you medications to get rid of this problem. You can also keep an eye out for nausea, lower backache and blood in urine to avoid any complications later. Remember, if you ignore this problem, it may worsen. 

5. Menstruation- Painful periods that come with unusual symptoms like fever and vomiting can be one of the inner thigh pains causes for you. Those who go through abnormally painful period cramps are also subjected to this problem.  Thus, make sure to get yourself checked by a medical expert immediately if you feel upper inner thigh pain growing within you. If you have extreme pain in the back, pelvis region and lower abdomen for long periods, you may need medical help at the earliest. So, remember to keep an eye out for such severe pain in the body. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can help get rid of this problem in no time. Thus, do not leave any stone unturned for that.

The takeaway

These were some of the most common inner thigh pain causes for you to keep an eye out for. You must make sure to consult a medical expert immediately if you feel this problem regularly. Make sure you stay healthy!


1. Is bone condition one of the inner thigh pain causes?

Yes, the bone condition is one of the inner thigh pain causes. Remember to consult a medical expert in the case; you experience this problem. 

2. Is inner thigh pain during pregnancy harmful?

Of course, inner thigh pain during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby as well if you do not get yourself checked at the right time. Thus, consulting a medical expert during such cases is vital for you. 

3. Is inflammation a cause of inner thigh pain?  

Yes. It is.

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