Jenny Craig Diet: Everything You Should Know About This Weight Loss Program

Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig’s diet plan is a commercially available weight loss diet plan that restricts calorie consumption, and the portion size of individuals. Consumers who partake on the diet plan are provided pre-made meals and snacks that cover all their nutritional requirements.

Millions of people have benefited immensely from the diet plan with an easy to follow food plans that almost anyone can incorporate. Additionally, Jenny Craig’s company provides phone support to clients in an effort to boost morale and increase the motivation of users. Particularly pleasing is the face-to-face consultations with professionals that ensures all clients meet up to their weight loss goals.

Craig’s consultants act by accessing an individual’s eating habits, motivation level, and activity level to customize a unique pre-made meal program for best results.  A typical Jenny Craig’s diet plan may consist of oatmeal for breakfast, a protein bar for a mid-morning snack, cheese and stuffed potato chips for lunch, fruits, and berries for an afternoon snack, chicken and rice for dinner, lastly a crunchy chocolate bar/cake as dessert. Find more details here

Pros and Cons of Jenny Craig’s Diet

Although not all diet or weight loss plans will work for everyone, understanding the underlying benefits and demerits will go a long way in deciding whether the plan is suited for your lifestyle or not.

Pros of Jenny Craig’s Diet Plan

  • Face-to-face consultations with a guidance counselor. A particularly pleasing feature of the plan that has helped millions reach their target weight loss goals.
  • Full support from a dedicated team that includes exercises, recipes and food tips.
  • Pre-made food/meals that remove the guesswork of counting calories or fat content.
  • Tasty food recipes and high-quality pre-packaged meals from start to finish.
  • The diet plan is backed by scientific research from the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) that provides guidelines for healthy eating.

Cons of Jenny Craig’s Diet Plan

  • Meals are in frozen condition and need reheating before they can be taken. For some, this doesn’t represent a convenient option because you will need access to microwave all day to make it worthwhile.
  • Processed food in the U.S.A is becoming an issue of concern and doesn’t represent a healthy alternative. Most pre-packed foods from Jenny Craig are processed and stored with chemicals.
  • Some recipes and pre-made foods may not be ideal for people with allergies. The potential for cross-contamination of pre-packaged foods with allergens is significantly higher.
  • Pre-packed meals from Jenny Craig are quite expensive. Depending on the plan you choose a month’s worth of meal can cost from $550-$800.

How does it Work

Jenny’s meal plans are designed to keep your mouth busy although the day while staying within your calorie content and weight loss goals. Clients are conditioned to six meals a day; three full meals, two snacks and one dessert.

The need to continuously count calories while you eat has been eliminated. All you need do is select a plan that suits your weight loss goals and the program takes care of the calorie requirement.

Users on the program can select from hundreds of available meal entries which can be purchased from local Jenny Craig weight loss center or ordered online for home delivery. Additionally, if you are on the diet program, you can get support from trained consultants who help you set achievable goals. All Jenny Craig’s consultants have undergone some form of nutritional and fitness training. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are certified, professionals.

Depending on the clients/users weight and fitness goals, the dietary calorie intake ranges from 1000 to 2300 calories per day. To ensure positive results are tracked, clients are mandated to weigh in once a week at a program center or at the convenience of your home.

Jenny’s diet plan might be worth your time if you have struggled for years to lose weight. We are of the opinion that to help you lose weight you will be better off adopting a diet plan that can teach you healthy eating to keep your weight down.

It’s All About Results

Craig claims its clients or members can lose up to 16 lbs within the first four weeks. The idea of optimally maximizing metabolism is a core characteristic of the diet plan that helps individuals burn more calories. You should give it a try to ascertain if it suits your lifestyle.

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