Kettlebell Snatch: The holy grail of full-body exercises

Practicing a host of exercises to maintain good health can be a daunting task. But what if you could do a full-body workout with just one exercise? 

The kettlebell snatch is an incredible method that provides a full-body workout. Since it works the entire body, it assists in weight loss, prevents cardiovascular diseases and helps build strong body muscles. Although the idea of kettlebell snatch sounds easy, it takes quite an effort to get used to it. 

In this article, we are going to take you through some awesome kettlebell snatch workouts so that you can master at it without much hassle! 

The power of kettlebell snatch

This full-body exercise involves holding the kettlebell against your legs and pulling it up to your head. The handle should rest diagonally while you hold the kettlebell. Since this type of kettlebell exercise, involves the entire body movement, the kettlebell snatch benefits are endless. Not only does it help increase heart rate, but it also engages the body in fitness and potential activities. More so, it improves mobility and also helps the lungs to function better. 

Aside from this, it is also capable of improving the overall speed of your body and doubles the body strength. For those who wish to advance their sports and martial arts skills, practicing the kettlebell snatch workout can prove to be the greatest benefit of all.

Ace the art of Kettlebell Snatch


Follow the instructions below to gain expertise in performing kettlebell snatch the right way! 

Step1. Hold the kettlebell at the shoulder level in your right hand. Stand with the kettlebell between your legs and your body bent towards the ground. 

Step 2. Once you are ready for the snatch, press the bell straight overhead and lock your elbow. In case you aren’t able to do this exercise properly, you aren’t prepared for it yet. 

Step3. Now do the rack position where the bell is at shoulder level while the forearm is at vertical.

Step4. Next, you must bend your forearm inward, and extend your elbow. Once you do this, gravity will automatically pull it towards the ground. When the bell closes in on your thighs, bend your hips towards the back and hold the bell between your legs. Make sure during this step, you have your head and pelvis aligned together. Maintain a proud chest position and do the step. 

Step 5: Once your hips are bent towards the ground, extend them to stand back tall. When you make the rise, pull your elbow at vertical and make the fist skyrocket towards the ceiling. The bell should wrap around your wrist as your elbow extends. At this point, the fingers mustn’t be required to finish the lift.

A quick tip: When you learn to do it right, the kettlebell will not smash into your forearm’s back. That’s when you know you’ve got it right! 

3 top-notch kettlebell exercises to practice today!

There is a host of kettlebell exercises to try out. In case you are inquisitive to excel at kettlebell snatch workout, here are a few options for you!

1. One-arm rotational snatch

One-arm rotational kettlebell snatch

The one-arm rotational catch involves doing the kettlebell snatch with just one hand. Since the weight is mostly on the shoulders it helps improve the flexibility of movement. Doing this also helps build strength in the shoulders which ultimately leads to stronger muscles in the body.


  • Hold the bell a few inches away from you and then pull it towards you diagonally. At this point, you must use only one hand to pull the bell and the entire process should be repeated using the same arm. 
  • Now internally rotate the bell and then swing it towards the shoulder on your right side. 
  • Pull it with full vigour and then punch it up with your hand high in the air. 
  • Once you’ve done this, gently bring your hand back down at the same level as your chest. Your shoulder must be straight during this time. The other hand must be pulled back.
  • Repeat the process a couple of times.

2. One-arm dead start snatch

One-arm dead start snatch

This is another efficient kettlebell snatch technique that can improve strength and stability greatly. This head to toe snatch with one-arm builds incredible upper body movement and flexibility. Although this is a one-arm snatch it is more advanced from the one mentioned above. Thus, it is advised that before you practice this snatch, you must excel in the one mentioned above for safety and added convenience. 


  • Place the kettlebell on the ground. Make sure it is tight against your hip. 
  • Make the proud chest position for your shoulders and grab the kettlebell with your right hand. 
  • Now get up from your proud chest position to pull the kettlebell above your head. Make sure the bell is close to your body. 
  • Once you make the bell punch in the air, keep in mind to rotate the bell in your arms.
  • Now lower the bell and get to the rack position
  • Keep it on to the ground and repeat the process for some time. 

3. Double kettlebell snatch

Double kettlebell snatch

Another kettlebell snatch technique is to use two kettlebells and use both arms for improved movement. The double kettlebell snatch is a very complex technique that demands umpteen training. Before you want to learn this, make sure you master the one-arm kettlebell snatch mentioned above. This will not only ensure your safety but also render assistance in learning this technique faster. This technique too is extremely beneficial in building good upper chest  strength.


  • Hold the kettlebell snatches tightly in both your arms and place your arms between your legs. This is the start position. 
  • Once your arms are straight and holding the kettlebell snatch tightly, use them to pull the snatches out from between your legs. Keep your back straight while practicing this.
  • Now punch the kettlebell into the air with all the force. 
  • Keep the bells close to your body and make sure to rotate them while you hike the snatches.
  • Repeat the process a couple of times.

Ensuring safety while practicing the kettlebell snatch

safety while practicing the kettlebell snatch

While there are many kettlebell snatch benefits, you must remember that doing these in the wrong way, or practicing the workout more times than needed can be very detrimental to your health. Here’s how you can ensure your safety while doing the workout.

  • Keep your back straight to avoid any back problems while doing the kettlebell. 
  • Don’t hold the snatch too tightly. It might cause wounds or rip your hands when left avoided. 
  • Keep the kettlebell close to your body while you are doing the workout. 
  • When you are exhausted, make sure to breathe properly and rest your hand for some time. Don’t force your exercise. 

The bottom line

Follow this guide to ace the kettlebell snatch workout. Practice this regularly, and you will start to notice some amazing body changes quickly. Don’t forget to start today! 


Do these techniques work?

Yes. Kettlebell snatch techniques always work for your fitness and provide the utmost benefits to you. To acquire immediate results, remember to practice this regularly. 

Which size of the kettlebell should I start with?

Most men should start with 16kgs. Women can do the same with 8kgs to ensure safety.

Why should I do a kettlebell workout?

Kettlebell snatch benefits are endless. By practicing the kettlebell work out you will not only improve the strength and stability of your body but also foster the energy within. 

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