The ultimate way to perform a leg curl without doing it wrong

leg curl

The leg curl is a beginner-level workout that requires you to perform the exercise using a gym bench. If you are working out at home, you could also do with any ordinary bench indoors. With this exercise, you can easily target your hamstrings, glutes, calf muscles, and even shins to improve your flexibility and body strength. 

Performing the leg curl is simple. You have to follow the steps instructed to you and do as it says. In no time, you will be able to achieve the body of your dreams without much inconvenience. When you perform it as a part of your entire strength training program, it also helps promote your cardiovascular strength and weight management game. 

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Leg curl: An easy-breezy workout 

The standard leg curl is one of the best ways to build up strength, flexibility and bulk up your hamstrings. But that is not all. Strong hamstrings will also support your strength, balance, and entire stamina of the body. Thus, your day-to-day functions will be severely impacted positively. 

You can also try the variants of this workout for utmost convenience. The lying leg curl and seated leg curl are some of the beginner-level ways to perform this workout according to your comfort and preference. You could also try out its many variants like Gym ball leg curl, Slider leg curl, and Weighted slider leg curl. 

How to perform the standard leg curl workout? 

  • Lie flat on your stomach. 
  • Adjust the roller pad so that it can stretch a few inches properly under the calves. Make sure you check that the places are not too high for you. 
  • Now, try and stretch out your legs more comprehensively. Pull your ankles close to your buttocks. Do this as far as possible. 
  • Now, raise your feet as you breathe out and keep your hips on the bench tightly. 
  • As you stretch your knees, try to inhale. Pull your ankles to your buttocks as far as possible. 
  • Hold on to this for a second and let yourself lower your legs gradually. 
  • Now inhale completely as you return to your feet to the initial position in a smooth manner. 
  • Repeat the workout in 8 to 12 reps for the best-ever experience. 

Leg curl variations to amp up your workout routine 

TRX Hamstring Curl 

Set up a suspension trainer. This will allow the handles to hang near the floor. Now lie on your back and put your feet in the handles. So, your feet should be resting on them. Now, raise your hips into a bridge position and form a straight line between your shoulder and knees. Now, bring the handles close to you using your legs. Move your feet again gradually and resist the temptation to drop your hips to the floor. Repeat the workout. 

Gym Ball Leg Curl 

 All you have to do is lie on your back with your calves on the gym ball. Raise your hips. Roll the ball near you so that your feet rest up on top of the ball. Now, try to roll the ball away once again. 

Slider Leg Curl 

Lie on your back with your heels on the slider. Now, allow you’re hips to get into a bridge position and gradually slide your feet away from you until the legs are straight. So, try to keep your hips off the ground and your core engaged throughout. Finally, bring your feet back up and return yourself to the bridge position.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the gym ball leg curl helpful?

It improves the core challenge of the standard leg curl. The gym ball equipment is what amplifies its value. 

Is the weighted slider curl workout important? 

Those who want to add weights to their slider curl workout can add this to their routine. It may help you improve your hamstrings drastically. 

Are these workouts effective?

Yes, All of the workouts that we have listed above for you are highly beneficial. You can try out each of them to unravel the benefits. 

The Bottom Line 

Leg curl workouts may seem like a real challenge in the initial days but do not panic. As you get the hang of it, the exercise will begin to appear cheesecake for you. Make sure you practice these workouts timely to benefit your hamstrings, cardiovascular parts, and overall strength.