Leg Extensions: The Perfect Exercise For Attaining Well-Built Quads

leg extension

The Leg Extensions is a great and efficient exercise whose main motive is to work your quadriceps. This strength-building workout chiefly targets your quadriceps femoris while simultaneously engaging your core, lower legs, butt, and hip muscles. This workout involves the use of a leg extension machine. It is an isolation exercise that primarily works your quadriceps and is responsible for its strength and toning. It is also beneficial in providing you with the ability to perform high cardio and athletic activities with ease and comfort.

Building your quadriceps is essential in promoting better cardio, endurance, and balance to achieve daily and athletic activities, this exercise will come in handy for you. Due to its numerous benefits to your body, it is considered appropriate to add this exercise to your regular workout routine.

The ultimate guide on the leg extensions exercise given below is sure to provide you with all the information you need to excel in the performance of this exercise. Thus, keep reading this article to get in-depth knowledge about Leg extensions workout to reap its maximum benefits and provide considerable benefits to your body.

How To Master The Art Of Performing Leg Extensions:

Below is everything you need to know about Leg Extensions, ranging from step-by-step directions and tips to common mistakes and variations. Thus by following the contents of this article, you will be provided with every information required.

Step By Step Directions:

1. For starters, you have to set up the leg extension machine. To do so, adjust the equipment pad so that it is at the top of your lower legs at the ankles. Your knees should be at right angles to each other.

2. Then, while placing your hands on the hand bars, take a deep breath and lift the weight until your legs are upright.

3. Then, while breathing out, slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position.


Tips To Keep In Mind:

1. Always make sure to hold a quick yet efficient warm-up session before doing the Leg Extensions. This should be done to prevent the risk of any severe injury or strain and engage all of your muscles targeted.

2. Remember to keep your back straight and upright by keeping it against the backrest. Always avoid arching and bending of your back to reap the maximum benefits.

3. Never lock your knees while lifting the weights as it may result in injury.

4. Always make sure to choose suitable weights and prove to be comfortable for you. Choose weights that do not cause you any discomfort.

Common Mistakes Usually Made:

1. The first and most crucial thing to keep in mind is to never choose weights that might bring any sort of discomfort and problems to your body. Therefore, it is always advised to select weights you are comfortable with to prevent the risk of knee-ligament strain.

2. Never do reps more than your capacity or capability as it may prove harmful to you and your body.

3. Do not rush through this exercise by lifting and lowering weights quickly. Instead, try to reduce the momentum and perform this exercise in a smooth, controllable manner.

4. Never lock your knees while performing this exercise, resulting in straining your knee joints.

Variations Of Leg Extensions:

If you are perfectly comfortable with the performance of the classic Leg Extensions exercise, feel free to try out some of its variations to add a zing:

1. Leg Extension Using Resistance Bands

This version of the traditional leg extensions involves the use of a resistance band. This will be perfectly suitable for those who cannot get hold of an expensive leg extension machine. Remember to undergo a quick warm-up session before performing this exercise. All it demands is to be patient and concentrate solely on the performance of this exercise. It is also responsible for maintaining mobility and can be performed anywhere and anytime.

2. Dumbbell Leg Extension

This variation involves the use of dumbbells as well as a proper bench. It can also be known as seated dumbbell leg extensions and is considered very beneficial in promoting body strength and endurance. Remember to keep your body in a stationary position and your back straight throughout this exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many Leg Extensions should I perform?

You are required to perform nearly three sets of 8 to 12 reps of Leg Extensions.

2. What do Leg Extensions work the muscles?

Leg extensions primarily work your quadriceps femoris while simultaneously engaging your core, lower legs, butt, and hip muscles.

3. Can I use resistance bands to perform Leg Extensions?

Of course, feel free to use resistance bands for performing leg extensions.

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