Leg Press: The Perfect Exercise To Provide You With Strong Legs

leg press

The Leg Press is known to be a great compound exercise that involves severe weight training. Also known as Machine Squat Press, this exercise mainly works your hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. This workout serves as a great exercise to add to your regular strength-training routine. It is considered a great resistance training workout that is also responsible for lowering the risk of injuries or strains. It fully engages your gluteal muscles and strengthens your legs to a great extent. Adding this exercise to your daily workout routine allows you to get powerful and toned legs without much hindrance. 

Given below is the ultimate guide on how to perform the Leg press, which will enrich you with all the relevant information you require to know!

How To Perform The Leg Press Like A Pro:

This exercise involves the use of special training equipment but is very easy to perform. Once you have aced the performance of this workout, get ready to attain powerful legs in no time!

1. Firstly, you need to sit down on a leg press machine and place both your legs on the platform located in front. Your feet should be at least a foot and a half apart from each other. 

2. To hold the platform in the proper place, lower the safety bars of the machine. 

3. When you have placed both your legs on the platform, continue to lift the platform until your legs are fully extended. Remember not to lock your knees while doing this. This will be your starting position. 

4. Now, take a deep breath and steadily lower the platform until your upper and lower legs are at right angles to each other.

5. While using your quads and breathing out, push your heels to return to the starting position. 

Tips To Keep In Mind:

1. Always remember to grasp the handles of the leg press machine instead of placing your hands on the knees.

2. To attain the maximum benefits and prevent injury, keep your head upright throughout this exercise. 

3. Allow your back to be in contact with the pad on the machine throughout this exercise. 

Common Mistakes Usually Made:

1. Always make sure that your head is steady at all times while performing this exercise. It should be placed comfortably against the seat-back of the leg press machine. 

2. Remember to breathe in a while, lowering your legs and breathe out while returning to the starting position. 

3. Your hands should never be on your knees. Instead, they should firmly grab the handles of the machine. 

4. You should always lift weights you are comfortable with. Lifting heavy barbells can result in serious injuries. 

Benefits Of The Leg Press:

1. This exercise helps you attain better body balance. As the strength of your legs proves as a contributing factor to achieving better balance, this workout is perfect for it. 

2. Practicing this workout daily allows you to perform daily and athletic activities at a better rate. Due to strengthening your legs, the increase in endurance helps you jump higher and run faster without any discomfort. 

3. Being a compound exercise, the Leg Press facilitates the working of every major and the minor muscle of your legs. This helps in attaining total leg development, which involves engaging all of your leg muscles. 

4. It also involves strengthening and toning your calf muscles. More muscular calves help you perform sporty and regular activities without any hassle and much more quickly. It is also responsible for restricting muscle pulls and severe injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many Leg Presses should I do?

You have to do at least 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps of leg presses.

2. What muscles do Leg Presses work?

The leg press is chiefly responsible for working your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

3. What is the main benefit of Leg Press?

The main benefit of leg press is that it provides you with powerful and toned legs easily and without much hindrance.