Learn the ultimate way to use lifting straps for best benefit now


You might have come across the term Lifting Straps often at the gym. This is so because these straps provide innumerable uses to trainees at the gym. Deadlifts, Pulldowns, Shrugs and Barbell Rows are some of the many workouts one can perform using this equipment. 

If you are unaware of this instrument at the gym or you are looking forward to using it, here’s the ultimate guide to lifting straps that will help you immensely.

What are lifting straps?

Lifting straps are popular equipment at the gym that is made to help gym trainees perform heavy workouts conveniently. Also known as wrist straps, lifting straps are made of cotton, nylon and leather fabrics so that they can avoid any injuries and grip the heavyweight without any hindrance. These are best for beginners who require weight lifting straps for utmost convenience. However, if lifting straps are not worn properly, they can come in the way of performing exercises well. 

Why should you use lifting straps?

For those who want to exhaust their muscles without losing the grip, lifting straps can work potentially well. These weight lifting straps can also in securing your wrist and arms from severe injuries due to lifting heavy weights at the gym. So, it is always recommended for gym enthusiasts to wear these lifting straps while performing exercises with a heavyweight. Make sure to wear the straps correctly to avoid any mistakes. Here’s how to do secure the lifting straps:

  1. Slide one end of the long strap through the loop opening as if making a circle. 
  2. Open your hands with your palms up and slide the loop over and onto your wrist. 
  3. Make sure that the end of each strap is aligned in the direction of your thumbs. 
  4. Your weight lifting straps are ready for use. 

How to use lifting straps?

Many people do not know how to use lifting straps after hitting the gym almost every day. Do not worry, it happens. However, it is crucial to know the application of these straps so that you do not go wrong with your exercise. Here is how to do it. 

  1. Use one hand to select the strap on the other hand. Place this on the bar. 
  2. Twist the excess material and wrap it up for convenience around the bar. 
  3. Let the remaining material keep hanging after one rotation of the barbell is over. 
  4. If you want to tighten the strap, cinch it so that it has a snug fit on the barbell. 
  5. This is how to use lifting straps properly. 

Who should be using the best lifting straps?

Although we know that lifting straps can be beneficial in several ways, these best lifting straps must only be used by those who need it. Here is the ultimate guide to do it:

  1. Beginners’ lifters- For beginners lifting straps can help immensely in dealing with heavyweights without any inconvenience. But they must make sure to use straps only after three months when they have developed a good grip strength. Until the development of grip strength, lifting straps are not recommended as they may not be able to render any benefits and can become a hassle. 
  2. Intermediate lifters- Intermediates are advised to use lifting straps off the blocks. They must make sure that they only use these during warm-up sessions of pull-ups and other hefty exercises. 
  3. Advanced lifters- Although professionals may find it easier to use lifting straps without facing any complications, it is crucial to ensure that the straps are used only when necessary. This is why lifting straps must not be used 1-2 weeks out from the competition.

Which are the best lifting straps to purchase right away?

Given below are some of the best lifting straps that you can purchase without any second thought. 

  1. Harbinger Lifting straps 

The Harbinger company is known for its popular lifting straps. This brand has been in the business since 1988 and has worked as a prominent dealer in gym products. If you are looking for solid and best lifting straps, you can purchase from this brand without batting an eyelid. The straps by Harbinger are slightly longer, thicker and better in quality than the rest. These are also best for protecting your hands while lifting heavyweight. 

  1. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lifting straps 

 One of the most preferred lifting straps is this one. The Dark fitness lifting straps provided excellent secured grip and protection against heavyweights. This one is among the best lifting straps you can find for the long haul so, do not miss out on this. The medium-length padding, cross-stitched surface and leather material are some of the best features of this strap that speak for its exceptional quality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you name some more best lifting straps for use?

 IronMind Blue Twos Lifting Straps and Schiek Lifting straps are the best ones to use. 

2. Can I use lifting straps for power building and body lifting?

 Yes. You can use lifting straps for power building and body lifting when in need. Seek a trainer’s guidance for the best experiences. 

This ultimate guide on lifting straps is sure to help you in every way that you want. If you want to know whether you can use lifting straps too, make sure to seek expert guidance to avoid any complications shortly.