The Liver king: Carrier of Ancient survival!

Who is Liver King?

Liver King is a name given to Brian Johnson who is a 45-year-old influencer. He is titled CEO of ancestral lifestyle. His popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok is millions. It didn’t take him much time to achieve that. His current net worth is 1 million US Dollars. 

The lifestyle of Liver King

Liver King is famous for his ancestral lifestyle. He consumes raw liver as a meal which is inspired by the diet of our ancestors. It is said that in ancient times humans used to survive on such foods for a living. There was no invention of heat or processed foods. Consummation of raw meat is what living beings thrived upon. 

Liver King believes that modernization has made men undeniably soft. His goal is to bring back the old times of wildness, rawness and unstoppable men as our ancestors used to be. The idea of sitting and eating, being comfortable on a couch, and having everything with no struggle sickens him and he opposes that. According to him, a man should be strong and physically unstoppable. 

Education of the Liver

Brian Johnson is a funny man who says he is not a doctor, not a hospital but he does have a degree in biochemistry. Yes, the way he told people to consume raw liver could only make anyone suspicious if this man even has a degree. The Liver King did say that having a liver is too much for a human body at the start so one must keep it in control first and then eventually increase the volume. 

Joe Rogan criticised him that his body is nothing but steroids and his claim of eating raw liver is just a gimmick. The liver is most preferred by Brian but apart from them he also suggests testicles, tongues or balls for nutrition. He carries a heavy weight and does intense workouts like dragging weights using just his teeth. Brian Johnson wants the idea of living like a caveman for a lifetime. 

Brian Johnson is never found in a t-shirt though he says he has many of them but decides not to wear them. Liver king follows nine ancestral tenets. 

Napping, eating, protecting, mobility, connection, cold, sun, fighting and bonding. 

Nine ancestral tenets

  1. Air

Brian Johnson claims sleep to be the first ancestral tenet as it wins over all others. While we sleep, our brain and body detox, the skin heals and the processing of food occurs. It is important to have a great nap and eat 3 to 4 hours before improving the functioning of the body.

  1. Eat

Eating is important because we have evolved and thrived because of it from very ancient times. One should drop processed foods that are harmful to health and choose nutrient-rich foods only to benefit our bodies. 

  1. Move

A healthy movement is necessary to process consumption. The heavier the food consumed, more of the more movement should be there in the body. 

  1. Shield

Our ancestors always had shields from wild animals but nowadays we don’t need that. The shield we need in today’s times is from harmful food and chemicals which are considered man-made poison.

  1. Connect 

It is important to be in contact with earth 24/7 like our ancestors. It is important for electro physiotherapy. Thinking about being in contact with the earth, have you wondered when was the last time you walked bare feet? Or sleeping on the lap of mother earth? It is disappointing how comfortable furniture like elevated beds and leather shoes have made distanced humans from the natural vitals that nature provides. 

  1. Cold 

The human body must be in contact with the cold. Always staying under the blanket or using a heater would only make it weaker. Like our ancestors, we should be in contact with the cold. 

  1. Sun

A natural source of Vitamin D, Sun also helps to prevent tooth decay. Vitamin D can’t be found easily so instead of being dependent on medicines, get under the sun and enjoy the vitality it provides. 

  1. Fight

This 8th ancestral tenant does not mean to be in a problem or hurt anyone. Our ancestors used to hunt and survive but it is not possible today. Here fighting means standing up for yourself and your values, grinding until your potential extends and being the best version of yourself. 

  1. Bond

Last but not the least, a Bond completes our ancestral values or we might say it bonds all values together. Bonding with other people and keeping a check on their safety is as important as other values. To survive and stay happy in both ancestral and modern times, Bonding with others is really important. 

Hence, this completes the 9 values that Liver King wants to bring out to future generations. He works and is unstoppable, wakes up and grinds, and researches over and over again supplements, foods and everything related to lifestyle. His main goal is to not let the old survival techniques go waste and he took the initiative to bring them to the modern era. 

Modernization is a boon to Humanity but is it as good as it seems or it is working as a slow poison slowly making us all weak and underlings? Is the world of comfort and laziness making us a slug that is making human beings cripple? 

Demerits of Modernization by the Liver King

The use of getting almost everything just by sitting on the couch is making us weak day by day. The changing habits leading to a poor lifestyle are slowly pushing us towards the never-ending loop of an unhealthy life. 

Sleeping on elevated beds is making us vulnerable to earthly contact. Eating processed foods, injected fluids called milk, a protein-less diet, and fats are making us obese. Use blankets and heaters, layering your body with more than needed clothes to break the contact of the body with the cold. Cold is necessary for the body but breaking its contact would make you ignorant of the strength it provides. 

The Liver King believes that if we preserve what our ancestors told us and make our body so strong that it could digest a raw liver, our body would grow and we would be stronger both mentally and physically.

This was all about Brian Johnson, The Liver King.