Wish to Lose 20 Pounds? Here’s what you can do.

How to lose 20 pounds fast?

One of the most challenging feats is losing weight. It is hard to achieve even if the goal is losing 1 pound or lose 20 pounds. Weight loss demands a lot from people regarding dietary restrictions, changes in lifestyle, exercise regime, and a lot of patience and hard work. 

1. Count Your Calories

calorie count- lose 20 pounds

This is the easiest step on the list of how to lose 20 pounds. Even if counting your calories sounds like something that is extremely easy and will not help you lose weight, it has been proven to be the quickest and simplest way of losing weight and can be similarly effective for those who wish to lose 20 pounds. 

When you count your calories, you can calculate the number of calories you take in and the amount you have burned off. Weight loss is observed only when the amount of calories taken in is less than the number of calories you burn off. This can be managed in one of two ways.

Cutting calories just by itself is generally not considered a safe and sustainable method of losing weight, but when cutting back calories is paired with other lifestyle and dietary changes, it might indeed be the answer when the question is how to lose weight. If you keep track of the number of calories you intake, you can subsequently be conscious about what you choose to eat and push yourself towards making healthy decisions when it comes to your food.

A study noted that the weight loss programs which incorporate counting your calories as a part of their program lead to losing 7.3 pounds extra than those who did not. You can utilize a food journal or a diary to record your calorie intake and take your first steps toward losing the weight you wish to lose.

2. Drink Your Water

lose 20 pounds by drinking more water

The parental advice that we always listen to but never apply, i.e. drinking more water, is the next on the list of how to lose 20 pounds. A simple way that helps you in boosting your weight loss without even having to put too much effort is drinking water.

A study even says that a diet low in calories and with increased water intake right before your meals can result in 44% more weight loss than programs that did not change over 12 weeks. Water facilitates weight loss because it bumps up the metabolism, which temporarily increases the number of calories your body burns right after eating. Studies prove that 14 adults who drank 16.9 water ounces had their metabolism boosted after 30-40 minutes by 30%. 

3. Increase in Protein Intake

increase in protein intake

The critical thing you should know if you want to know how to lose 20 pounds is that you have to make sure that protein-rich food items are included in your diet. A decreased belly fat has been linked to protein-rich diets. Many studies have also linked preserved metabolism and muscle mass to a high-protein diet. 

Since your appetite is reduced if you consume high-protein food, it also helps reduce the number of calories taken in, as proved by a study of 19 adults whose increased protein diet led to their feeling of fullness being significantly increased, thereby reducing their calorie intake. Another study showed that ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger, is decreased by great degrees when a protein-rich breakfast is consumed instead of a breakfast rich in carbs.

Few healthy sources you should know about when it comes to how to lose 20 pounds are seafood, legumes, nuts, meat, poultry, eggs, and seeds since they are rich in protein and can easily be made a part of your diet.

4. Cut Back on your Carbs

cutting carbs in your diet

The next step on the list of how to lose 20 pounds is cutting back on your refined carb consumption. It is a promising strategy to cut back on your intake of refined carbs to accelerate your weight loss. Refined carbs, during their processing, have been stripped off of their fibre content and their nutrient, which leaves a final product that is poor in nutrients.

Additionally, Refined carbs are shown to have a high glycemic index. A high glycemic index means that these carbs are digested quickly and absorbed even quicker. This quick digestion can lead to a rise and crash in the blood sugar level, which a pang of increased hunger will follow. Consuming a high number of refined carbs is linked to increased body fat and, therefore, an increase in weight.

Several studies prove the factual information mentioned above. One of these studies shows that out of 2834 subjects, those who had an increased intake of Refined carbs also showed belly fat, whereas those who had a larger intake of whole grains showed less belly fat. Another similar study shows that a diet that is rich in entire grains reduced both the calorie intake and the bodyweight when compared to a diet that was focused on refined grains.

To get started on this step of the how to lose 20 pounds list, you can exchange your refined grains in food items like white bread, cereal, pre-packaged products, and pasta for healthy whole-grain alternatives. Examples of such options are quinoa, barley, couscous, and brown rice.

5. Weight Lifting

weight lifting to lose 20 pounds

This step on how to lose 20 pounds involves resistance training. Resistance training is a form of exercise that can increase muscle endurance and strength by working against a force. Including this form of exercise in your daily regime can multiply the fat burning and metabolism, consequently burning more calories even when resting.

Studies have proved this fact. For example, a study shows that resistance training for ten weeks can stabilize blood sugar in people with diabetes and bump up metabolism by 7%, leading to 4 pounds or 1.8 kg of fat loss in adults. Another study showed that 94 women in resistance training preserved metabolism and fat-free mass after their weight loss, allowing their bodies to burn their calories throughout the day. 

Body Weight exercises can be performed if you want to know how to lose 20 pounds. Some of these exercises are lunges, planks, and squats.

6. Consume More Fiber

consume more fibres

The last tip when it comes to how to lose 20 pounds is to consume more Fiber. Since Fiber proceeds slowly and undigested through your gastrointestinal tract, the feeling of being full in your stomach lasts longer as the emptying of your stomach is slowed down. Fibre also boosts satiety which means it will help in boosting weight loss.

A study shows that healthy men who consumed 33 grams of insoluble Fiber had less appetite and decreased food intake. This insoluble Fiber can more commonly be found in vegetables, wheat, fruits, whole grains, seeds, and nuts are excellent examples and sources of Fiber.


These are some of the ways when it comes to how to lose 20 pounds. Anybody who wishes to lose weight has to be patient and extremely hard working. They have to stick to their routines, diets, and exercise regimes to succeed.