Lower chest workout for a chiseled upper body


When it comes to developing a full and properly trained body, you must pay enough attention to each and every part of your body. One such hard area to train for you is the upper chest area due to the lack of exercises available and also the limited motion that the upper chest area needs. If you are working hard enough on the aesthetics of your upper body, then neglecting the lower chest workout in isolation is a big blunder. Your hard work of getting an aesthetic upper chest will all go in vain.

When talking about working on your chest muscles, there are basically 3 separate portions you can focus on: the upper chest, mid chest and the lower one. The chest muscles start from below the collar bone. The sternal head of the largest muscle which includes most of your chest is known as pectoral muscles or pecs. Whatever regular exercise you perform, they all help you in working on your overall chest muscle. However, working on your lower chest is difficult and very crucial.

To overcome the concern of getting a chiseled lower chest, we have come up with some extremely effective exercises with different variations that would just help you in targeting your lower chest and also will help you in getting the perfect shape.


Decline dumbbell bench

When it comes to training your lower chest workout then this is the most popular and effective exercise to start with. The bench press exercise, in general, is the best exercise that targets your pectoral muscles, so the addition of the decline bench press is the best lower chest workout way to hit the lower chest muscle specifically.

The only thing you need to pull is a set of appropriately sized dumbbells and set the bench to a decline position at an angle of about 15 degrees below horizontal. However, the lower the bench is the lower chest workout activation you will get as far as your form is correct

Incline pushups

Incline pushups are one of the best lower chest workout in the list due to the movement range and the lack of gym equipment needed. This is the best bodyweight exercise for the lower chest workout at home. Because of the angle you put yourself at, you push downwards as well as upwards where you bring your lower chest instead of your whole chest as while you do normal standard pushups.

To perform this exercise, you need to elevate both your hands as your feet remain on the floor, such as when you rest your hands on a weight bench. Once you have properly set up the position, you merely need to perform the standard push up movement as you extend your arms and push yourself away from your hands and back down again.

Chest dips

Chest dips are the lower chest workout to perform than the other exercises on the list. You need to use dip or parallel bars, but instead of hitting the triceps as it is more common, you are just changing it up.

To perform this exercise, you need to target the lower chest, rather than keeping yourself upright and using your triceps to raise and lower yourself. For this, you need an angle to your motion. You should lean forward as you start to lower yourself, as when you push yourself upwards, you are pushing from your chest instead. Balance and stability are the 2 important factors for this exercise. You will find it to be easier with practice.

Cable crossover

The cable crossover is an extremely popular lower chest workout to the impressive results it provides. It is definitely worth doing exercise and also it is a tried and tested exercise to be successful. Including cables in your exercises always adds some nice variation to your workouts.

The cable crossover needs to be set higher than your shoulders to start. Once you are comfortable, Youneed to keep one foot forward to keep you firmly in place to isolate your chest. After the position is acquired, you should pull the cables forward and down till your arms crossover. The downward motion is the main thing we are really looking for.

Decline cable chest press

Although we have already included a chest press variation in the list, the decline cable chest press cannot be missed at all. It is one of the most important and effective exercises you can do for your lower chests workout, and it also helps to keeps things distinct and fresh.

It is way more you would expect from the name, with you needing to take the cables high to bring them down as you push them. The moment you are comfortable and have a firm grip on the cables, then drive your arms out straight but away from your chest. Because of the angle of your posture, you will get good activation of your muscles mainly from your lower chest workout which is specifically what you need.

All the above exercises should be performed for about 10 to 15 repetitions for about 3 sets each, depending on your strength and performance.

The above exercises will target the lower chest workout when you perform them in the correct form. To add these workouts to a full-body strength training routine to attain a well-balanced physique is the best option.

Individuals trying to perform these workouts should keep in mind to focus on executing each motion with correct form and technique. People can avoid injuries by not hastening through sets and by avoiding too heavyweights. It is imperative to train the same muscle multiple days in a row because muscle needs some time to recover post a hard workout.


● Improved posture – As the chest is the largest muscle in your upper body, they play a big role in maintaining a good posture. With an addition to your shoulder and back muscles, your pectoral muscle helps you in stabilizing your shoulder joint.

● Better Breathing – With addition to improving your posture, lengthening and strengthening your chest  muscles helps to support deeper breathing. This is mainly because the pecs are joined to your ribs, which expands with every breath of yours.

● Everyday perks – You may not have realized it, but it is a fact that you use your pectoral muscles a lot during daily activities. Anything that includes holding, lifting, squeezing or pushing targets mainly on your pecs. So, it does not hurt to have some extra strength in that muscle group.

● Breast/ chest support –People used to believe that performing lower chest workout will make their chests smaller, however doing pectoral exercise is actually the opposite of that. By building muscle around the chest tissue, this will help in providing more lift and support.

● Appearance –Men who hit the swimming pool on a hot day know the true value of strong pecs. They appear to be muscular and confident and may even get a lot of attention from the opposite sex around him.

Frequently asked questions

Can you build bigger chests by only doing push-ups?

Lower chest workout pushups mainly target the pectoralis muscles that include the lower chest muscle as well as the upper chest muscle. The answer to this question is yes, you can build a big chest with only doing pushups. However, this might eventually cause a large imbalance between upward and downward pressing strength and may cause and injury. You always have to be careful while doing this.

How frequently do I need to workout on the chest muscle?

Working out on your chest muscle is totally dependent on your own self. You can train chest muscles once or twice a week. You should not train your chest more than twice a week unless you tend to do a full-body workout thrice in a week. If you are doing a full-body workout, then no need to perform all 3 chest workouts. you should always choose one or two to round out your exercise.

Does performing chest exercise help lift breasts?

There is no scientific proof to suggest that whether performing a lower chest workout can reduce the size of breasts or no. However, it is a fact that a workout can help in losing weight and it can also reduce excessive fat tissue around that area. Also, the amount of fat burn depends on each woman’s genetics and metabolism.


The above article will surely do wonders for you in getting an aesthetic body you always wanted for. Also working on the upper body is a very important factor as it appears to be of great significance. The bigger the upper body the more muscular and wider the person appears to be. So if you planning to gain a big chest then you must strictly follow the above effective exercises religiously.