Lying Leg Curl-Benefits & Instructions to perform

lying leg curl

Are you worried about the group of muscles at the back of your leg? The hamstrings and the calf muscles together form the back of your leg. Swollen calf muscles look pathetic. However, working out on these muscles becomes very important when planning to reduce all over body weight. The leg exercise is an intensive exercise that focuses on the lower body and strengthens the core muscles. Let us quickly go through this article guide to know more about lying leg curl and lying leg curl alternatives

Instructions To Perform Lying Leg Curl

instructions to perform lying leg curl

Lying leg curl is a form of intensive workout which targets the calf muscle and hamstring. It is the best-known exercise for strengthening the core muscles of your lower body. To perform this, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Lie down on your stomach over the leg curl machine, stretching out the legs fully.
  2. You should keep the roller pads in rest motion just above the heels.
  3. Grab the support handgrips on either side of the machine.
  4. Try pulling your ankles close to your hips.
  5. While flexing the knees, exhale and keep your hips firm on the bench. 
  6. While returning to the original position, inhale.

Benefits Of Lying Leg Curls

benefits of lying leg curl

Hamstrings and calf muscles are in direct target when performing this exercise. You can even do lying leg curls at home. Performing this intensive workout helps in stretching quadriceps muscles and strengthens the core back muscles of your leg. Some significant benefits of performing this exercise are as follows:

  • While performing leg curl, when you lower your feet, your thighs, hips, and the front part of the shins activate. 
  • This exercise helps build a flexible and robust hamstring, beneficial for the overall body and stamina. 
  • Lying leg curls engage the entire back muscles and strengthen them. Strong back muscles of your leg help you in doing daily errands effortlessly. It includes walking, climbing stairs, household chores, and jumping.
  • Flexible hamstrings that you achieve from this exercise help you avoid age-prone problems like knee pain and joint or back pain. 

Rookie Mistakes Seen While Performing Lying Leg Curl

While performing a this exercise, avoid the below-mentioned mistakes for safe and effective exercise. 

  1. It would be best not to put your leg pad too high. It can create immense pressure on your Achilles Tendon.
  2. To properly execute this exercise at home, consider starting with lighter weights. 
  3. Over flexing the lower body can cause injury to your calf muscles and hamstrings. 
  4. To increase the performance and power of this exercise, gradually keep on increasing the weight with time. 

Safety And Precautions

safety & precautions for lying leg curl

Lying leg curls is a joint exercise among bodybuilders who want to increase muscle weight. However, some athletes do not prefer performing this exercise as it tightens the hamstrings. Some safety precautions which you should consider before execution of hamstring curls and lying leg curl alternatives are as follows:

  • Avoid this exercise if you have just recovered from any back body surgery. 
  • Avert lying leg curls if you have any torn or ruptured ligaments. 
  • Do not start with overloaded weights. 
  • If you have any instability or knee injury, consult your doctor without beginning this exercise. 

The Bottom Line

This is a famous leg workout, especially for hamstrings and calf muscles. It is a lower body training that helps build the strength and size of the hamstrings. However, as every training movement has pros and cons, similarly it has advantages and disadvantages. While performing a this exercise at home, seek immediate attention if you experience any pain.