Mass Gainer – Is It Effective For You? 

Typically we see people going to the gym or trying to build muscles, searching for additional sources of proteins and vitamins. A mass gainer is an effective supplement with a blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that focuses explicitly on increasing body mass. During intense and lean muscle mass training, whey protein and mass gainers are the best sources of micronutrients and calories. 

A mass gainer is primarily healthy and safe for ordinary people. But, it also has potential side effects that might affect the body’s internal system. Daily consumption of 50 to 150 gms of weight gainer is advisable in milkshakes or mixed with water. If you are also an underweight person looking for ways to gain weight, try consuming a mass gainer. 

Nutritional Content Of Mass Gainer

The standard formulation and functions of the weight gainer are a bit different from standard protein powders. Some significant distinctions make them different in resemblance to protein powders. The weight gainer products contain extra calories, carbohydrates, and protein than standard protein powders. These extra micronutrients are vital for increasing body weight. Let us look at the content formulation of common nutrients in a mass gainer.

  1. Caloric Content
Caloric Content

High caloric content is the most distinctive feature of all mass gainers compared to protein powders. Almost all weight gainers have three times more calories than standard milk powders. Since the gainers contain high caloric content, excessive consumption can make it difficult to control. Hence, maintaining a line between body weight gain and body weight loss is tight. 

  1. Carbohydrate Content
Carbohydrate Content

Mass gainers are predominant for added carbohydrates. Unlike standard protein powders, mass gainers have extra caloric content apart from proteins. These powders have abundant corn syrup, maltodextrin, and other sugary content, making them easily susceptible without making the powder extra thick or heterogeneous. 

  1. Other Additives
Other Additives

Fat content is a unique formative content present in a mass gainer. Unlike carbohydrates which are present in dense quantities, fat content is noticeably higher in weight gainers than in common protein powders. The standard protein powders come in the form of dairy additives, which are ineffective in increasing body weight. Besides this, high amounts of sodium and cholesterol are also a standard part of any dietary product with a high caloric count. 

Advantages Of Consuming Mass Gainer

One time serving of weight gainer has the potential to provide 350 calories to 1250 calories. The amount of proteins ranges from 15 grams to 65 grams. In addition, it acts as a wealthy source of proteins and carbohydrates. Hence, if you are skinny or looking for a significant way to build muscle mass, try combining weight gainers with everyday food intake. Some predominant benefits of consuming mass gainer are mentioned below:

  1. High-Quality Whey Protein

Whey protein is a fantastic supplement that supports bodybuilding. Weight gainers are a good source of whey protein combined with dietary fat. Moreover, consuming dietary fat is the best way to get a lean physique. 

  1. Facilitates In Muscle Growth And Recovery

Mass gainers are incredibly rich in micronutrients aiding muscle growth and recovery. When you are into a regular bodybuilding routine or desire a lean physique, consumption of the weight gainers is the most helpful way. Besides this, a regular workout and balanced diet facilitate body building regime.

  1. Good Source Of Vitamin Minerals And Fibres

Weight gainers come in a good combination of rich fiber, vitamins, and minerals, essential for nourishment and staying fit and healthy. The amount of fiber present in a mass gainer prevents bloating and improves digestion. If you are searching for a way to improve your overall health and fitness, start consuming weight gainers today!

Potential Side-Effects Of Mass Gainer

Like every protein powder has advantages and disadvantages, mass gainers have potential side effects. These side-effects might affect your body externally or internally. Some of these are as follows:

  • People who suffer from food intolerances might have an effect of weight gainer in their body in the form of digestive issues. Such people are likely to experience cramps, bloating, flatulence, and an upset stomach during the first week of weight gainer consumption.
  • If you are allergic to farm products or lactose intolerant, you might become allergic to mass gainers. Hence, it is advisable to consult a general physician before starting the dose.
  • As FDA does not regulate weight gainer products, it isn’t easy to specify whether a particular weight gainer has the mentioned ingredients stated on the label. Such uncertainty makes it difficult for consumers to rely on such products. 
  • Mass gainer has extra calories, carbohydrates, and fats which has the potential to gain weight. However, you might experience extreme weight gain if you do not exercise regularly. 

Precautions To Maintain While Consuming Mass Gainer

Building mass and body weight is good, but unnecessary fat gain is not. If you follow a good workout routine, only then a mass gainer would be influential. Without consistent workouts, the consumption of weight gainers is a waste of time and money. You shall only land up increasing weight and fat. In addition, this unburned fat can make you overweight in no time. 

Mass gainer has a half-cut role in the weight gaining procedure. A healthy balanced diet and good exercise routine are also effective for constant weight gain. While consumption of weight gainer. If you witness any kind of allergy or persistent side effects, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately. However, a steady increase in weight is a healthy output of mass gainer consumption.

The Bottom Line

Gaining muscle mass has a significant role in boosting confidence and self-motivation. Since our looks play a significant role in enhancing our personality, taking good care of our physique is essential. If you are a skinny person unable to achieve a mass gain goal, consuming a mass gainer can be an effective way to increase muscle mass. 

The amount of carbs and calories present in this supplement is enough to boost the hormones responsible for weight gains. Various mass gainers are available in the market with different caloric content. Consuming a mass gainer with less sugar and high complex carbohydrates is advisable.