Maximum Bench press simply means the maximum amount of weight you can bench press for a single repetition with the proper technique. The bench press is a great exercise to do as it strengthens your arm, wrist, and core. It is also good for the chest as you are putting pressure on the chest while doing it. The data is used to define a single maximum force you can put in one go. It is good that you go to the gym daily and do bench presses for training. But it is frustrating when you are not able to increase the amount of weight.

Max bench press calculator helps in getting an exact idea of the weight that one is lifting because guessing the weight is not accurate and there are many anomalies. The safer way is to use the RM calculator and to complement it you can also use the max heart rate calculator which can give you an exact idea of where you are going.

How to calculate Max bench press?

The calculator set-asides all the predictions and gives a clear-cut idea about how to go up with the lift. This method is used in weightlifting competitions because you cannot guess it there as a lot of people have put their energy into this and you need to be fair with the. Max bench press calculator along with max heart rate calculator gives a clear picture of your cardiovascular and muscular health.

  • Choose the weight which is reasonably challenging for you
  • Prepare your body for lifting by doing warm-ups so that you can avoid the risk of injuries
  • Lift the weight as many times as you can and drop it down when you feel like you cannot lift it anymore
  • Type the weight which you have lifted and the repetitions which you have performed
  • The calculator will give you the stats and read your one-rep max from the calculator

As you can see that it is much easier to use the calculator than trying the simple weight to calculate the max bench press. It is not 100 per cent accurate but it is nearly there so you can trust the calculator and plan your strength training.

If you have lifted some weight today then try to increase the weight the other day this way you get to know about how accurate the calculator is and also it will be beneficial for strength training.

What is the formula for the max bench press calculator?

The basic formula for calculating Max Bench press is known as the Epley formula and it underestimates and overestimates your 1 RM because it is not accurate. It is very hard to get the exact value of an athlete’s attributes so you can only predict to the nearest degree. It just provides a base for the athlete to start and further work hard.

To calculate the 1 Rep Max you need to divide the number of repetitions performed by 30, add 1 and then multiply it by the weight which the athlete is lifting.

What are the different types of bench presses?

The first thing to keep in mind before performing bench press is your safety. So, keep the safety pins at the appropriate height so that when you are lifting, they will catch the weight if you fail to lift it.

The proper way of bench press is-

  • The first thing is to set up and you need to do a proper setup which means you need to lie down on a flat bench with your eyes facing the bar. Put your feet grounded on the floor and let them relax.
  • Put your hands on the bar and hold the bar tightly and ensure that you are not sweating as sweat will grease the bar and it would be slippery. You need to hold the bar in the palm and your wrists must be straight.
  • The third point is to unrack which means straighten your arms and move the bar over your shoulder with elbows locked. Lowe the bar and make an angle of 75 degrees from your torso
  • Press the bar from mid-chest to above and when you are doing it do not rise.

Incline Bench press

Incline Bench press

It is the bench press that is helpful in sports like powerlifting, swimming, and weightlifting. In this pectoral muscles are involved which work on the upper part of the body thus making shoulders and muscles strong. However, it works only on the pectoral muscles thus other parts of the body do not get involved in it. It causes a lot of pain in the muscles in the initial days.

How to do this-

Set the bench at 15-30 degree

Keep your feet grounded and hip aligned to the bench.

Put the barbell to the chest and lift the weight above the shoulder then bring it down.

Rest and repeat until you are tired

Decline bench press

Decline bench press

It is for building up the torso and upper core strength of the body. It focuses more on the chest than flat bench presses or incline presses. You need to take care of the safety and not use a false grip which means thumbs should not be wrapped around the bar with fingers.

How to do it-

Lie flat on a bench with feet grounded

Do not let your back move upwards and stay stiff.

Ask the trainer to lift the weight then you can take the weight from him and let it down to your chest.

Elbows will be unlocked slowly and ensure that wrists are straight

Push the bar back to the straight line

Breathe and repeat

So, these are the two common bench presses that one can perform and strengthen their muscles. Max bench press calculator is a good option rather than trying a similar weight. This calculator gives you an idea about the weight you are lifting and also tells you how much weight you need to increase next time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does one need to bench press?

This depends upon when you started it if you are a beginner then you need to lift at least half of your body weight and if a regular then whole body weight.

  1. Does the Bench press work?

Yeah, it works if you are doing it regularly and in the right way with proper technique. Bench press tones the glutes, muscles, and upper body.

  1. How accurate is the Max bench press calculator?

It is not 100 per cent accurate but it is better than using the same weight for calculation. It is 90 per cent accurate so yes it is good.