Meg Squats : Fitness Journey & Achievements

meg squats

Meg Gallagher, more popularly known as ‘Meg Squats’, is a powerlifter and a social media star. In her college days, she was like any one of us. She loved partying, drinking alcohol, and binging on delicious yet unhealthy food. So what changed? How did she go from being an ordinary college student to a social media sensation?

That is exactly what we will be discussing in this article! We will tell you the story of how Meg Gallagher became Meg Squats. We will be digging deep into those instances which made her realize her potential and hence, become the ideal and inspiration of thousands of girls.

But first, let us look into some of the facts about Meg Squats listed below:

● Full Name: Meg Gallagher
● Year of Birth: August 13, 1989
● Place of birth: California, United States
● Weight: 61.2- 65.8 kg
● Height: 160 cms

Initial years:

As a child, Meg Squats was an athletic kid. She participated in a large number of sports competitions, especially in basketball and cross country.

College days:

However, her lifestyle and love for physical activities took a hit as she started partying (which inevitably means eating junk food and drinking alcohol). This continued all through her student life, with Meg taking absolutely no interest in fitness. And, as a result, her physical strength deteriorated.

The first step towards her fitness journey:

After graduating from college, Meg realized that her body was out of shape, stuffed with junk and unhealthy food for so long.
Her love for fitness started when she signed up for a half-marathon run with her mother. She started training for the marathon, and her childhood love for fitness and sports came back to her.


She took her next step towards fitness when she took the new year’s resolution of trying CrossFit. When she enrolled for Crossfit, she was exhilarated to find so much change in her body. And even the instructor and her friends saw her true capabilities.


Another avenue of potential success opened for her when she entered into her first powerlifting competition, encouraged by her friends. She joined the Open New York State Show (2016) at the age of 27. He performed brilliantly, considering it was her very first powerlifting competition. She managed to record the 1975 raw deadlift.

This win gave her the required confidence and motivation that she needed to pursue a fitness career. As a result, she became a fitness coach while pursuing powerlifting competitions with the same zeal.

Social Media Sensation:

Moving forward with her goal of fitness coaching and inspiring every girl to take up a barbell, she made her social media profiles. On these profiles, she shared pictures and videos of her workout routines.

Considering her amazing workouts and body, it didn’t take her much time to make her name in the fitness community and, consequently, worldwide. Today, almost every fitness lover knows her name, and many girls and women strive to become like her. She is currently inspiring everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle through her social media accounts and youtube account.


She has competed in 63 kg USAPL and has achieved the following:

● Open New York State Raw Deadlift- 175 kg
● Open Washington DC Raw Squat- 125 kg
● Open Washington DC Raw Deadlift- 172.5 kg
● Open Washington DC Raw Total- 385 kg
● Open Washington DC Raw Push- 240 kg
● Top 10 at the USAPL Nationals 2015

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