A Military Diet Which Will Help You Lose Weight Is All You Need

military diet

Most of us dream of losing weight and, thus, attaining a perfect body figure. But are you ready to sacrifice your favorite junk foods or perform regular exercise? For the sake of losing weight, will you get rid of all your binge or stress eating? No, right? No matter how hard you try, it becomes difficult to let go of your most-loved food items, which are full of calories. As a result, now you fail the motivation to lose weight, but you also gain more weight and feel guilty. But let me ask you a question. Will you follow a diet that will be filled with your favorite items and will not have so many restrictions? Of course, you will! For your benefit and happiness, we have put forward an article on a 3-day diet, also known as a military diet, which will bring you one step closer to losing weight without thinking twice.

Military Diet: An Efficient 3-Day Diet For All The Right Reasons:

This low-calorie diet plan is sure to be your best friend and will help you lose a lot of weight without doing much. Also known as the 3-day diet plan, it works in stages. For the first stage, you are required to primarily keep your attention to the first three days of the week. During these three ‘on’ days, you are required to follow a strict low-calorie diet plan with a calorie intake of about 800-1100. then, after these three days comes the second stage. Here, you are allowed to switch back to your regular healthy dietary intake. These four days are known to be ‘off’ days where you do not have any restrictions other than that your calorie intake should be within 1,500.

A Sample Of The Three Day Military Diet Plan To Assist You:

If you plan on pursuing this military diet plan, make sure to keep your calorie intake low. This will ensure the losing of a great deal of weight in just a week. If followed correctly, you will get to see the benefits in no time.

We have provided you a sample of the 3-day diet plan to guide you and help you lose weight without many restrictions:

The First Day


1. One slice of toast

2. One egg/ half a cup of baked beans/ quarter cup of seeds or nuts/ one chicken wing/ one cup milk/ two slices of bacon.

3. Half a banana


1. Quinoa/ rice cakes/ couscous/ five saltine crackers

2. An avocado/ a hard-boiled egg

3. One cup ricotta cheese/ eggs/ cottage cheese/ cheddar cheese/ Greek yogurt/ ham/ one cup of unsweetened hemp, soy, or almond milk with 2 tbsp of hummus


1. Half a banana

2. One cup of beets/ bell pepper/ celery/ carrots/ parsnip/ squash

3. One cup asparagus/ cauliflower/ Brussels sprouts/ broccoli/ spinach

4. Two hot dogs without buns/ turkey dogs/ tofu dogs/ deli meat/ soy dogs (vegan substitutions include tofu/ beans/ lentils)

The Second Day


1. One small apple

2. Five saltine crackers

3. Cottage cheese/ ham/ cheddar cheese/eggs/ soy cheese/ cabbage/ soy milk/ tofu


1. One chicken wing/ one hard-boiled egg/ a cup of milk/ half an avocado/ two slices of bacon/ twenty almonds/ a quarter cup of seeds and nuts

2. One slice of toast


1. One cup vanilla ice cream

2. Half a banana

3. A cup of canned chickpeas/ one cup tuna

The Third And Final Day


1. Half a grapefruit

2. Two tablespoons of soy butter/ cashew butter/ peanut butter/ almond butter/ bean dip/ hummus/ pumpkin butter/ sunflower seeds/ sunflower seed butter

3. One cup of either tea or coffee with the use of stevia as a sweetener/ sugar-free hot chocolate/ sugar-free red bull/ green tea

4. Half a cup of whole-grain cereal/ one slice toast/ eighth cup of sunflower seeds/ a quarter cup of yogurt with half a tsp of flax seeds/ two rice cakes/ one tortilla


1. One cup of either tea or coffee with the use of stevia as a sweetener

2. One-piece toast

3. Half cup cottage cheese/ tuna/ an avocado/ choice of lean meat/ chicken/ tofu/ two tbsp of hummus


1. Half a banana/ two apricots/ one cup papaya/ grapes/ plums/ two kiwis/ apple sauce

2. One small apple/ plums/ pears/dried apricots/ zucchini/ grapes/ peaches

3. One cup vanilla ice cream/ apple juice/ banana flavored almond milk/ fruit flavored yogurt

4. Three ounces of meat/ tofu/ lentils/ beans/ Portobello mushrooms

5. One cup spinach/ green beans/ lettuce/ tomatoes/ green vegetables.

Amount Of Weight You Can Lose While Following A Military Diet Plan:

Through this three-day diet plan promises a loss of about 10 pounds; it is not realistically possible. This will only result in loss of water or other fluids from your body instead of fats. Aiming for a loss of 10 pounds will result in the following issues:

1. Dehydration

2. Constipation

3. Dizziness

4. Fatigue

5. Malnutrition

6. Irritability

7. Headaches

8. Hair Loss

If you wish for healthy weight loss, the Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention will advise you to aim for a loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week. To fulfill this, your ultimate goal should be to consume about 500 to 1000 calories lower than what your body needs regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What can I eat instead of tuna on the military diet?

You can eat any lean meat, chicken, cottage cheese, tofu, 1/2 avocado with 2 tbsp of hummus or almonds instead of tuna on a 3-day low-calorie diet plan.

2. What snacks can I eat on a military diet?

Since it is a low-calorie diet plan, you can eat apples, whole wheat bread, eggs, grapefruit, or carrots.

3. What can I eat instead of a hard-boiled egg on a military diet?

You can eat an avocado instead of a hard-boiled egg on a low-calorie diet plan.