Know The Miraculous Benefits of Cardio Exercises

Why Cardio?

Cardio workout must be your favorite whether you are a 20-year-old or a 40-year-old. It gives you the flexibility of enjoying while you workout. “If you don’t take time for exercise, you’ll be forced to make time for disease”, says John Cuddy, M.S. Save yourself from the disastrous diseases. Go for the exercises. Although all the exercises have their individual benefits, you must be wondering that what are the benefits of cardio exercises for you.

I have never seen my grandparents going to the gym, yet they are in good health. I questioned them about the secret that has kept them healthy for such a long period. They only say that it is because of the indirect physical exercises that they have been doing. Today because of the advancement in technology, we have so many facilities available which hardly let us do any sort of physical work on our own. (P.S -They are now facing difficulty in maintaining their health.) Earlier they did not have any gyms (P.S- Now they are thinking of joining one). They only used to do the cardio exercises and that too in an indirect manner. That is when I thought of sharing the benefits of cardio exercises with everyone.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises

• Lose More Calories In Less Time

lose more calories

Cardio exercise will help you in losing more calories within less time. The HIIT and other cardio exercises are very much beneficial for weight loss. Cardio exercises make all the organs function properly. You can always get multiple benefits of cardio exercises. If you would go for high-intensity workouts, you are bound to lose more calories in very less time. This is because all the cardio exercises make the whole body work targeting the useless carbs. It also tones the body and shapes it up while you work out.

• Enjoy Yourself As You Workout

enjoy yourself

Cardio exercises give you the flexibility to enjoy yourself as you workout. The reason for this is the variety of cardio exercises available. You only need to figure out the one which you enjoy the most. It can be running, walking, swimming or dancing. You can even mix one or two variants and reap their numerous benefits. There is no hard and fast rule related to the cardio exercises that you have to do these number of repetitions etc. Along with flexibility in deciding the exercise you can also choose the time limit for which you can do the exercise. However, you will have to increase the time duration as you build up your stamina.

• Keep You Safe From Diseases


This benefit is the best one among other benefits of cardio exercises. Weight loss etc is the secondary benefits. It is quite difficult for one to maintain his/her health in today’s era. With all these junk food options around you are bound to get carried away and eat those. Not only these many new diseases have come up nowadays. Cardio exercises form the protective layer by keeping all your organs healthy. It makes the organs work and also helps them in getting rid of the extra fat accumulated around them. What more can one ask for?

• Keeps Your Heart And Lungs Healthy


Your heart is well the most important muscle in your body. A healthy heart is the root of a peaceful mind. As the name suggests cardio exercises (cardiovascular exercises) focus on keeping the heart healthy. It makes your heart pump blood faster which affects the blood vessels and arteries. Along with the heart, it keeps your lungs also healthy. The organs work faster which is a kind of exercise for them too. Many doctors suggest cardio as the best method to reduce the risk of cholesterol, high or low blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks.

• Brings Changes In Your Lifestyle

changes into lifestyle

Apart from keeping you healthy and in good shape, cardio workouts also bring certain changes in your lifestyle. You start feeling more fresh and energized. The function of your brain improves. It also keeps you free from stress. Your sleep gets affected and you get a regular 6 hours of sleep which is important for a healthy body.

You will be able to enjoy all these benefits if you put in an effort to do the cardio exercises. You will have to be regular. Along with it, you will have to watch what you eat. Stay away from the junk food and opt for healthier options such as protein-rich food and dairy products. Know what your body requires and help yourself in staying healthy. Staying fit is a matter of choice. Choose wisely and stay healthy. Let me know if you have felt these myriad benefits of cardio exercise.