A Cup of coffee is a cup of joy and everyone loves coffee. There is hardly anyone on this earth who can hate this exciting beverage. Coffee is loved in most European countries and it comes in different flavours also. The day seems big when you are not getting a cup of coffee in your hand as it revives you. Tea and coffee are the most common beverages all over the world and the sales of these two never dip down.

Coffee is also good for the heart as it improves the heart rate and reduces the chance of heart attack. However, it contains caffeine which is not good for your sleep and if you are not getting g enough sleep then there is a probability that you might suffer from mental stress. Mental health is very important these days and you cannot put it at stake. Drinking coffee thrice a week is good but if you are addicted to it then you need to bring in some variety to it so that it becomes healthy and interesting for you.

Black coffee and green coffee are the types of coffee that are considered as healthy and loved by fitness enthusiasts. Black coffee does not contain milk and it has no sugar sometimes people add a little bit of sugar to it for taste. Green coffee is also a type of coffee that is for health and contains herbs. So, now with the emergence of new inventions, the new entry is mushroom coffee. 

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

 Mushroom Coffee, sounds weird right, no? but it is not that weird as it is not like there are a lot of mushrooms floating over the top of the coffee it’s the ground powder of mushrooms after drying it is mixed. Mushroom coffee is only slightly different from original coffee and it is bearable you can drink it. The taste does not make you sick and in fact, you might like it. Mushroom coffee is prepared with medicinal mushrooms that are grown on organic farms rather than using culinary mushrooms which are put in gravy.  People who have drunk mushroom coffee are quite positive about it and accepted that it is good in taste and you would not be able to differentiate much between regular and mushroom coffee.

Mushroom coffee is prepared using grounded coffee and ground mushrooms and there is some positive effect of it on your health too. So, more than the taste you can drink it for health reasons as there are some nutrients in it which can positively affect your health. Mushroom coffee is made using different types of mushrooms such as Chaga, cordyceps, lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey’s tails. These do not include normal mushrooms which are used in curry or mushrooms which are used for the curry.

How Mushroom Coffee is made?

Medicinal Mushrooms are used for this and you cannot use wild mushrooms for this as these are grown in different conditions thus there is not much information about nutritional content so it is better if you take medicinal mushrooms which are grown organically in good conditions and you can just purify them as they are free from fillers and additives so you cannot do much about it.

Mushrooms are collected and then all the good mushrooms are chosen. These mushrooms are washed and then soaked in the sun. These are dried till they lost all of their moisture. Then these mushrooms are taken for grinding. Mushrooms are ground into a fine powder which is then mixed with grounded coffee. The ratio for mixing the coffee with mushroom is 1:1 and there is nothing additional added to it.

This powder is then packed into sachets, cans, bottles, and packets. This is used in making Latte, Mocha, Black coffee, etc. This is prepared like a regular coffee and nothing much is done. If you are a bit creative you might experiment with it and add your flavour.

 Take a hot cup of water and add one teaspoon of mushroom coffee powder to it. You can add sugar and milk according to your need. Adding sugar and milk is not important it depends upon how you like it and also depending upon your need.

What are the potential benefits of Mushroom Coffee?

There are lots of potential benefits of Mushroom coffee. These types of ingredients are called adaptogens as they adapt to the situation and reduce stress. These are used in wellness therapies for therapies. The potential benefit of Mushroom coffee are verified in labs and tested on animals and a few humans as well.

There are not many studies available on the negative outcome of mixing coffee with mushrooms but there are positive benefits.

Immunity- It improves immunity as Turkey’s tail contains some fermented substances which help improve immunity.

Antiulcer- Chagi mushroom has some properties of improving the ulcer condition and helps in getting rid of painful sores.

Anti-allergic- Chaga mushroom is really helpful when you have certain food allergies. It can treat food allergies and improves your immunity.

Potential to treat cancer- These mushrooms have the potential to treat this deadly disease and it has useful elements.

Helpful in controlling cholesterol levels-  Reishi mushrooms reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and thus improve the heart condition.

However, there is not enough experiment on the potential effect of Mushrooms on humans thus the risks are not yet revealed plus there is no research on allergies that might occur. However, it is costly also as these are medicinal mushrooms that are not easily available on the market.

So, Mushroom coffee has many potential benefits and might give an edge to your health routine. If you are tired of traditional coffee then you can try this mushroom coffee which has comparatively less caffeine thus it is good for pregnant ladies and elderly people also. The risk is not yet discovered so it is safe and you can try this new beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it contain less caffeine than regular coffee?

Yes, Mushroom coffee contains less caffeine and it does not deprive you of your sleep it has nearly 50 per cent less caffeine which does not affect your health much but also reduces stress.

Should you switch to mushroom coffee?

It is completely your choice as you have to know the potential benefits and risks. Drinking coffee is good on some days but adding the whole mushroom to your diet is much more beneficial.

What does Mushroom coffee taste like?

It is like regular coffee and it is thick like that. The taste is very much similar and you are going to like it unless you are very selective.