Sleep is elusive nowadays because of a busy lifestyle and tight schedule. It was so easy to sleep when we were kids because we did not need to worry about anything as everything was handled by our parents. Sleeping is as natural as hunger or trust, still we are facing issues about sleep. Music is known for parties and drams and people often relate it to dance. When we are at parties, we could not stop ourselves from matching our steps to music.

Have you ever thought about how music is related to sleep? Interesting, right yes music can help in sleep. We have seen media stars are often clicked using headphones on flight and they have expressed their love for music. Music is played at the right pace and chosen to accord to mood, then it can heal a body.

How does music help about getting sleep?

Music has a healing capacity, and it relieves stress. When we were small kids, our parents used to sing poetry and lullabies which made us fall asleep. There is something in music that soothes our minds and relaxes us. There is research on this issue that proved that people with high levels of stress and trauma when exposed to light music it brought down their level of stress. Sleep hygiene is really important. There are occasions when we listen to music like parties, get-together events, weddings, etc. but we never estimated this hidden power of music which is beneficial for us in many ways.

Music calms our nervous system, which leads to slow breathing. When we breathe slowly, our body becomes idle and our heartbeat comes down. This stimulates sleeping hormones. For example:- when we become tired we tend to fall asleep because we do not have enough energy and our heart beats slowly. Sleep is really important because it recharges our bodies and increases our focus. The appropriate sleeping hours for an adult are 6-8 hours. The slight disturbance of sleeping leads to ill health. People who are not able to sleep properly face many problems and health issues. Increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression are signs of irregular sleep cycles.

How to use music to sleep better?

 The art of listening to soothing music help in dozing off as it releases stress-relieving hormones. Music therapists are getting popular nowadays in some hospitals. Aso, they are hired to relieve the stress of the patients who are not getting sleep. When there are patients with grave injuries, usually in big and efficient hospitals, music therapists are hired. In America, this culture started very early, some 50 years back. This we can also see when someone has to ask for money, they do not beg they roam around and sing. Part of the reason listening to music can help you sleep is that it can lower the stress hormone cortisol, release pleasure and satisfaction neurotransmitters such as dopamine, and nudge your nervous system from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest mode,” according to Dr Michael Jaffe, director of the Neurology Sleep Clinic at the University of Florida.

When you listen to music, it distracts you from all other noises and gives you the peace that you are seeking. There are a lot of noises in the house like washing machines, drag and push sounds, traffic, and other noises so when you hear music it releases cortisol hormone that relieves stress and gives you better space. Space is very much needed in life. Introverted people tend to listen to music as they find music as their partner. 

However, listening to music may not suit everyone because some people are sensitive or they are getting regular sleep. If someone is having a regular sleep cycle, then that person need not listen to music. It might disrupt his regular sleep cycle. Music has a positive impact on kids who are not sleeping and is quite irritating. It helps them in easing and fall asleep.

What kind of music is best for sleep?

Music not directly helps us to sleep. There are a series of steps that are involved which made us fall asleep. We listen to music and this signals our brain and dopamine hormone is released. It is released when we are experiencing pleasure.

The kind of music that can help us in sleeping may vary because there are distinct kinds of music liked by people. In a general opinion, classical and slow music helps in lowering stress and is beneficial for sleep. It is so obvious to wonder about the music is beneficial for sleep thus many research studies were conducted and it was concluded that what is significant in music therapy is one’s preference for what kind of music is liked by a particular person. The music between the ranges of 60-100 bpm is generally beneficial.

You can make music a part of our sleep by following small steps like choosing a correct playlist according to your preference if you choose to accord to another person it would not help, one of the most important things is this the timing for sleep need to be constant you cannot sleep at different hours on different days, Be careful with the quality of headphones because if your headphone is not having good bass then it is of no use, and do not listen to the music which arises strong reaction as it might disturb you.

So, it can be concluded that music can cure sleeping disorders and reduces stress. Music has the healing power and if we choose our playlist according to our preferences and follow the therapy diligently, it will be highly effective in bridging the sleeping gap. Sleep is so precious and important as well because it revives our body and helps us to give our best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it good to play music before sleep?

Yes, it is highly beneficial because it calms down our nervous system and gives us comfort. This is important that we decide what kind of music we like so that it can help us in a better way. The best quality of music generally has 60 beats per minute, and this made us sleep faster.

What is the best sound for sleep?

IT depends from person to person because in terms of the music you can somehow say that listening to calm and classical can put you to sleep but in terms of sound it is hard to decide which sound is the best.

Can Music help with anxiety?

Yes, there are studies on this subject that reduce the level of stress and calm down our nervous system. Anxiety has many reasons, like depression, tension because of any reason, and ill-health. Anxiety leads to sleeping disorders, which further aggravates it so if we listen to soothing retro music it helps. Music, when played in the right place then it releases dopamine, which makes us feel better which in turn calms our mind.