Natural Bodybuilding- Guide To Help You.

natural bodybuilding

Today, many bodybuilders have adopted natural bodybuilding. It helps improve their strength and level up their quality of life. With time, even bodybuilding shows have become common. However, when trying to build a body, one needs to focus on hard work and patience. They must also give it time to show results.

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The Art Of This Bodybuilding

The art of bodybuilding

This workout implies that you’re building your body without using any substance. Hormones, Anabolic steroids and Testosterone are some substances. Drugs like CBD and Cannabinoids are also a part of it. In some leagues, certain medications are also banned. Contestants have to undergo a Polygraph test in a few leagues.

Enhanced Bodybuilding vs Natural Bodybuilding

enhanced bodybuilding vs Natural bodybuilding

Enhanced bodybuilding and natural bodybuilding are two different things. However, the idea is similar. Both techniques foster a strong and symmetrical physique. With steroids, you can make this goal more achievable. However, it is possible to do this without them as well. You must also note that a top-tier figure is not dependent on steroids.

Additional Things To Know

You can enter competitions in this bodybuilding. This is similar to professional bodybuilding. However, since it is not as popular as bodybuilding, it has more minor sponsors. Fewer sponsors mean the prizes for these bodybuilding championships are also minor. Also, certain leagues don’t even hand out cash prizes. Instead, they give out medals and trophies.

3 Top Natural Bodybuilding Federations 

It is still a great way to challenge yourself despite the less recognition. You can see how much you can build your body without external help. There are many natural bodybuilding federations for competition-

  • World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)
  • International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (INBF)
  • American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ANBF)

The Top Guidelines to Calories 

It is similar in both enhanced and natural bodybuilding. The primary difference between the two is that they need extra time to lose body fat. Specific drugs also speed up losing fat while preserving your muscle. So, it takes some spare time when you’re choosing to undergo the process without these drugs. Initially, you need to figure out the number of calories to maintain weight. Being responsible for weight loss and gain when preparing to build your body is also prudent. You can consult a dietician, nutritionist, or coach to help you determine this number.

Importance of The Number of Calories

This number is essential because it allows you to fix your calorie surplus and deficit. Usually, this is between 200-400 calories above or below your maintenance phase. Your metabolism will keep changing when you’re prepping for the competitions. So, this indicates that the number of calories will change too. It is prudent to lose weight every week. The ideal weight is 1.1 pounds or half a kilogram. By far, it is the best way to lose fat and keep muscle and strength. Adjust your calories every week if you’re losing weight too fast or too slow.

Macronutrient Requirements 

Figure out the number of calories you need. Then, split them into three categories. These three categories are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Ensure that you have a high protein, low fat, and high carbohydrate diet. Such a diet will help improve energy and muscle mass maintenance. It will also keep the total calories you consume to the least. With a shift in your calories, these needs will also change. This type of body building requires you to be aware of everything you’re putting in your body.

Protein Intake

protein intake for natural body building

Protein is the most crucial macronutrient for this type of bodybuilding. It would help if you had it to promote muscle. This is because the calories are deficient in the diet. Some of it is from lean muscle mass when you lose bodyweight. However, the rest is fat. Research shows that you can reduce lean muscle mass loss. This is possible by eating more than 2.2g of protein per kg of your weight. So, consider a high-protein diet as it is vital when you cut calories.

Carbohydrate Intake

carbohydrate intake for natural bodybuilding

Carbohydrate is your body’s choice of energy source. But, it has become controversial. People take carbs consumption as simple carbs like pastry and candy. Carbs consumption should instead mean complex carbs. This includes vegetables and whole grains. The calorie reduction will stem from your carbs and fats since you need your protein to be high. But, keep your card intake high when starting this type of bodybuilding.

Fat Intake

People avoid dietary fat because it has a high-calorie value. Nearly 1 gm of it has nine calories compared to 4 in carbs and fats. But, it is still essential in this type of bodybuilding. It helps in hormonal function. So, try to consume fat through other food items such as meats and grains. Eating food items that have only fat is not helpful. You can hit your fat goal fast with eggs, lentils, and meats.

Top Micronutrients 

Vitamins and Minerals fall under Micronutrients. They support body functions like a decrease in muscle fatigue and hand-eye coordination. When bodybuilders start cutting foods from their diet, they might be micronutrient-deficient. Some of these micronutrients are Vitamin D and Iron. They can improve your gym performance. You can also fill any nutritional holes in your diet with multivitamins. But, you should figure out which multivitamins suit your needs during this workout. 

Some Other Micronutrients To Learn About

Iron, Vitamin D and Zinc are the top micronutrients to focus on. A lack of iron can cause Anaemia, which can cause many results. You may face performance issues to heart issues. So, we recommend 8.7 mg of iron per for male athletes and 14.8 mg for female athletes. Vitamin D and Zinc are also necessary for the production of Testosterone. So, take enough of these to avoid the problem of weight lifting or doing other activities successfully.

Key Takeaways

Keep track of the supplements you take during this bodybuilding. Different leagues have different banned substances. In case of any inconvenience, speak to your health expert today.