The Ultimate Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown

neutral grip lat pulldown

Looking to build those biceps, lats, and shoulders? Well, here is an exercise that laser focuses on those muscles. The Neutral Grip Lat pulldown is an exercise that engages all of these muscles. This exercise is a variation of various Lat pulldowns done on the Lat pulldown machine. This cable machine targets the Lat muscles located behind the ribs.

Different types of Lat pulldowns can be performed depending on the grip of the hands. A Wide-grip pulldown has less range of motion at the shoulder joints, but the arms are pulled down by the back muscles keeping the limbs directly outside of the body. Next is the close-grip pulldown in which there is a gap that is shoulder wide between the arms. This gives a greater range of motion at the elbow and the shoulder, which gives more time under tension and allows muscle growth. Finally, the Neutral Grip Lat pulldown employs a reverse grip, palms facing each other, with the hand’s shoulder wide apart.

Steps to Perform A Neutral group Lat Pulldown

You must have a perfect form while trying a Neutral Grip Lat pulldown. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Firstly, you have to attach a Lat bar to the Lat pulldown machine.
  • Then with your palms facing each other, grab the handles on the end of the lat bar.
  • Position yourself on the bench and place your things under the pad so that the weight does not pull your body up.
  • Let your arms be extended upwards until you feel a mild stretch in your lat muscles. This is your starting pose.
  • Engage and squeeze your lats to help you lower the weight to your upper chest. Make sure your head is facing straight and not up or down when you retract the weight.
  • Once you have pulled the bar, push your shoulder blades together, the lat bar against your chest, and your elbows backwards.
  • Slowly reverse this motion and bring yourself back to the starting pose. This counts as one rep.

You should aim for 8-15 reps in a set. Make sure that you let your lats do the pulling and not your body weight as you lean backwards. You should feel them engaged in your back if you’re doing the exercise in the correct form. 

Muscles Pulled In The Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown

Even though the primary muscle that gets worked by this workout is the Lat muscles, other muscles are engaged when this exercise is being performed.

  • Latissimus Dorsi

The primary muscles targeted in any variation of the Lat Pulldown are the Lats. Your lat muscles are automatically engaged whenever you lift your arms overhead, rotate your shoulders internally, bend side to side, or raise your arms to your side. Workout of the Lats can help anyone establish strong posture and upper-body power, and they also contribute to the attractive “V”-shaped torso sought by many bodybuilders.

  • Muscles That Assist

The Brachialis and Brachioradialis muscles of the forearm, as well as the Teres Major, a minor neck muscle, assist the Lats in pushing the parallel attachment down to your chest. Other supporting muscles include the Posterior Deltoids in the back of the shoulders and the Trapezius and Rhomboids in the upper back. When performing a neutral grip, the Pectoralis major and minor, the principal chest muscles, also help.

  • Muscles That Stabilize

Stabilizing muscles do not alter length when performing an exercise, but they do assist in keeping the joint in place so that the target muscle, here the lats, is properly engaged. Both the biceps and triceps upper arm muscles act as stabilizers when performing the Neutral Grip Lat pulldown.

The benefit of the Neutral Grip Lat pulldown is that all these muscles are engaged during this exercise. This puts your arm in a stronger position allowing you to lift more weight and squeeze your muscles harder than in a lower hand or an upper hand. This gives you reason enough to include them in your training regime.

Variations To TheNeutral Grip Lat Pulldown

There are several variations to the Neutral Grip Lat pulldown that you can attempt once you’ve mastered this particular variation of Lat pulldown. These variations make this exercise slightly different and target some extra muscles, primarily the lats, and others increase the difficulty of this exercise a little bit and challenge you.

1. Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown

Extend your arms over your head while gripping the v-bar. Pull your shoulders back and raise your chest. As you lift your chest to the bar, pull the v-bar down to chin level at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep your shoulders down by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return the v-bar to its extended position in two or three seconds.This exercise also primarily targets the Latissimus Dorsi. Secondary muscles engaged are the shoulder and the biceps, such as the Teres Major, Infraspinatus, Rhomboid, and the Teres Minor. This exercise engages the rear delts when the arms are rotated. This exercise targets your lats from every direction.

2. Neutral Grip V-Bar Pulldown

Assume a seated position and attach a V-bar to the lat pulldown machine. Start the movement by depressing the shoulder blades and then flexing the elbow while extending the shoulder with a neutral grip on the handle. Next, you should Pull the V-Bar closer to your body until your elbows parallel your torso, then slowly lower the handle back to the starting position. This is one rep, and you can do 8-15 reps in a set. This exercise primarily focuses on engaging the lats muscles and engages the upper back, abs, biceps, and shoulders.

3. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

The longer the lats strain during the workout, the wider your grip. Even with the conventional Lat pulldown, your grip should be rather wide, but you take your hands to the ends of the bar with this variation. Apart from this, the technique is identical to a typical Lat pulldown. Pull the bar down to your upper chest, pause for a beat while gripping your lats, and then slowly raise the bar back up. This exercise engages the lats, helping them grow stronger and improve posture simultaneously.

4. Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

Position yourself on the machine and take an underhand grip on the bar. Distance between your arms should be more than your shoulder width. Pull your elbows back and down while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pull the bar to your chest level. Take a breath and engage your Lats. Exhale and return to the beginning posture. Repeat until you’ve completed the required number of reps. The Lat muscles are thoroughly engaged in this exercise while it improves body posture. The lower body must remain locked when this exercise is being performed. It would help to focus on pulling from your lats and not your body weight.

These are some variations to the Neutral Grip Lat pulldown that exercise similar muscles but are different in arm positions and grips, thus engaging some extra muscles. 

This was everything there is to know about this amazing workout and its variations. So, by the end of this, you’re already a master at all of them, so you can include it in your daily workout routine and get that V-shaped back you’ve always dreamed of.