Nine Home Workout Tips to Optimize your Workout

Nine Home Workout Tips to Optimize your Workout

Set Realistic Goals

With most journeys in life, setting a goal is important. Use this quarantine to get in shape and be happy with yourself, and your body.

It’s important to set a realistic goal though. Whether it be to workout three days a week, or be able to run a marathon or complete 100 push-ups straight is up to you. You know your body the best.

Schedule the workouts

Scheduling what days and times you’re going to workout is extremely helpful. That way you know you have something going on. If you have a significant other, let them know so that they can watch the children then.

Plan Accordingly

Planning your exercise is one of the most helpful lessons I’ve learned throughout the quarantine. Going in without a plan gives me a poor workout. Knowing that I’ll be following a specific workout plan pushes me harder and ensures I receive an optimal workout.

Dedicate a Space to Working Out

I dedicate a space in our living room to working out. This helps me with minimizing the amount of time I spend looking for the right equipment, and it gives me the space to do all exercises.

Creating your own mini gym space mentally puts me more in the zone. I clear out half my living room for it and with that effort, it makes me value the time I spend exercising.

Ensure Correct Nutrition, Water, and Sports Drink Available

Ensure Correct Nutrition Water and Sports Drink Available

On the days I do a long bike ride in the living room, I prepare everything beforehand to ensure the flow of the workout isn’t messed up.

Making sure I have water on my bike, a jug next to it, and snacks available gives me no excuse to complete a long ride.

Get Ready like it’s Your Job, or In a Gym

Get_Ready_ like_ its_Your_Job_or_In_a_Gym

Treat working out as if you’re going into your gym or office. Put on your workout gear and shower before (if you normally do). I’ve found it makes a massive difference than if I roll out of bed and am working out in whatever I decide to wear.

You can’t let the quarantine throw off your workout rhythm and health; i’ve found this to be one of the biggest differences between an average workout and a great workout.

Track Progress

Whenever your own a personal journey with goals, it’s important to track your progress to show  yourself how far along you’re coming. Trying to lose weight? Track your food and body fat along the way. Trying to do an Ironman? Track your farthest and fastest days.

The same goes for your home workouts. If you’re lifting then keep a diary. Doing cardio workouts? Try and record how you felt, your heart rate (if you have a monitor), or in general how you felt the workout went and how easy the exercises were (including reps and sets).

Find an exercise partner

Find an exercise partner

For some people this works amazingly, for others it doesn’t. I enjoy lifting with an exercise partner, but prefer to do cardio on my own. Figure out what works for you, but remember having an exercise partner adds accountability.

Blast the music

Blast the music

Get the vibe that you’re in your gym. Push yourself and don’t take it easy just because you’re at home. Put on the right playlist and focus! I recommend Sprints/Runs/Surges by Dee, Cardio or Beast Mode, by Spotify.

Just remember, at some point the quarantine will end. Won’t you be more happy with yourself if you’ve been giving your workouts your all? 

Rest for your next workout

Rest for your next workout

Recovery is important! Don’t overdo your workouts but be realistic and listen to your body. When it comes to your recovery it can be great to consume organic vegan protein powder if it contains the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and similar ingredients.

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