Noticeable Physical Change as a Result of Weight Loss Diet

weight loss diet

When weight loss becomes noticeable? Everyone might be wondering about that. There is no clear-cut answer about how fast or slow your weight loss will be noticeable to answer that question. There are many different elements that influence your speed of weight loss plan result. One reason that affects how fast you lose your fat is where is your weight loss stage. To know about your weight loss stage, you may also read an article here And here, this article will tell you the reason why the result can vary.

?   Your Starting Size

As a matter of fact, your starting size has a huge impact on how long or soon you may notice your diet result. According to Verywell fit, when your starting weight is in the range of obese on the body mass index (BMI), it may make it impossible to notice your weight loss quickly. Nevertheless, you may not notice weight fluctuation on a larger frame. If you have a small body and a lower BMI, your weight may fall off more slowly, but you can notice it more quickly. In contrast, when you start with larger body size, you will likely lose more weight faster, especially in your diet’s early days.    

?   Your Diet Type

Several diet programs are designed to include a starting point phase that will result in accelerated weight loss, such as AtkinsSouth Beach, etc. The popular programs usually include a jump start for a week or two when the meal limitation is more intense, and the result is you lose more weight. 

During the starting phase, you may lose five pounds or more per week. Your weight loss will be noticeable sooner as a result. The weight loss you experience in this phase is often the outcome of water loss from carbohydrate limitation, not fat loss.  

?   Your Carbohydrate Intake

When you limit your carbs intake, it can lead you to quick water loss. The water in your body is needed to store the carbohydrates. Therefore, when you numerously lessen the number of carbohydrates you consume, you will also lose the water which your body needs to store the carbs.

For several people, losing water weight can make the body size look differently. However, losing water weight is not the same as fat loss. While you are limit your carbs intake is a smart approach to losing weight; it needs to be followed by a healthy diet program for continual weight loss to happen.  

?   Your Measurement Method to Notice Weight Loss

In the end, almost everyone wants to feel great in their skin and looks good when wears their clothes. But how they measure their progress can affect how soon they see the result? In most cases, at first, they probably see the changes on the scale, especially when they have a high tech scale. This kind of scale may pick up very small changes in your body weight, even a fraction of a pound that may be too small to be noticed.

After that, people usually also want to see the changes in their clothing size. The clothing size would not change right away, but you will feel that your clothes begin to fit differently. Later on, your full-scale weight loss may make you change your clothing size. Some people may immediately notice their change in the size of their thigh, belly or face. It can be genetic. These changes may happen before or after you feel the change in your clothes size. Please remember that increasing muscle mass may result in weight gain on the scale even though you lose your body fat.

?    Timeline for Noticeable Weight Loss

           Below is a sample timeline of when you stick to a healthy diet program that limits your calorie intake and a moderate exercise program – it may differ for everyone. 

➔     The first week: most people start to see the change in the scale but not see a major change in your body.

➔     The second week: you probably start to notice the change in the way your body looks and feels. And, exercise starts to feel easier and your clothes start to feel looser. 

➔     The third week: this is the start of your weight loss journey. If you are consistent in your diet plan, your body responses will be better, and you will start to feel like your diet is successful. 

➔     The fourth week: it is possible that you may already lose enough weight to try different clothing sizes.

➔     After the fourth week: you will start to get used to your new eating habit. You may start to return to an adjustment of eating plan for keeping your weight depending on the amount you lose your weight.