Just One Hour of Cardio Exercise for A Month Did This To Me

The Story of Physical and Mental Transformation

When you are overweight, it is something that constantly bugs you. But work, family, and many other factors keep you busy. You keep reading and thinking about the workout without getting the time to do it. This is the story of most of us. I had gained weight and was constantly looking for a way out to be fit. I looked at the body on dresses online but I knew I would not look good into it. It was like somewhere I had lost my confidence and was ashamed of my body. I tried joining the gym but could not be regular. Somewhere all the doors were shutting down when I had a chat with my best buddy at the office and I got to know about cardio exercise. And everyone’s knows that with cardio, it’s best to have a pair of reliable under armour running shoes by your side.

She asked me to join her every morning just for a month. I took the pain of getting up early the next morning and met her. We started off with walking followed by running. Seeing her working out did motivate me. We did other cardio exercises too. She believed in working out in the fresh air rather than going to the gym. For a few days, she had to wake me up but soon I started getting up all by myself and that was the beginning.

• Good Things Happened

weight loss

Within 10 days, I became more organized and work was fun now. I loved my work earlier also but now I enjoyed it. Somewhere I had to manage everything. I had to work, give time to my family and workout as well. But things now seemed to be more organized. I was not that it got easy. Late night work often made it difficult to get up in the morning but anyhow I got up because I could not afford to miss my cardio exercise for a single day.

• I Felt The Difference


This dedication and commitment were because of the result that I was getting. It was more sort of a reward and it was quite tempting too. Each day I was happy even though things went wrong at work. At this stage when you are trying to build your career, mental peace is a distant dream. But all my anxieties, fears and negative thoughts went away and I was actually able to relax. I slept like a baby and in the morning when I got up, I felt fresh and prepared for the new day.

• The Best Result – Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss is truly rewarding and the best result that one can get. At the end of the first month, I lost 4 pounds which made me feel very happy. It was a victory over the useless carbs that I had. I had not missed a single day of the workout but the days when I did not feel like working, I worked lightly (Just the stretches and light cardio). It affected my shape, improved my timing, brought positivity and made me lose weight all at a time.

Everyone could not tell but I definitely could. The changes that my mind and body had gone through were exemplary. Staying fit is a real challenge these days. You only need to look for ways and you will definitely find one like I did. All the best.