One Overlooked Side-Effect of Weight-loss and 3 Ways to Combat It

image soruce: pixabay

You did it! You have hit your goal weight and dropped all those extra pounds. That must feel amazing. Only, maybe you don’t look as fabulous as you feel. Your fingers trace over them in the mirror, and you frown. You can’t wear your dream swimsuit because of them. They are pesky stretch marks!

Most people don’t share the ugly side-effects of losing weight. And in their defense, why would they? Losing weight is an incredible feat. Having the self-control to change your entire body should not be overshadowed by stretch marks.

So, here are three tips to combat those pesky stretch marks, so they don’t ruin your weight-loss journey.

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

There are tons in the market, but they are mostly geared towards pregnant women. It’s essential to look for a cream that is also designed for weight-loss. You also want a cream that also claims to prevent the occurrence of future stretch marks. You don’t want to work so hard to fade the marks you have, only to have more return in their place. Once you’ve found your stretch mark removal cream, use it twice daily in circular motions on the skin. Don’t get discouraged if, after a few weeks, the scars don’t go away. It takes time for the cream to work. Much like with weight-loss, patience and consistency are key.


Having been consistent with a weight-loss plan, you already know the importance of drinking enough water every day. But, did you know soft skin doesn’t develop stretch marks as much as dry skin does? How do you get smooth skin? Drinking water! The recommended amount of water has always been 8 cups, but your body is 85% water. Every part of you needs it, and if you’re not getting enough, your skin will be the first place to lose it. So, be sure the minimum you drink is 8 cups, but listen to your body and if you feel thirsty, drink. And stay away from too much salt. It’ll rob you of your water and make it more challenging to keep your skin hydrated and soft to ward off any stretch marks.

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Vitamin C

By now, you know how important getting your daily vitamins are. Perhaps they helped you lose the weight in the first place. But they are also vital to keep your skin clear and smooth. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, which helps in keeping your skin healthy, not broken with stretch marks. You may elect to take a supplement, but it’s best to get the vitamin straight from the source. Vitamin C is easy to find. It’s in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits. Add these tasty fruits to your diet to help prevent and treat stretch marks.

You’ve done the hard part. You dropped the pounds, and you are never picking them up again. Now it’s time to feel confident enough to pull off that crop top or bikini. Pick a safe stretch mark removal cream and add it to your daily skincare regimen. Make sure you’re getting your appropriate ounces of water every day and eat your vitamins! All of this will help get you to or keep, smooth, clear skin that deserves to be shown off.

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