Health is very important and we all are aware of this. We cannot set aside our health at any cost e know that if we are healthy then only we can survive.

We do so many things to keep our body fit like eating the right things, exercising, doing yoga, and taking supplements. The diet we take contributes to our fitness if we shy away from the right side we have to face consequences.

There are so many diets available for all sorts of needs. For example, if someone wants to gain weight they include food items that help in gaining weight such as food rich in carbohydrates and protein.  The most followed diet is a diet for weight loss because people are fed up with obesity. They alongside doing exercise want something that can complement the workout. The right diet does not let you gain weight it will help you in getting an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals. 

People follow celebrities when it comes to fashion, culture, and fitness. This is why many celebrities are now sponsoring fitness brands. It is not easy to follow that because our budget does not allow that sometimes. Sometimes, we do not have enough time to manage all these things. Health should be the priority of everyone, and no one should neglect it. We all eat food to survive. But if we eat that food in the right way according to the diet plan it will be beneficial.

Why is Optavia Diet Important?

Optavia diet is one such diet that is the balance of solids and liquid. It helps in maintaining the right weight with no loss of vitamins and minerals. Optavia diet is followed by many sportsmen, celebrities, and fitness freaks who do not want to gain weight but at the same time, they also do not want to starve.

Some diets starve people to death to lose weight. Optavia diet would not compel you to reduce the amount of food. It will give you a detailed idea of what to eat and what to avoid. Optavia diet generally consists of food that is high in fibre and low in carbs and thus does not let you gain weight. Optavia’s diet includes a lot of fluids so that you eat fewer solids and drink a lot of water. Optavia diet is advised for those who want to shed kilos and maintain their energy level.

Optavia’s diet consists of prepackaged meals or fuelings, almost everything from breakfast to dinner. There is a variety of snacks that are also available. When you want to eat something crunchy or spicy you need not look for any outside option. There are more than 50 options available. You can interchange between the options and it does not get monotonous for you. 

Optavia’s diet emphasizes avoiding sugar, alcohol, and caffeine so that you can maximize the benefit of this diet. It is also suggested to avoid starchy food like corn, peas, potatoes, and chips.

How does the Optavia Diet work?

optavia diet

The Optavia diet is low in carbohydrates. It is a combined packaged food program with personalized coaches who can help you with weight loss. These prepackaged foods are made available through the company and these pre-packaged meals are called feelings. The company also provides a range of foods for those who are not able to cook. Optavia diet strictly prohibits the consumption of sugar, acids, laxatives, and alcohol so to cover that it offers a range of substitutes to it.

Optavia diet is not limited to fuelings and meals only. It also comes up with the innovative idea of personalized one-on-one coaching. This is a great addition that helps a person in feeling motivated to lose weight. Coaches are pushing them to do so. Optavia clients first need to contact a coach then only then can follow the diet. These are not necessarily nutritional professionals but people who are selling their products to you. Also, these are the ones who will keep you motivated.

Three Major Optavia Diet Plans

There are three plans for weight loss one is the 5 and 1 program which includes five Optavia fuelings and one lean and green meal. The second pan is a 4 and 2 and 1 program that includes four Octavia fuelings two lean and green meals and one snack. This is for those who need extra carbs and flexibility. The last one is for optimum health which means it does not specifically target weight loss it aims at a balanced diet. It includes 3 Octavia fuelings and 3 green and lean meals.

Optavia Diet’s feelings are a bit costly which means per serve will cost you around $2.5- $3.5. Generally, people start to lose weight when they reach their goal they switch to a balanced plan. Lean and Green meals are nothing but homemade meals rich in fibre and protein. It includes eggs, meat, soy products, and low carbs vegetables. The company claims that by following Octavia diet 5 & 1 you can lose around 5 kg in 3 months.

What are the benefits of the Optavia Diet?

  • There are many benefits of the Optavia diet. The major benefit is that it helps in losing weight efficiently without reducing the number of vitamins and minerals. 
  • It is easy to follow as you are given fueling. You need not invest a lot of time in what to eat. In the 5&1 plan, you are only supposed to prepare one meal that is also according to the prescribed recipe. It is not a huge task to follow. 
  •  Optavia Diet helps in improving blood pressure as it reduces sodium intake and consuming healthy food automatically benefits you.
  •  Coaches are there to support you. This is a big factor as there is someone who keeps on motivating you. You will be focused throughout the journey of weight loss.

What are the disadvantages of the Optavia Diet?

  • It is very low in calories when you follow this diet suddenly your body tends to lose weight and thus there is a hormonal disturbance which might cause you hair loss and other problems. There is a significant reduction in muscle mass also.
  • Optavia Diet is costly thus following it put pressure on the purse. Thus, many people after following that weight loss phase do not go for a balanced diet. It is too high for them to afford it.
  • Optavia Diet is not compatible with eating patterns as people who are vegan and lactose tolerant do not have many options to eat. 
  • The food is highly processed. There are a lot of substitutes that might cause inflammation and allergy in the person.

So, Overall we can say that Optavia Diet is a good program for weight loss. But it has limited scope because the available food items are costly. Only people with a high-end salary can afford it. There is no proper study on weight regain. But when you rely so much on packaged food your ability to digest the homemade food takes a dip. Optavia diet is however very beneficial for those who are getting obese and facing risks to their health they can follow his diet and can avoid the risk of many diseases including heart diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

  1. Is Optavia Diet effective in weight loss?

Optavia Diet is designed for this purpose. It is effective in losing weight however no data is available on weight to regain after leaving this diet.

  1. Is Optavia Diet affordable?

Optavia diet is a bit costly as it is for weight loss and covers meals. But if you are not willing to lose weight you just want a balanced plan it is affordable to some extent.

  1. Is Optavia Diet right for you?

It is a good option for someone who wants to lose weight or freak out about fitness. But it is not recommended for everyone as packaged food cannot replace homemade meals.