The Outcome Of Drugs In Our Life

For some, drugs are a way of enhancing their productivity or bettering themselves. For others, habitual drug abuse starts with experimenting, the notion being that experimenting is not that bad. In both cases, the end result might be an addiction, and with it, a range of effects and outcomes that not only affect the personal but also the professional life of the user.

Below, we take a look at some of the effects of drug abuse.

#1. Family Relations

Among the first people to see and feel the effects of drug abuse on a user is the family. A major effect pertaining family relations with a drug abuser is alienation. More often than not, drug abuse makes it difficult to get along with family members. Arguments become commonplace, and in turn, create tension amongst family members.

Drug users become selfish and oblivious of the needs or feelings of those around them. Additionally, chances and instances of domestic violence become a reality and erratic behavior becomes the norm.

#2. School performance:

There has been an equal measure of rumor and speculation on the effect of drugs on education. There have been cases where students held to the belief that using certain drugs made them more attentive or increased their concentration in class.

Research, on the other hand, has shown that most of the stimulants used in this situation end up affecting the user negatively. As far as school performance goes, drug abuse is detrimental to performance in school.

NIAA (the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol) is of the opinion that 25% of alcohol using students report school and performance related problems. These range from getting poor grades, to a drop in school attendance.

#3. Poor Health

Success is sweet, but even sweeter when you do not have to worry about your health. Of course, good health is not guaranteed, but drug users have an even slimmer chance of living healthy and enjoying their success. Drug use and abuse have been linked to mental health problems and different forms of cancers (especially for cigarette smokers and alcoholics) among a host of other diseases.

#4. Personality

There are numerous examples and cases of people who have been affected so bad by drugs that their personality totally changes. Of course, this is dependent on the type of drug used, but generally, a drug users attitude, and ultimately performance, changes as they progressively abuse drugs. As addiction progresses, users can be paranoid, suffer low self-esteem, and even become suspicious of those around them.

#5. Financial Issues

Drugs are not free. On the contrary, they are expensive, and when addicted, they are an expensive habit. Essentially, the addictive habit then translates into an expensive affair when it comes to treatment and getting rehabilitation to get off the drugs. The urge to feed a drug addiction has led many addicts to live in crime after blowing all their money on drugs.

#6. Legal problems

Most of the commonly abused drugs are not only dangerous to the well-being of the user and those around them, but they are also illegal. When a drug user becomes an addict, consequent desperation for a fix leads users to lives in crime as a means to fund their craving.

For an addict looking to get a shot of their favorite drug, even the most irrational actions become rational, often leading them to deeper financial and legal pits. They end up becoming petty criminals in a bid to get cash to buy more drugs, eventually landing them in prison or worse.

#7. Employment

Professionally, drug abuse stands in the way of users being their best at work and succeeding as professionals. Besides, education and employment complement each other, and with drug abuse leading to poor performance in class, career opportunities are subsequently limited.

Additionally, while under the influence, users are unable to perform their duties efficiently. Drug addiction is also one of the contributors to frequently missed hours by multiple employees, either as a result of being too “high” or when employees have to go to rehab. Moreover, social media has become an essential part of recruitment, and pictures of parties can contribute to a potential employer’s decision to reject a particular candidate.

As an employer, parent, friend, or even a colleague, looking out for your loved ones is one of the best ways of preventing them from abusing drugs. Sometimes, you find out a bit late, or you have suspicions that a loved one might be using. At those times, you can call on any specialist who provides urine drug test cups. And what better way to find out for sure and privately if a loved one might need your help to kick a bad habit?