The Perfect Lower Body Workout Routines for Maximum Good Results

Some years ago all we wanted from the gym was great biceps and flat abdomen but gradually we have grown to know that the body can never look perfect unless the lower section is well taken care of. Your lower body workout means a lot for your body but there is also a risk of getting injuries so you have got to do it right. If you want more beef on the lower section of your body along with symmetry so that it gains amazing shape then this article here is just for you. In this article, we would discuss the best workout regimen and lower body workout routines that would give you mind blowing results. Along with lower body workout bodybuilding, we will also use our understanding of the lower body muscles and we will use some scientific evidence as well to see whether the exercises we have chosen work scientifically or not. There are many exercises you can include in your lower body workout but the mentioned exercises are not just preferred by most of the professionals in bodybuilding but also has an ample amount of scientific backup.

Just to add muscles to the body is not the goal here, the goal here is to use those lower body workout routines that add muscles in a well-balanced way, the goal is also to know these exercises better so as to avoid injury and keep the muscle growth proportional so that it looks more aesthetic. So the question that must be arising in your mind is how to do this? Well, that why this article, you do it by training your quadriceps, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. These are the most important muscles we need to train in order to get a more balanced and attractive lower body.

We have to target all these muscles specifically with a different set of exercises so that they get strengthened and grow in proportion with the other muscles. It is believed that helping your lower body muscles brings about an athletic tone in the entire body and this is why pushing the lower body muscles gets even more important. Both men and women who are fitness enthusiasts work specifically on these muscles as to get a toned and attractive physique. But in order to accomplish lower body workout bodybuilding what you would need is sheer discipline and passion. Now let’s take a look at the lower body workout routines that you would need.

For Emphasis on Quadriceps:

Barbell Back Squats:

Barbell Back Squats
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Probably the most important exercise for lower body workout bodybuilding especially, for the quadriceps development is squats. Though this exercise also involves glutes a lot and makes them grow as well there are several studies that have shown very high quadriceps activation thus contributing to their growth. Also, you effective add weight while doing squat so the use of this exercise is highly recommended in lower body workout routines. Then the question arises whether to perform back squats or front squats, it would be suggested that you use back and front squats on alternate lower body day, you can also rotate between these two forms of squats if you have just one lower body day in your regimen.

For emphasis on Hamstrings/Glutes:

Romanian Deadlifts:

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This is a new version of the traditional deadlift. The muscles that get worked in this form of the deadlift is almost the same as the muscles which get worked in Romanian deadlifts though this form of deadlift puts special emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes. The reason for this is when you do Romanian deadlift than you keep your knees relatively straighter throughout the movement. A study was conducted in 2014 with four different exercises of the hamstrings and the Romanian deadlifts came up on top. This exercise allows heavier weights to be lifted and is easy to overload for lower body workout bodybuilding.

For emphasis on Quads/Glutes and Hamstrings:

Bulgarian Split Squats:

This is a must in your lower body workout routines; the Bulgarian split squat is an exercise that every fitness enthusiast must add to their routines. This is one exercise that hits all the major leg muscles though it puts more emphasis on the muscles mentioned above.  In order to understand the emphasis of this exercise in lower body workout bodybuilding lets look at a study conducted in 2010 which showed that the Bulgarian split squat emphasizes more on hamstrings and glutes than the back squat. Also, it is a unilateral exercise which involves just one leg at a time thus reducing the chances of injury to a greater extent.

To apply emphasis on the hamstrings:

Glute Ham Raise:

Glute Ham Raise

This exercise also is a very important one for building a great lower body. The area of emphasis of Glute Ham Raise is the hamstrings but it also involves other muscles such as Glutes. A 2014 study showed us that this exercise goes very well with the Romanian deadlifts and compliments the hamstring development. In that study, it was found that both these exercises help in shaping one of the hamstring muscles but the building of other two hamstring muscles is done by glute-ham raise. Glutes ham raise is performed on the machine. This exercise is begun by first fitting your body into the equipment; you might have to adjust the equipment in that manner.  Then you have to put your feet between the roller and you have to lie with your face down.

One of the best lower body workout machines you can use is the Hamstring curls. As the name suggests exercising on this machine isolates the hamstring muscles. You can perform this exercise while being seated or while standing up. There are various other machines that you can use to get a better lower body make up. Some other good equipment you can use for exercising is Monkey professional driving sled, squat stands, flat bench with leg curl attachment, squat racks and vertical knee raise.