11 perfect Pushup Variations -A Real Challenge For The Bodybuilders

Pushups are the kind of exercise which affects your shoulders, arms, and the whole upper body. Without using any equipment you can develop strength, build, tone your muscles all at the same time. After getting comfortable with the traditional method, you only need to play with the variations. The variations basically focus on strengthening different core areas. It will also give new targets to your body. You need to perform them correctly to get the best results. There are perfect pushup variety in it. We will talk about the basic ones. At the end, there is a challenge too for the fitness freaks out there.

Follow These Perfect Pushup:

#1. Traditional Pushup

traditional pushup

These are the oldest and perfect pushup workout. You should not do it too fast. Try to feel the muscles group you are targeting while doing it. To do this exercise, keep your body stiff and straight. Bend your elbows and breathe while you lower your body. Breathe out while you get into the starting position. They are great for building abs and toning the upper body.

#2. Wide-Grip Perfect Pushup

wide grip pushup

It is harder and perfect pushup form than the traditional form. To start with this make sure that your elbows are not flared out too much. You need to put your hands at a wider distance than the shoulder. Tighten your core and keep your back flat. Return back to the original position as soon as your chest touches the floor.

#3. Diamond Perfect Pushup

diamond pushup

It can also be called closed grip. You only need to keep your hands closer while you perform this perfect pushup exercise. It is also said to be more challenging than the wide grip pushup. To do this exercise, place your hands together in a diamond position with your fingers touching each other. You can increase the distance between your feet to balance your body. Once your chest touches your hand, return to the initial position.

#4. Clap Perfect Pushup

clap pushup

It is just another perfect pushup and difficult variation of the traditional method. At first get into the plank position. Lower your body till your chest touches the ground then get back into the initial position. After getting back into the initial position either move your hands back to clap or you can even clap in the front. While clapping, for a certain amount of time, you will be in the air. You need to balance yourself and then again go for the next round. Focus on your speed and intensify your movement as well.

#5. One-arm Pushup

one arm pushup

Start with the position of an elevated pushup. Put your left hand behind your back and lower your body only with the right hand. Push your body upwards and do the same with the left hand. It raises the bar of difficulty for you and is quite challenging.

#6. Spider-Man Pushup

spiderman pushup

This is quite a tricky one. To do this exercise, you need to get into the standard perfect pushup position at first. While lowering your body down, lift your right foot and move it outwards trying to touch your knee to elbow. After this return to the starting position and repeat the same with your left leg.

#7. Decline Pushup

decline pushup

You need to put your feet on the elevated surface, the hands on the floor and then do the traditional perfect pushup workout. Focus on the front of your shoulder and the upper portion of your chest muscles. The hands must be wider than your shoulders.

#8. Incline Pushup

decline pushup

For this, you need to put your hands on an elevated surface and your feet on the floor. After that, the normal pushup is done. The intensity of the exercise decreases with the height of the surface.

#9. Staggered Perfect PushUp

staggered pushup

While doing this exercise, you need to keep more than the shoulder width distance between both your hands. Keep on hand higher than the other one. Lower your body until your chest touches the ground and then get back into the initial position by pushing yourself upwards. In this exercise, the lower hand is forced to work harder.

#10. Weighted Pushup

weighted pushup

Weighted pushups are a kind of variations basically designed to increase the difficulty level and to force your muscles to work harder. They can also be considered as the best way to build up your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. It gets your whole upper body worked up. To do this exercise, you only need to do add weights on your hand or on your back.

#11. Pushup Rotation

pushup rotation

It can also be considered as a simple twist on the traditional method. All you need to do is start with your hands and feet on the floor. Your hands should be just a little bit wider than shoulder width. Then start lowering your body. Push your body upwards and then extend your arm into the air. After that get back into the traditional position, do the perfect pushup form and extend the left arm. Keep on continuing the movement with both the arms.

Now since you know about the pushups variations are you ready to accept the challenge? Take the challenge today and do let me know that which one you can do and which ones you can’t…