The Ultimate Guide On How To Perform Pike Press Coordinately

pike press

The Pike Press is a great exercise whose main motive is to promote better shoulder strength. Also known as Pike Push-ups, this workout is responsible for the shoulders, core, arms, back, and chest. This exercise has numerous essential benefits, making it one of the ideal workouts to add to your training routine. It ensures the improvement of your core stability to a great extent. This exercise also helps ton and strengthen your entire upper body, thus giving you a well-built posture. Therefore, this workout is also known to be a significant shoulder strengthener.

Given below is the perfect guide on how to perform the Pike Press, which provides you with all the information you need to ace its performance.

How To Do The Pike Press Like A Pro:

Mentioned below is all the information and guidance you will need to perform the Pike Press easily and without hindrance.


1. Firstly, you must do a quick yet effective warm-up (like jogging) before performing this exercise. This is to increase your range of motion, blood flow to your connective tissue and reduce the risk of injuries.

2. To begin with this exercise, get into the traditional push-up position, with your hands being shoulder-width apart, touching the ground. Your legs should be straight at all times, and your body weight should be balanced on your toes.

3. Now, while being in the push-up position, note where your head would touch the ground.

4. Then, “pike” your body (by moving your toes up towards your hands) so that hips are elevated, and your back is bent. You are required to stand on the balls of your feet and straighten your arms as far as possible.

5. To ensure that your head touches the floor, bend your elbows while keeping your body weight on your hands. Also, keep your spine straight as you aim to touch your forehead to the floor. Once there, you will lose your body weight in your triceps and shoulders.

6. Lastly, breathe out while pushing yourself back to the starting position. But for this, you need to move very slowly and distribute your weight equally between your arms and legs.

Things To Keep In Mind While Performing The Pike Press:

1. the essential thing to keep in mind while performing any exercise is to have a quick warm-up session. This will boost up your range of motion and will prevent the risk of any injury.

2. While doing the pike press, make sure to tighten your core muscles to support your upper body.

3. While aiming for a spot on the floor where your forehead will touch, you can mark the point down using chalk or tape.

4. While piking your body, always remember to keep your spine upright and avoid arching your lower back.

5. While getting in the Pike Press position, you will feel some tension in your arms and shoulders. This will ensure that your muscles are working.

6. Touching the same spot on the floor with your forehead in a Pike press that you come in contact with while doing push-ups has so many benefits. It allows you to ensure that your body is moving forward and that you are utilizing the full range of motion of your upper arms and shoulders.

7. After completing the performance of the exercise, stretch out the muscles of your upper arms and shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many Pike Presses should I do?

You should aim for at least three sets of 15 to 20 reps of Pike Presses to attain the maximum benefits.

2. What does the Pike Press work the muscles?

The Pike Press mainly works your shoulders, core, upper arms, back, and chest muscles.

3. What are some variations of the Pike Press exercise?

If you are perfectly comfortable with the performance of the traditional Pike Press, feel free to try out some of its variations. These variations include a pike push-up, a supported hand-stand press, and an unsupported hand-stand press.