How to do a Pike Push with important tips

pike pushups

Pike push is a variation of traditional pushup that involves active shoulder movement while the body is in downward dog posture. This exercise requires no equipment and activates, strengthens and tones the shoulders efficiently. Majorly it targets the shoulder and core.

It’s important to gain strong muscles. Shoulder muscles are one of the most active muscles throughout the day. Exercising for the shoulder improves the strength of pressing, pulling, lifting, punching and almost everything that requires your handwork. 

Why are shoulder exercises important?

The shoulder muscle is the most mobile joint, and it remains highly prone to shoulder joint and muscle injuries. This sole fact is a sufficient reason for adding shoulder muscle-building exercise to your routine. 

It might look easy to perform pike pushups; however, it’s not. If it seems simple to you, you might be unaware of the correct way. It has many tips, precautions, and posture angles to follow. Adherence to the guide below will get you through the way to a perfect pike push ups.

Read, practice and master yourself. 

How to perform Pike Push Ups?

Follow the steps as mentioned.

  1. Start in a pushup position on the ground.
  2. Lift the hips to acquire an inverted ‘V’ posture. Tighten your core. Straighten the legs and the upper body. And remember not to bend the back at all. 
  3. Keep the neck and the head straight along with the upper body. Place the hand below your shoulders.
  4. Now, without bending the back, bring the entire body down just by bending your elbows.
  5. Hold the position when the head is about to touch the floor.
  6. Now, push the body up by focusing on shoulders until your elbows are straight again. Remember not to arch any other body part except the hips and the elbows.

Tips and Precautions

  1. Keep the back straight throughout the exercise to avoid injuries and strain in the back.
  2. Keep the core tight to increase the focus on the shoulder and the core.
  3. Lift the toes from the ground to relax your calves if it’s hard for you to firmly place the entire foot on the ground.
  4. A quick shoulder and leg warmup is recommended to avoid muscle injuries.
  5. Start slowly and increase the reps with time and practice.
  6. Incorporate the exercise with other shoulder workouts for better results.

The takeaway

As a beginner, perform eight reps and two sets. As you grow with this exercise, you must perform 15 reps in 2 or 3 sets. But adherence to precautions and tips remains the utmost.