How Long Do Pre Rolls Keep You High? What Are The After Results Of Pre-rolls?

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We live in a world where everyone wants ‘instant’ experiences. Be it a fit body, clear skin, grades in exams, we want everything at our fingertips minutes. Like everything else, even smokers wish to have instant ‘high’ from the product. This instant result was earlier not possible with the traditional products because their process was time-consuming. To solve this problem, manufacturers brought pre-rolls into the market. This product became a huge success because of its affordability, portability, and instant results. You can easily get these products just in a click .

What Are Pre-Rolls?

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A pre-roll is a cannabis product wrapped as a roll. It goes as individual pieces or packs of elements. Earlier, people used to roll their joints and then consume them. But these products come rolled to make it convenient for the user. Rolls have always been the first preference for new smokers and vintage users. It is one of the traditional ways that are still very close to the hearts of many people. Standard pre-rolls consist of cannabis, a wrapper in which it gets rolled, and a filter. Pre-rolls come in the form of blunts, joints, and a spliff. There is a slight distinction in the appearance of a joint and a blunt. Blunts are famous for providing maximum ‘high’ and pleasure than joints, spliffs, etc. Blunts are usually rolled into a hemp leaf, whereas classic joints come in white paper. Another difference between these products is that generally, Americans prefer joints and blunts, whereas Europeans prefer spliff.

Types Of Pre Rolls

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Each cannabis strain has unique properties. Each user has their preference according to desired effects. The two most famous types of pre-roll are Indica and Sativa.

Users use Indica strains aiming for calming effects. This strain is known for improving sleep quality and patterns. It is also known as a good night roll and is beneficial for people who have insomnia. The second strain is Sativa, which is more like an energetic strain. These pre-rolls are famous for promoting creativity and excitement in the user. Sativa rolls quickly uplift mood and are a top choice for people having mood disorders. Another property of Sativa pre-roll blunt is its pain-relieving effects. It makes it a top choice for people suffering from chronic pain because it helps calm the pain. Sativa rolls also help in managing appetite. The third type of pre-roll is hybrid rolls, which are a mixture of different strains, and each hybrid roll will have unique effects. These effects are other because of different combinations. The experience of each type of pre-roll may vary from person to person. It depends on various factors like the product’s potency, consumption habits of the user, quality of the product, etc.

How Long Do Pre Rolls Keep You High?

Pre-rolls are a quick way to feel high. The high from pre-rolls usually takes about fifteen minutes to show its effects. The duration of high from a pre-roll depends on several factors. Some users shared that a high from a pre-roll lasts anywhere around one to three hours. The effects of a pre-roll are not very strong for the whole duration. You get the most robust experience for around fifteen to thirty minutes, but moderate effects last approximately three hours.

We get an instant high from a pre-roll because the product directly reaches our lungs when we inhale it. Then, it immediately gets to our brain and gives us that feeling. Several factors contribute to deciding how long the high lasts, like the quality of the product, frequency of consumption, etc. It also depends on how to store your pre-roll. Some of the tips to increase the duration are-

  • Ensure that the pre-roll you are using is fresh and not stale.
  • Moisture in your pre-roll is a big no. So, always store your pre-rolls in an airtight container to avoid getting any moisture.
  • You should also avoid any physical damage to the pre-roll. Always store it in a container in which its packaging is intact. If your roll gets loose or torn, it will not give desired results.

What Are The After Results Of Pre-rolls?

The effects after smoking a pre-roll are very subjective. It can be entirely different for different persons. Some of the general after-effects of pre-roll are-

1.   It Makes Your Mind Calm.

Stress is the new virus eating our lives these days. Our minds have hundreds of thoughts at all times, resulting in a highly stressful life.

These pre-rolls are an excellent option to keep stress away. Having a pre-roll in moderate amounts helps lower anxious feelings and calm our bodies. It releases tension from our muscles and helps our body and mind relax.

2.   It Helps In Reducing Smoking Cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes is a harmful practice, despite knowing it becomes difficult to leave this habit because cigarettes are addictive. A user walks in circles while all his efforts to stop smoking cigarettes go in vain. A pre-roll is a better option for such smokers. Many users have shared that pre-rolls help reduce cigarette smoking habits because our mind gets tricked in this process. After using a pre-roll for a significant amount of time, you may not want to return to your old cigarette, as these pre-rolls will be your new friends.

3.   It Is Non-Addictive.

Addiction is a concern in the smoking industry. Many users have shared that having pre-rolls in moderate amounts is not harmful to a person and does not result in addictive problems. These non-addictive effects are one of the highlights of pre-rolls because it helps to keep addiction issues away.

4.   You Get An Aromatic Experience.

Pre-rolls come in different varieties, and each one has unique mixtures. These different mixtures have different aromas. These combinations of aromas also have soothing effects on minds and bodies. After having a pre-roll, a user experiences an aromatic experience.

5.   It Offers A Hustle-Free Experience.

One of the best effects of a pre-roll is a hustle-free experience. There is no mess after having a pre-roll, and a user enjoys it neatly. Pre-rolls are simple to use and do not leave any leftovers behind, so a user has a pre-roll calmly and wholly, without any tensions of cleaning the mess.


Pre-rolls offer an enjoyable experience along with various benefits. It is important not to overdose on pre-rolls as they can harm your health. It is advisable to seek a medical opinion if you have any allergies or diseases before starting pre-rolls. It would be best to always buy the best quality pre-roll from an authorized website or a dispensary. Pre-rolls are the better option because it helps you to track the amount of product you are consuming. After all, they come in specified amounts. Having a company of people you are comfortable with can improve your experience significantly.