Pre Workout Exercises- The Best Of Their Kind!

Sometimes, you might feel like skipping the warmup when you’re short of time. You might feel like skipping it and moving straight to working out. But, doing this will only increase your risk of hurting yourself. You can injure yourself and put extra pressure on your muscles if you skip the Pre-workout routine.

When you prepare for any kind of exercise, there is a thing you need to remember. This might be strength training, cardio workout, or some team sport. The thing you need to remember is the importance of the Pre-workout routine. You need a few minutes to ease your muscles into the workout mode. This can greatly help you in benefitting from the rewards of fitness.

Here are the benefits of Pre-workouts and a few exercises so that you can start your workout safely.

Benefits of Pre Workouts

Pre-workouts, aka warmups, get your body prepared for the strenuous workouts. This makes it easier for your body to perform strenuous activities. Here are a few important benefits of warmups:



As some of the exercises in the warmup routine are stretches, they stretch your body out. This makes it easier for you to perform the stretches. It gives you extra flexibility making it easier for your muscles to move. If the exercise is easy, then you perform it with the correct form and get all the benefits of the exercise.

Injury Risk

Injury Risk

When you warm up your muscles, you’re helping them relax. By relaxing your muscles, you are, in turn, putting yourself at a lower risk for injuries. Injuries generally happen during exercises when you perform exercises that your body is not ready for. You can solve this and reduce the risk of injury with Pre-workouts.

Blood Flow and Oxygen

By warming up before moving on to the actual workout session, you are increasing blood flow and oxygen. Having extra blood flow to your muscles will greatly help your muscles. It will help your muscles get the nourishment that they need. Your muscles need this before starting the more strenuous activities. Having more oxygen in your body can only benefit you one way or another.



Studies also show that if you stretch your muscles, then you have a better performance. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that muscles that have been warmed up in Pre-workouts will be more effective.

Range of Motion

range of motion

Another benefit of stretching your muscles before working out is a better range of motion. A greater range of motion will help you move your joints and muscles much more easily.

Muscle Tension and Pain

muscles tension pain

The next benefit of warming up is that you release muscle tension. Relaxed and warm muscles will help you move around much more easily. As a result of this, you will have to face much less stiffness or pain in your muscles. It’s always better if you can work out with muscles that are not painful or stiff.

What is Dynamic Workout?

There are a few terms that you must have heard. These terms are static Stretching and dynamic warmup. You might be wondering what these mean. These are two different terms, and here’s what’s different about them. 

A Dynamic Warmup refers to the Pre-Workout exercise. This warmup aims at making your body prime and ready to work. This is very important if you are going to perform strenuous activities after the warmup. This warmup solely focuses on the actions that mimic the workout you are going to do. These warmups can help in building your mobility, strength, and coordination. All of these improvements will only make your performance better.

What is Static Stretching?

Static Stretching is best when done at the end of your workout. This Stretching is obviously made up of stretches. These are stretches that you hold on to for a length of time. This helps in loosening up your connective tissue and your muscles. This is very different from a dynamic workout as you keep your body completely still in this. That is in contrast with Dynamic warmup, where you warm your body up with Pre-workout exercises.

Static Stretching help in increasing your flexibility and your range of motion. Some examples of exercises in static motion are as follows:

  • Tricep Stretches
  • Hip Flexor Stretches
  • Lying Hamstring Stretches

Pre Workout Exercises

if you’re performing a particular sport, then your warmup exercises can be specific to that sport. Otherwise, you can use these exercises to warm yourself up. These exercises will help you loosen up all your muscles and prepare for the workouts.



Squats are the most versatile exercise there is. This is a great exercise for your pre-workout warmup. This exercise targets several muscles in the lower body. It also targets your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. You can make it easier on yourself when you’re starting out and challenge yourself more as you go. So, at the start, only go halfway down in the squats. Then, you can challenge yourself more and do full squats in the last few reps. Once you’ve warmed up, challenge yourself even more by holding weights with your squats.

Here’s how you perform a squat:

  • The first step is to get in a position with your feet hip-width apart. You also need to move your toes in such a way that they face front or to the side a little bit.
  • In this position, you need to engage and flex your core. Make sure to keep your back straight and lower your hips slowly. Keep lowering yourself until your thighs, and the floor are parallel.
  • Pause at that moment for a breath or two. You can pause beyond your knees but not beyond your toes.
  • After this, breathe out and stand back up.
  • You can perform 1-3 sets where each set has 12-15 reps.



The next exercise on this list of exercises is Planks. They are an excellent Pre-workout exercise that can build your back strength as well as your core. It also helps in improving posture and balance. You can challenge yourself after you’ve warmed up with easy versions of this exercise. This challenge can be in the form of variations such as side plank and forearm plank. Here are the steps to a plank:

  • The first step is to get into a pushup position. If you’re a beginner, you can choose to start by doing this exercise on your knees. If you’re not a beginner, then you can try doing these on your forearms. Otherwise, just do it with your arms extended fully.
  • Make sure your toes and palms are firmly planted on the ground. Your back should be straight and your muscles tight. Make sure your back or your head does not fall backward.
  • Try and hold your plank from 30 sec – to 1 minute.

The Bottom Line 

These are a few of the exercises you can perform as pre-workout exercises. You can also take some warmup supplements such as Creatine, Caffeine, Beta=Alanine, BCCA’s, or Nitro. These can help you get ready for a strenuous workout.