Learn About The Precordial Catch Syndrome Now

What Is The Precordial Catch Syndrome?

Unanticipatedly, one is likely to experience a sudden, sharp and stabbing pain in the upper left-hand side of the chest. This common heart condition is known as the Precordial Catch Syndrome. This is not to be as serious as a medical emergency. Also, it is usually known to affect children, teenagers and adolescents. It is not a matter of extreme tension. This is so as it is likely to have a toll on those who are healthy too. Its pain may appear to be frightening. It is not severe and will automatically disappear after a few moments. 

Precordial Catch Syndrome: Harmful Or Harmless?

This is a completely harmless condition if it does not have any other symptoms other than sharp chest pain. The pain may be sudden and intense. However, there is nothing to worry about. One may also have problems taking deep breaths during the same. It is also highly unpredictable. This may cause the children and teenagers to tense up. So, start worrying. 

Some Facts To Know About The Precordial Catch Syndrome

  1. It is known as the Precordial Catch Syndrome as the word “Precordial” means “in front of the heart.” This is because the excruciating pain, which lasts a couple of minutes, is usually felt in the front portion of the heart. 
  2. This sharp, needle-like pain usually occurs in children, teenagers and young adults who do not necessarily have any health issues. 
  3. The intense pain may tend to turn worse while taking deep breaths. However, it comes as quickly as it disappears. 
  4. One can feel the pain in the left side of the chest. This will be just below their left nipple. Though it majorly tends to occur near the heart. However, it may also arise in other parts of their ribs and chest. 
  5. There are no long-lasting effects or symptoms of PCS. No one can recognise its effects.

The Symptoms Of Precordial Catch Syndrome

There is no other symptom of PCS other than a sharp, needle-like stabbing pain, mostly in the upper-left side of one’s ribs. This pain takes place near the heart. Also, it is enclosed within a really small portion. It is known to last only for a couple of minutes. Then, it automatically disappears. 

It becomes difficult for the person to breathe properly with the rise in pain. Some people try their best to avoid the pain by breathing slowly and steadily. 

The potency of pain is distinct for different people. While some may describe the pain as irritating or similar to a headache, that might not be the case for others. Others may compare this pain to being stabbing and agonising. In rare scenarios, some may complain about blurred vision. 

It may usually affect adolescents while they are at rest or performing any moderate activity. One is likely to experience the ache multiple times a day or even once in a blue moon!

Causes Of The Precordial Catch Syndrome

There has not been a clear and solid answer to the question- “What are the actual causes of PCS?” Doctors have not been able to say anything about the acute causes of this heart condition. But one thing can be said for sure- PCS does not arise from a heart or lung disease. 

Experts think that this condition arises due to a pinched nerve or a muscle spasm within the inner lining of the chest wall, also known as Pleura. Some believe that pain from the ribs or cartilage can also lead to PCS. 

Sources suggest that PCS arises from a growth spurt in some people. It can also be an effect of stress or anxiety. This syndrome is likely to arise in people with poor posture and those who are inactive. It usually does not occur while you are eating or sleeping. 

Treatment For Precordial Catch Syndrome

There is no need for any treatment in order to cure PCS as it does not have long-lasting effects, and the pain can disappear on its own. However, there are certain things you can do to help ease the pain when you suddenly meet with this condition. 

Assist Them In Sitting Up

Help your children to be relaxed. As this usually occurs when they are in a slouched or bent position, try to change their posture. Help them to sit upright or stand straight to help ease the aching. In order to prevent this condition from occurring beforehand. Also, encourage them to sit upright with their shoulders pulled back. 

Get Access To Medication

If you find your child to be experiencing this condition on a regular basis. So, it is only right to consult your doctor. Ask him to recommend any anti-inflammatory medications which will ease the pain for the time being. If your child is suffering from this issue daily. So, fetch some over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory medicines from your nearby pharmacy. 

Ask Them To Breathe Slowly

In some cases, taking small breaths slowly can ease off the pain. Though it does not work for everyone, do not encourage your child to take deep breaths. It will make matters worse. Instead, make them focus on taking slow, steady and small breaths for the time being. Make Them Calm Down

it is your duty to calm the children down and assure them that it is not a big deal to worry about. Try to encourage them by saying that the pain is completely non-dangerous and will not last for long. Make them consult the doctor as doctors will guarantee that it is just a mild issue. By doing so, your child will be relaxed and will be strong enough to deal with PCS. 

The Bottom Line

If your child is suffering from Precordial Catch Syndrome, it is your responsibility to ease them off. Also, guarantee that there is nothing wrong with them. If you wish to know more about this condition, read this article thoroughly.