Follow These Simple Pregnancy Workout For Each Trimester

Pregnancy Workout

Physical exercises during pregnancy are now being regularly prescribed to expectant mothers by their treating Gynecologists and Obstetricians. There had been certain myths in the old times regarding doing physical exercises during pregnancy, especially in the later stage of pregnancy. People advised taking lots of rest and to avoid physical work to the expecting mother. The would-be mother was fed ample of nutritious high-calorie food during months of pregnancy. This food intake clubbed with no physical work made the situation worse. The expecting mother gained in body weight, often became fat and unfortunately suffered from many undesirable complications during pregnancy workout and at the time of childbirth.

Pregnancy Workout In Each Trimester

The expecting mother must regularly exercise under the strict supervision of her consulting doctor. The regular exercise schedule must be decided for the would-be mother by her attending health care provider.  The fitness routine must be followed by the lady as per the directives were given to her by the health care provider to protect herself and her baby from any risk.

If the would-be mother maintains a regular physical exercise routine as advised by her health care provider throughout her pregnancy period, it will definitely help her to keep healthy and fit during pregnancy. It will make her feel good. Regular exercising will improve body metabolism, food intake, and digestion. It will improve the pregnant lady’s body posture with freedom from some common discomforts such as a backache or body ache. Regular exercise has proven to ease the process of labor and make normal delivery comfortable for the would-be a mother.

Physical exercises by an expecting mother must be done under doctor’s supervision and according to his/her advice. There are specialized sets of physical exercises for the expecting lady for her different stages of pregnancy. These exercises have been designed by specialists in this subject to provide the best possible results to the would be a mother and the baby to be born, both.

Pregnancy Workout In First Trimester- To Soothe Aches And Annoyances

Pregnancy Workout in First Trimester

The biggest concern for an expecting mother before initiating a routine of physical exercises is the anxiety whether the physical exercises would induce an undesirable miscarriage. On the contrary, regular physical exercises during the first trimester not only takes care of many bodies aches those develop at this time, but it also takes care of mood swings very often experienced by the expecting lady at this initial stage of pregnancy. This routine of physical exercises helps the mother to build a strong physical structure with a strong mindset and creates the necessary base for the child to have good health.

Pregnancy workout in the first trimester may prove to be demanding to the lady. The workload on heart increases and the blood pressure decreases in the would be a mother during her first five to six weeks of gestation. This may induce a sense of fatigue, dizziness in the lady and she may experience occasional bouts of tachycardia.

But it is a proven medical fact that exercising during the first trimester of pregnancy is extremely safe, provided it is done under expert guidance.

Necessary Qualities In First Trimester Pregnancy Exercise-

The pregnancy workout in the first trimester must be short and sweet. This gives a boost up feeling to the pregnant lady as she is already experiencing dizziness and fatigue. The preferable workouts advised to a lady in her first trimester of pregnancy are:

  1. Slim and Fit Pregnancy Workout– This should be done for not more than 15 minutes a day.
  2. Cardio Workouts– Exercises for full-body fluid cardio toning exercises should be done on the days the lady is not doing weight workouts. Freehand, barefooted upper body and lower body cardio exercise should be done for 30 minutes scheduled every alternate day.

If the lady was not exercising in her pre-pregnancy days, it is not advisable to start something new in her pregnancy days. Aerobics like walking, swimming, and stationary cycling are considered safe for an expecting mother in her first trimester. She has to start slowly, take it easy and gradually increase her force as her stamina and strength increases.

Pregnancy Workouts in Second Trimester- To Make The Lady Feel Great

Pregnancy Workouts In 2nd Trimester

The expecting mother must keep up her exercising schedule during her second trimester of pregnancy. The expecting mother may tend to feel bit heavy during her 4th to 7th month of pregnancy.

The first trimester of pregnancy is often hazardous for expecting mothers. They have to constantly battle against nausea, vomiting, and fatigue during this period. The second trimester is a time for the would be a mother to stabilize a bit. She often feels a surge of energy within her.

This is the moment to encash that surge of energy to make her body. Mind stronger and prepare to deliver a healthy child.

As a routine, the would be a mother must consult her obstetrician. Starting her routine of pregnancy workout in the second trimester.

  1. Weight Workouts- The weight workouts exactly as it is followed in pregnancy workout in the first trimester and This is the moment to encash that surge of energy to make her body. Mind stronger and prepare to deliver a healthy child.

    As a routine, the would be a mother must consult her obstetrician. Starting her routine of pregnancy workout in the second trimester.

  2. Cardio Workouts- Cardio workouts on the alternated days and when the lady is not weight training. Full body toning cardio exercises as before, giving the lady a good strong heart and good blood circulation.
  3. Aerobics-  The walking may be a bit brisker, swimming may be for more time and stationary cycling may be a bit faster for an additional few more minutes.t is walking, swimming and stationary cycling will prove to be immensely helpful to b

Pregnancy Exercises for Third Semester-to prepare for the childbirth

Pregnancy Workout in Third Trimester

The expecting mothers generally tend to become heavy during their third and final trimester of pregnancy. The lady must continue her exercises to give normal birth to a healthy baby and she needs to be more careful now about her workout postures. Regular pregnancy workout for her third trimester will ensure many health benefits to both the mother and the child.

The expecting mother will experience better heart conditions, complete control of body weight and stable and cheerful mood.

The baby inside her will grow stronger and improved blood circulation of the mother.

The expecting mother’s routine physical exercises designed considering her physical state, stamina, and strength at that time.

The recommended exercises during the third trimester of pregnancy are:

    1. Walking and Slow Jogging- This is the best form of exercise for a pregnant lady. Please avoid running but continue walking and slow jogging.
    2. Swimming and Water Aerobics- Swimming and aqua aerobics are the most relaxing pregnancy exercise for a third-trimester pregnant lady. It relaxes every muscle in her body, makes her feel lightweight, and works as a very strong mood elevator.
    3. Yoga and other Low Impact Exercises-Yoga has proved to be very beneficial at this stage of pregnancy. Yoga facilitates normal and hassle-free childbirth.
      But Yoga must be practiced by a certified Yoga teacher.
    4. Low Impact Exercises such as Pilate, Barre and one must take care to join those classes to practice these Low Impact exercises.

  1. Body Weight and Body Toning Exercises- Women in their third trimesters should avoid weight lifting, especially heavy weight lifting. Workouts using own body weights are much better such as squats, modified planks or wall pushups. Please do not do body crunches and abdominal exercises or do not exercise lying flat on your back.

A Healthy and Fit Mother always gives birth to a Healthy and Fit Baby-

Healthy and Fit Baby

Pregnancy is a time full of emotional ups and downs for the expecting mother beside physical problems and changes a lady undergoes during that period of time.

Just regular 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day by the lady will alleviate many of her these symptoms. And will keep the expecting mother healthy and fit to give normal birth to a healthy baby.

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