Push Pull Legs: The ultimate exercise to gain the desired body

One of the best workouts, the push pull legs has become the new go-to for all those who want quick fitness results. This exercise that is split into three different workouts is perfect for all those who want to build strong muscles in the body. So, what are push pull legs routine? Is it beneficial for you?

In this article, we will answer all your questions and help you to perform this in the best way!

Pros and Cons of the Push Pull Legs workout

Most people are going bonkers over the latest push pull legs routine workout. But before one indulges in it, it’s crucial to analyze every pro and con of this exercise to figure out how beneficial it can be for us. This is why we have listed some of the most important pros and cons of push pull legs routine for beginners

Pros Push Pull Legs


One of the major benefits of indulging in this workout is the division of muscle workouts into groups. This is beneficial for the body as it allows training every muscle group comprehensively that can help bring immediate and long-lasting benefits to the trainee. Thus, chest, triceps and biceps are all a part of this muscle workout group. Since the focus on bodybuilding is so high with specific concentration on body parts each day, it makes for an ideal workout for most people. Also, a large number of benefits and purposes that this workout promises to provide to people is amazing which makes for another contributing factor in this. Lastly, the Push-pull legs routine is highly flexible and convenient for everyone. Each exercise under this roof can be performed by anyone. This is push pull legs split for beginners too.

Cons Push Pull Legs


Although the benefiting factors are higher than the cons, it is important to discuss the drawbacks to help you get a clearer perspective of this workout. Despite the entire body workout that this routine promises to offer, it might lack in targeting the weaker points of the body and could lead to a very exterior improvement. But having said that, the push-pull legs workout is still an amazing choice to go for as very few exercises can provide such an array of benefits together. 

What is Push pull legs for beginners?

The push pull legs workout is a type of workout that involves weightlifting training to gain strong muscles into groups. As a result, this exercise helps train each set of muscles separately to emphasize on its quick improvement. Most people find this exercise perfect for bodybuilding as on one day it allows working out of chest and triceps while on the day, it allows working out the back and biceps. 

This exercise is a 3-day split work out where the first day is for push workout, the second for pull workout and the third one for a leg workout. Among all of them, the leg workout is a mass favourite for it’s the most convenient to perform. So, for all those who wanted to know what is push-pull legs, this is it!

Push-pull legs routine

This push pull legs routine listed below is not only good for experts but also beginners. By following this comprehensive push pull legs routine, you can have a successful 3-day split workout without much effort. The exercises mostly focus on compound lifts to improve the size and strength of the body. Thus, the push pull legs workout routine is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain outstanding fitness and build strong muscles immediately.

1. Push


The first day which includes push is highly easy and convenient to perform. This one is loaded with basic exercises that can help you to improve strength and flexibility in the body. Make sure to take rest in between each exercise to have a safe workout session. For each of the workouts listed below, you must perform 3 sets. Let’s check out the push pull legs routine for the first day. 

  • Bench Press (8-12reps) 
  • Close grip bench press (6-10reps)
  • Dips (6-12reps)
  • Overhead Press (8-12reps)

2. Pull


The second exercise from the push Pull leg routine, pull exercises are another easy set of workouts to perform. Since this is the push pull legs routine for beginners, compound lifts will be the initials to go for. Again, 3 sets for each of these workouts need to be performed. Let’s check out the routine for this one: 

  • Deadlift (8-12reps)
  • Upright Row (8-12reps)
  • Bent-Over Barbell Row (8-12reps)

3. Legs


The easiest and final workout of this push pull legs workout routine, Legs has some amazing exercises to perform. This one contains lunges, squats and hamstrings curls that fit best for females who want a more structured body for themselves. Again, each exercise under this workout demands a set of 3 workouts each. Let us check out the routine for this one:

  • Lunges (6-10reps)
  • Squats (8-12reps)
  • Hamstring Curls (8-12reps)


The push pull legs workout is the ultimate choice for all beginners and experts who want to gain strong muscles in their bodies. Do not forget to work out as per the instructions and see the difference for yourself. It works! 


Is push pull legs workout good for beginners?

Yes. Push pull legs for beginners is a potential choice to indulge. Beginners must remember to follow the instructions of the exercises carefully while performing them. If done as per instructions, they will be able to gain the desired effects instantly.

Is it easy to perform push pull legs workout?

 Yes. The exercises are very flexible and convenient to perform for everyone. All you have to do is follow it properly as per instructions while you will be good to go! 

Can I get injuries in this workout?

Since minimal machines are involved in this workout, you are less likely to get injuries. However, if you are afraid you might injure yourself, it is always wise to take precautions at hand.