Rack pull exercises to improve your muscles and gain fast results

There are several ways to strengthen the muscles in our body. But one of the most effective deadlift variations to perform this task is rack pull exercise. This type of workout not only helps target the muscles in our body but also improves our body posture in multiple ways. 

Let us unleash in detail the various ways to perform this exercise!

What is rack pull exercise?

 Rack pull exercise is a form of deadlift variation that is performed by body-lifters, weight-lifters, athletes and many other fitness enthusiasts. This exercise targets the muscles in our body to improve their strength. It also enables back and hips development. Glutes, Hamstrings, spinal erectors, adductor Magnus and lats are some of the various muscles that are trained in this exercise. Other benefits may include grip strength, isolation of different muscles and back strength improvement. Barbell pull is also a rack pull form that one can consider for strong muscles. 

 Although rack pull exercise is a deadlift variation, there is a fine line between rack pull vs deadlift. Let us understand this difference in detail. 

Rack pull vs deadlift: The ultimate saviour 

  1. While performing a deadlift the full range of motion is put to action. This is absent in rack pull exercises where there is lesser knee extension. Thus, the quads are activated even further in a deadlift exercise. 
  2. While deadlifting, the weight that is pulled may also differ from a rack pull exercise. While deadlifting, you might not be able to lift as much weight as in the latter. Due to this reason, your grip will be working even better in a rack pull exercise. But this does not bring much of a difference if you are performing a deadlift. Deadlifts involve more musculature than the latter. 

These were two primary differences between rack pull vs deadlift that will help you to analyze which would benefit you more.

A brief dive into barbell rack pull

 Amidst the different types of rack pulls, the barbell rack pull is doing the rounds for quite some time now. This is a rack pull exercise where the focus is on targeting Gluteus Maximus and Erector Spine. Synergists like the Quadriceps, hamstrings, wrist flexors and Adductor Magnus are also put to action. For those who do not mind professional exercises, this could be the ultimate saviour. If you are a beginner at the gym, please refrain from performing this exercise as it may cause severe injuries without practice. The barbell rack pull is best to perform under the guidance of a potential gym trainer.

How to perform a barbell rack pull?

Follow the instructions carefully to perform the exercise. Make sure you ensure all safety while performing the workout for the utmost convenience. 

  1. Place a barbell on the safety pins of a power rack. Make sure the barbell is placed under the knee height. 
  2. Load the barbell. 
  3. Stand by almost touching the barbell with your legs. Your feet should be positioned shoulder-width apart and pointing slightly outwards.
  4. Hold the barbell tightly.
  5. Straighten your back, lower your hips and lift your head. 
  6. Holding your head up and your arms straight, exhale while standing. Push your hips forward and drag the barbell upwards.
  7. Squeeze your glutes and pull back your shoulders while at the top of the lift. 
  8. Breathe in. As you inhale, push the bottom towards the back and lower the barbell downwards. 
  9. Repeat this exercise as far as you can. 
  10. Perform the barbell rack pullexercise for desired results. 

The right Rack pull form 

Before you begin your exercise, make sure that your starting position for the rack pull form is how it should be. Don’t forget to follow the steps as stated below. 

  1. Set the rack height with the bar at the level. Hold the bar with arms wider than the shoulder. 
  2. Hold the bar using the preferable grip. 
  3. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. As you hold the bar, retract your shoulder blades and pull your buttocks down. Make sure that the bar is sitting on your legs. 
  4. Breathe in and make sure that you are maintaining the right posture. Once you are set, you can begin the movement. 
  5. Breathe out and push off from the heels while also keeping your back on the heels. Make sure your upper body posture is maintained. 
  6. Let your hips and knees extend as you maintain the posture.
  7. Perform the lift and return the weight slowly to the rack. 
  8. Do not begin the repetitions until the bar is at the level. 
  9. Keep practicing the rack pull formexercise timely to gain instant results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

 1. Who should do rack pull form?

Formal Sports Athletes, weight lifters, body lifters and those who want to maintain general fitness can practice the exercise. 

2. Can you give some tips to do this exercise properly?

 Make sure that you do not put on more weight than you can handle. Also, make sure that the barbell does not come off your body. By keeping these basic tips in mind, you can avoid any injuries and do the exercise without any hindrance. 

 These were some of the best rack pull exercises to try out. Make sure that you follow the instructions for the best experiences. In case of any inconvenience, do not forget to seek expert advice.