Rack pulls exercises to try today for the best fitness experience


If you are a fan of deadlifts, the rack pull exercise is going to be your favourite. This one is a deadlift variation that focuses on overall pulling strength and hip development. Those who perform this exercise cannot stop reporting about their excellent experience using this workout. Thus, today we are going to help you unravel ample knowledge about this exercise so that you can ace your fitness routine instantly.

All about the rack pull form

Although regular deadlifts are beneficial for your body, they are not able to provide the benefits that can come from a rack pull workout. The perfection, neutral spine and instant hip development that you can achieve from this workout is a standout point. The best part about this exercise is that the resistance is better in it. Thus, muscles are worked better during this exercise. The lower back also observes benefits as the hypertrophy provides support to it. We understand that deadlifts are a bit difficult for most people to perform. However, we promise that if you focus on the instructions to practice the rack pull from, it won’t be such a daunting job.

How to perform rack pull exercises?

If you want to learn how to maintain a rack pull form, this article is here to help you. Do not worry as it is not an uphill battle. All that this workout needs are a little bit of practice and following the instructions correctly. Once you do that, you will ace this exercise in no time. So, why are you waiting? 

1. set your rack at the right height. Make sure it is neither too low nor too high. Stand in the middle of the rack. 

2. Maintain grip and full-body tension so that you can perform this exercise correctly. For this, set the back, pull the bar close to the body with your Lats. Now, take a deep breath and grip the ground. Now, drive the feet to the floor. 

3. Stay tight and make sure that you maintain a neutral position. Keep practicing this exercise until the results show up on you.

Rack pulls VS deadlift- Which is better?

Now, let us come to one of the prime factors to discuss in this article. Which is better- rack pull VS deadlift? Let us take you through it. 

There is not much difference between a rack pull and a deadlift workout. Both of them are helpful for the development of the hip, muscles and glutes, they are also useful for spine purposes. 

For people who want to focus more on glutes and back extensors, rack pulls are a convenient workout. Honestly, it is even easier to perform than a regular deadlift since those are mostly for professionals. 

The deadlift is a more compounded movement that workouts the muscles even better than a rack pull do.  Thus, there is no winner among them. Both Rack pull VS deadlift is excellent exercises that provide instant results in no time. However, you must try to opt for one of them only after analyzing whether they are useful for the fitness goals you want to achieve.

The rack pulls the Smith machine to ace the workout.

There are several incredible machines for rack pull exercises in the market today. However, if we have to pick out the best one for ourselves, the rack pulls Smith Machine is one of a kind. This one is a compound machine that works out the main muscles in the body including, the traps, Lats and spinal erectors. Anyone of the intermediate level can perform this exercise conveniently. 

The rack pulls smith machine is best for those people who want to enhance their back thickness and improve the deadlift lockout. Thus, most people with an eye for that go for this machine in no time. So, if you are looking for a hands-down machine to workout your body, this is all you need. 

Let us check out how to perform rack pulls on it.

1. Set the safety stoppers to below knee height. 

2. Stand in front of the bar with a hip-width stance and keep your feet on the floor. Your toes should face the horizon. 

3. Hold the bar with a double overhand grip.

4. As you keep your chest up, stick your hips back. Brace your core and lift the belt. Thus, this is your initial position. 

5. Pull the bar up to your thighs and drive your hips forward. Make sure that the bar is in close contact with your body for minimal hassles. 

6. As you squeeze the glutes and upper back, complete the workout instantly. 

7. Bring the weight down gradually by sticking your hips back first. After that, bend your knees once the bar is close to the start position. 

8. Perform this exercise at least 3 to 6 sets for the best results.


1. Are above the knee rack pulls helpful?

 Yes, check out an exercise to see how above the knee rack pulls work. 

2. Name a few racks to pull alternatives to try at home.

 Trap bar deadlift, deadlift from blocks and sumo deadlift are the best alternatives for this one. 

3. What if I get hurt while performing above the knee rack pulls at home?  

In that case, please visit a medical expert urgently to avoid any health complications.

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