Rear Delt Exercises: The Perfect Way To Achieve Strong Shoulders!


Rear Delt exercises are versatile exercises that target the posterior deltoids of your body. They work your rear deltoids, rhomboids, middle and lower traps. Since rear deltoids are essential to muscle groups of your entire body, they should be trained correctly. These workouts help in improving your body posture and lower the risk of injury to a great extent. 

They enable you to have more muscular and more developed shoulders and gain strength in your rear deltoids. They also help create a more robust and well-defined upper back and prevent your shoulders from hunching forwards. 

Given below are the perfect rear delt exercises which guarantee more robust and more durable shoulders in no time:

Rear Delt Exercises To Promote Major Shoulder Strength:

1. Standing Bent-Over Lateral Raises

This exercise involves the use of lightweight dumbbells to ensure proper strengthening of your shoulder muscles.


1. Firstly, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a pair of dumbbells with your palms facing each other. Arch forward at your waist and hold the dumbbells aligned with your chest. This is your starting position. 

2. Lift both your arms up and out until equidistant from the ground. 

3. Now compress your shoulder blades while you are at the top of the motion.

4. Now slowly return to the starting position. 

2. Assisted Pull-ups

This version of rear delt exercises is considered to be very productive and fruitful. This is because it works not only your shoulders but also your upper back muscles and biceps. In addition, it involves the use of an assisted pull-up machine. 


1. Firstly, alter the weight abstraction on the side of the machine and set the correct amount. Climb on the knee pad with your knees hip-width apart.

2. While keeping your palms away from each other, grab the handles above you.

3. Now, while extending your arms, lower back to the initial starting position. 

4. Draw your body in an upward direction until your chin is above the handles. Hold for the moment. Engage your shoulder blades. 


3. Cable Machine High-Pull With Ropes. 

This version of rear delt exercises involves the use of a cable machine. It helps you gain strength and truly target your deltoids. 


1. Firstly, stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms extended forwards. This is your initial starting position.

2. Pull your ropes of the cable machine in your direction and then pull them apart.

3. Now, slowly and swiftly, bring your arms back to the initial position. 

4. Single Arm Bent Over Rows

This exercise requires the use of a bench and dumbbell. It allows you to work your shoulder perfectly and gain rear deltoid strength.


1. Initially, set down your left hand and left knee on the bench. Then, extend your right leg behind a little to promote support. 

2. Now, with your arm extended towards the ground, grab a dumbbell using your right hand.

3. Lift the dumbbell towards your ribcage.

4. At the top of your rep, squeeze both of your shoulders together. 

5. Then lower the dumbbell with control. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I train rear delts every day?

Yes, you can train your rear delts every day. You can do rear delt exercises more than once a day.

2. Do rear delts help in maintaining posture?

Yes, rear delts are very beneficial in maintaining proper body posture and should be added to your regular workout routine. 

3. Are rear delt workouts beneficial?

Yes, rear delt exercises are very beneficial in stabilizing, strengthening, and defining your shoulders and upper body. They also help you to do daily as well as athletic activities at ease. These workouts also help in reducing the risk of injury and strains to a great extent. 

4. What is the best rear delt exercise?

The Cable High Pulley Lateral Extension is considered to be the best rear delt exercise.

5. What muscles do rear delt work?

It works mainly on the lats, rear deltoids, rhomboids, middle and lower traps. They also help in extending your humerus.